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Knight Of Serenno {Closed}

The days on Serenno seemed to drag on and on. Since his rise to his families title Adron had been swarmed with the duties of his house. Bouncing between meetings with Kuat, The Dominion, and even trips for his own Jedi training had been beyond exhausting for the boy. For the first time in weeks the man was allowed a moment of reprieve, he spent this time perfecting his skills with a blade.

Still lacking the time to replace his lightsaber Adron practiced with his vibrorapier. Rather than train indoors he found himself more focused in the cold elements of the mountains. He stood in the court yard of Blackgate Manor, his weapon clasped in his hands.

The chilling winds were beginning to weigh in on the boy. He brought his blade to the ground, digging the tip of his weapon into the ground as he focused on The Force.

Exhaling softly he attempted to create a field around him, preserving his body heat so it would not drop any lower than it already had. A technique his father taught him, known as Tapas. As his focus continued to drive he felt the chill exiting his bones, the bite no longer hounding him as much as it had before. With that the boy took his weapon back into his hands, going over the first form of lightsaber combat once again.

[member="Piper Lovelady"]
A few days ago Piper had been approached by the former Count, he had offered her a Job she couldn't pass up, he offered her the chance to become a knight, all she had to do was protect the New Count his son. She would have accepted the job without much thought, he told her to report to the palace and show them the papers he had given her and then go find his son and introduce herself.

So that is exactly what she did, she would prepare herself and then fly from her home on Voss to Serenno, once she arrived she would make her way towards the palace that stood in the center of the city.

Once she arrived she would knock on the palace doors and show them the papers, they would let her through without question. SHe would then make her way through the palace searching for the Count. she would soon find him outside. She would approach and speak "Hello my lord I am Piper Lovelady your father has sent me to find you. She would show him the letter that his father had given her.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
"M'lord. A visitor." A voice called out to Adron, who was in the middle of practicing his thrust. Pulled to a pause Adron stood with sweat beading down his chin. He turned to the source of the voice to see it was one of his security team, escorting a woman into the court yard. Short of breath Adron would plant his rapier into the ground once again, propping his weight onto it for support.

He eyed the woman briefly before taking a moment to pace his breathing. After catching his breath he approached her, a look of curiosity crossing his face. "I didn't know I had any meetings today." He commented, wondering if perhaps he had merely gotten his days mixed up. Her words brought a lump in his throat, and before she could continue he took a moment to interject.

"My father is dead." He stated, his grip on his rapier tightening. If this woman is playing some sort of joke.... He mused, but otherwise kept his thoughts to himself.

Adron was presented with a letter, bearing the official seal of his house, a seal that could not possibly be forged. He glanced over the letter and exhaled softly before reading it in it's entirety. In essence his father had worried about his eldest son's well being as well as his protection. In exchange for service Adron was to offer the woman before him a Knighthood from his house, a thing very uncommon with the noble houses on Serenno.

He read over the letter a few times before finally crumpling it into his hands. "My father wants me to take you into my house." Adron tossed the letter onto the ground before turning from her and taking his weapon into his hands. "Is that what you want?" He would ask, curiously so.

[member="Piper Lovelady"]

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