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Approved Tech Kitty Kat Kurb Stomp Boots

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Son of Triam
Intent: To give the wearer a minimal rudimentary resistance to telekinetic attacks.
Development Thread: Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Wallala Cantina! (For Neuranium Objective)
Manufacturer: Akovin Stock Co.
Model: Kitty Kat Kurb Stomp Boots
Affiliation: Triam Akovin and Clients
Modularity: Very Minor
Production: Minor (Very Limited Production)
Material: Neuranium and Durasteel
Description: The idea behind the Kitty Boots is that due to the insane density of Neuranium, a large quantity on the bottoms of ones feet would create additional drag on a force users grip over the wearer. Additionally, it was meant to reduce the effects of a force push. Also, where the boots get their name from for a cats grace on its feet, the boots were intended to force a user to fall feet first from great heights. The boots ARE very heavy and ordinarily would be impractical to use, but a suspension system of Repulsors negates most of the additional effort required to simply walk in them. Due to their heavy weight, it makes it illogical and impractical to utilize these boots in conjunction with a jet pack or similar system of flight. Another interesting side effect of these boots is that it creates a bubble of sensor jamming extending out several feet in all directions. This also limits the wearer from utilizing any kind of equipment that uses any kind of sensors, or communications systems. Also quite obviously due to the material used, the wearers feet shall forever be protected from harmful radiation and lightsaber attacks. A Note however, for the full effect of the Boots the Repulsors must be deactivated, this is done through a voice command key word that is programmable by the wearer. Also, that battery life is about a week on full use.

The Kurb Stomp of the name is simply implying it would be very unpleasant to be curb stomped by the densest material known in the shape of a boot. It doesn't end well for the face.

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: Wicked heavy
Quality: 8
Other Feature(s): Repulsor systems to make it easier to lift the boots, and release most of the stress pressured on the ankles and other parts of the feet when in use.
@[member="Triam Akovin"]

How is that a dev thread? The only mention is in the first post?

Also, I'm not sure how actually useful this would be. If it has mini repulsor motors to allow the wearer to move, wouldn't that mean a Force user could push them just as easily? I mean, the weight's being negated somewhat, so what's the difference?
Son of Triam
The objective for: Neuraniam (( Objective : Complete an entire role-play from the first person perspective in which you only use the first pronoun ( “I” or “me” or “my” ) only six times. ))

The material was acquired in this way, as the objective states nothing about the roleplay being about the material at all. I figured though that I should at least state my intentions for the thread in the beginning. Is this unacceptable?

The Repulsors can be deactivated on command, I guess I should explain that.
@[member="Triam Akovin"]

I’ll approve this, but I think it’s a flawed concept. But, if you want to have impossibly heavy shoes and don’t overplay it...your choice.

Approved, with reservations.
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