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Kira Wilded

Nephenee Wilded

(Awaiting name change so it will be right).

NAME: Nephenee (Kira) Wilded
FACTION: Omega Protectorate
RANK: Apprentice
SPECIES: Near Human
AGE: 18
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 117 Lbs.
EYES: Golden
SKIN: White, light, and freckled.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Strong willed and self sufficient. Traits built up by her less then fortune favored upbringing.

+ She stands up for those who can not. Remembering when she was young how it felt to be bullied and powerless.

+ Fast, agile, and witty. That's her battle traits.

+/- Blitzkrieg Battle Charger. Charge! She'd rather meet the foe head on and overwhelm them. Speed is the key to victory. But sometimes the tide just doesn't cooperate and now shes neck deep in the fray.

- Weaker physically. She can't stand up to some of the big bads and soak up their swings like some hulking guy.

- Typically forges her own path to meet the end goal of any plan. Thinking her plans are better than the one provided, which is hit or miss.

APPEARANCE: Her most striking features are her absurdly long pointed ears. Fey in their appearance, approximately 10 inches in length. Though past the extending tips and resulting bridging around the edges of the inner and outer extremity of the ear, it is normal in human terms. A trait of her half human heritage. The other difference to be noted is her frame is more lithe then an average human. Her skeletal structure is more compact by comparison.

Past these physiological differences there is not much to be said of differences to her racial subset. She's bright red hair and fair freckled skin. Her golden eyes may be of a curiosity to some but you can find nearly any color of the normal color spectrum in the iris.

BIOGRAPHY: NepheneeWilded, unknown to her born the daughter of Rayl Wilded. A notorious Pirate Lord of the Black Sun Syndicate. This means she was most likely born on the world of Kira, and in fact named after, to which she has no knowledge of her true name, which lay between three spheres of influence now. The Republic, The Omega Protectorate, and The Confederacy of Independent Systems. But of course it is independent from them, and well under heel of the Wilded Pirates. Kira and her mother were sent away shortly after she was born. Settling on the world of Vandelhelm in Omega Space, and as far as she knows, this is where she was born and raised. Unknown of the truth of her home world or father.

Her life was not easy as a young one, picked on for her looks, and a horrid economic situation. Life was hard. The only up side was she was a Force Sensitive. Her control of the Force like most manifested young, and slowly grew more as she aged and toyed with it. Her mother passed away from a disease when she was 13, and with no other family she was almost sent to live in an orphanage. That would of made her already hard life a true hell, but she instead fled at such a young age to live her own path. This turned her to petty crime to survive. And in living among the forgotten and downtrodden of society she sought to help them. Taking up the blade and a code of honor followed against the criminals who plagued those who could not defend themselves. Being such a thorn she was driven from her 'homeworld'. But kept her code as some sort of vigilante hero.





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