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King Of The Hill

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Simple game of taking control of the hill in a creative way and establishing defenses around it.

You cannot:
  • Destroy the hill
  • Erect invincible defenses

And thus, we begin.

I dump a truckload of dirt to make a hill and place landmines around it.
the bedbound bard
/me leaps over the landmines and PUSHES YOU OFF INTO THEM.

Mine. >;ll

I fill the moat created by your body setting off the landmines with water and alchemical alligators and the likes... While sitting up on a throne >;D

@[member="Dranok Lussk"]

Aithne Charr

Heir of Fire
Says screw taking the hill and nukes it with red mercury. Then makes a hill out of the radioactive dirt and sits myself in a lead box that has a cycles clean air in.


Stark raving silly
I will drunkenly throw livestock on the burning hill of magnesium, sell the barbecued animals, and buy acid to melt the bones into a throne to place upon the fiery hill. I am the king of flammable barbecue.