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King of Foxes

Julian Valentine

"I don't come cheap."

"Delivering the inevitable, one trigger at a time."

Born as Julian Solo, Julian Valentine is a non-Force-sensitive Human bounty hunter from the manufacturing planet Corellia. Born on Corellia, Valentine would later enter the Imperial Academy at Mytus VII, serving with distinction. He turned to desertion after he served during the Mandalorian-New Order war. Once he fled to Hutt Space he became a hitman for the Red Ravens and later an uncontracted bounty hunter.

He made his permanent residence in the Undercity of Nar Shaddaa, owning a variety of specialized ships for the capture of his various bounties. He is sponsored by Jaeger Solutions and holds a wealth of notoriety in the criminal underworld.


Early Life

Julian's life is not far unlike many of the denizens of the galaxy - he has suffered from the wars of other men. The fires of war that flare up across the stars has engulfed countless planets, and Julian has experienced the battlefield first hand as a child. With the Jedi and Sith waging their religious wars, Julian had grown up as an innocent bystander of their actions. His house had collapsed during a conflict, with his mother perishing in the debris while he and his sister were able to make it out.


As the years rolled by, and so did the war, news came to Julian and his sister. His father, who worked abroad in the Roche System, had died when two powers struggled for the resources the asteroid field held. Julian and his sister would go into their local foster system and become separated during his sisters adoption. Julian took it upon himself to investigate, a catalyst for his future career. At the age of fourteen he had squirmed his way into the offices of the adoption agency, learning that his sister had been taken to Coruscant and now lived under a new name.

There was a twang in his heart, Julian was well and truly alone. He spent the rest of his teenage years at a chapter house for troubled teens. When he was nearing sixteen he knew he would soon be left out on the street to care for himself, and he grew a resentment for Force Users. Had it not been for their war he would not have lost his family. The other boys in the home were talking about some Imperial military in the Outer Rim looking for soldiers, and so with two others he signed up.

Julian was shipped to the Tingel Arm with a one way ticket for the Naval Academy on Mytuss VII. During the 80 day Army Recruit Course he took part in physical training, weapon handling and shooting, first aid, drill and field craft. The training was challenging and had been designed to prepare him to be a soldier in the New Order. He gained a sense of achievement, purpose and confidence during basic training, and on completion of the course felt justifiably proud of what he had achieved.

During the Invasion of Dromuund Kas, he was deployed to locate the enemy and develop an intelligence picture through patrolling and surveillance. He was also assigned to provide security for other units and agencies through the same means. Once the enemy was located, and after air, artillery, and naval bombardment, he fought the enemy at close quarters with rifle, machine gun, grenades, anti-armour weapons and bayonet by day and night. He was tasked to seize or hold ground from the enemy. But the Mandalorians were better, smarter and more well-equipped. The stormtrooper armada was no match.

During the fallout of the failed invasion, Julian second-guessed his place in the military. The adrenaline thrilled him, but the terrors of war was not something he appreciated. He began to resent orders, and soon enough, he ditched. Julian and a handful of other deserters took the next refugee ship off of Mytuss VII before the New Orders ultimate and inevitable destruction. Julian moved around working as a small-time gun-for-hire. Providing security at nightclubs and cantinas and the odd shipment runs where pirate activity was at an all-time high.

His life changed when he met Lysle Rigger. The man was a genius at playing the right cards at the right time. His name was feared by criminals throughout the galaxy. The only one to challenge his power in the Red Ravens had been the Black Sun Syndicate, and he had made quick work of them, wiping their empire that had lasted thousands of years clean from the history books. Valentine operated in the Dragon Palace Casino as a hitman, tracking and hunting down targets for Lysle.

Valentine tried to wrap his head around the politics of the Red Ravens but they had been too intricate, and he never gave it enough thought before he completely ditched trying to understand. Lysle seemed to hold ultimate power over the Ravens yet he was only the Vice President, the true President of the Ravens, the Red Raven herself, Sigourney, had only been seen by the upper echelon. Valentine did not even know who she was or what she looked like, only that if people thought Lysle was dangerous, then they had another thing coming when they met her.

In time the Ravens could never last. Lysle vanished, as did Sigourney, and soon with unreliable leadership the entire criminal empire began to crumble and collapse, but not before Cryax Bane had made off with a full pocket. A power vacuum had started and criminals groups had exploded across the galaxy, the Hutt Cartel and Zann Consortium had made a return, alongside new groups such as the Black Tie Syndicate. Yet in time these would all fade too.

The fallout provided the bounties necessary to keep working, and with sponsorship from the ATC as well as Guild membership into the Bounty Hunter's Guild, Valentine was never depleted on bounties to claim. He quickly rose to the top of the ladder for his tenacity and unorthodox methods of fighting and capture. In time he began to gain problems when his operations became too big, too unwieldy. A number of independent Hunters began stealing his targets and he was losing out on money drastically.

Then thunder struck. His ship was shot down over Nar Shaddaa, destroying all his assets. He was brought to the hospital but quickly departed, knowing the authorities were coming for him. By the time he made it back to his apartment it was too late. Not only had a former rival showed up with a deadmans trigger, but a squadron of local authorities had come to arrest him. Ultimately Valentine had escaped, but now a wanted criminal on Nar Shaddaa, and a homeless bounty hunter, Julian Valentine must climb back to the top of the tree if he ever hopes to succeed.



Julian is calm and thoughtful when the time calls for it. He can be cocky and arrogant too, putting himself in less-than-desirable situations. He finds a hard time showing concern about his friends. When in battle he is typically angry but collected, though he can be overly-confident in his skills. Julian proves to be friendly and highly intelligent but also impulsive. His quick thinking earned him the respect of many fellow stormtroopers during the New Order invasion of Mandalorian territories.

Julian Valentine

"I don't come cheap."


Tanaa Val

Tanaa is a Togruta smuggler operating out of Terminus. She is approximately thirty-two years of age and was born on Coruscant. During the Red Raven Syndicates reign over Hutt and Wild Space, Tanaa served as a contact between Antecedent and Terminus, smuggling spices into the Unknown Regions and occasionally into the Core Worlds.

Tanaa Val came to know Julian Valentine shortly after the collapse of the Red Ravens. She was smuggling her last run of Raven spice to Terminus and was refueling at Cloud City. Charlemagne, a local crime lord for the Ison Corridor Cartel, caught wind of the cargo from Shorty Sharn, a former Raven, and raided Tanaa's freighter. Viissk and Lo took Tanaa and held her for ransom.

At the same time of the capture Julian was in Port Town, Cloud City, buying a stolen prototype hyperdrive that belonged to the Ison Corridor Cartel. Shorty Sharn was able to surprise Valentine and knock him out with a trio of stun grenades. They had dragged him off and thrown him in the same cell as Tanaa.

Valentine had been thoroughly searched and all weapons removed but Viissk and Lo had not been as attentive with Tanaa. Tanaa still had a hold-out blaster she had concealed and with just a single small blaster, Valentine and Tanaa were able to outwit their guards, escape and shoot their way out of their makeshift prison inside of a warehouse.

Valentine retrieved his weapons and covered Tanaa while she made a run for her freighter. Once she was off, Valentine returned to his own ship and left Port Town and Cloud City behind with a hefty bounty on his head for theft against the cartel and killing a myriad of their goons.

The bounty on Julian Valentine still remains and he makes an effort of only visiting Cloud City under only the most necessary circumstances. The Ison Corridor Cartel has an iron grip around Port Town now and entering Cloud City could be a death sentence for the bounty hunter.

Julian still holds Tanaa to a debt for saving her that she continues to pay off. While this debt in Tanaa's eyes has left bitter feelings for Julian, Tanaa still considers him a friend and valuable ally. Whenever Julian needs a spare gun or needs something smuggled, Tanaa is his first port of call.


Svel Droma

Svel Droma was present when Lysle was exiled from the Dragon Palace Casino after a failed coup with the founding members of the Red Raven Syndicate, she had been betting chips on the gaming floor. Reports suggest when she heard the news she entered into a drunken brawl with security who forcefully removed her from the casino. It was only her long and outstanding loyalty to the Red Ravens that prevented her from being gunned down on the spot.

Svel Droma these days has moved operations from Antecedent back to Nar Shaddaa, but hasn't heard from Lysle or Sigourney in years. With the ultimate destruction of Lysles criminal empire, Svel fancies herself as The Last Raven, and still considers herself affiliated as a Red Raven. Perhaps nothing more than a mere obsession with the past and the glory days of the Ravens, or a true testimony to her undying loyalty to the Raven cause, either way, she is causing a mess in the criminal underworld.

Having lost contact with many other Ravens, she has kept in contact with Valentine. The two of them had operated together during the Invasion of Barab I, a massive defeat to the Black Sun Syndicate at the hands of the Ravens. She serves as confidant, spice dealer and information broker to Julian. Due to his former allegiance to the Raven cause, she offers discounts to Julian and other Raven allies. She is known to frequent Frida's Spaceport Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. Those who supported Chiasa are greeted with a blaster by Svel and her small flock of loyalists.



Aki is a Twi'lek Smuggler operating in Hutt Space. Enslaved from childhood, she had no family and never adopted a last name. She was freed by the Red Raven Syndicate after the invasion of Barab I. Though in truth she went from physical shackles to verbal. She owed a life debt to Lysle and if she dared run away without completing whatever tasks he wanted of her, she would be hunted down and killed for being a traitor to the Ravens.

She worked for a brief time transporting Julian to the planets of his targets, ferrying him between Nar Shaddaa and Antecedent as the former hitman eliminated key Black Sun targets. When the Ravens fell out she took her ship and kept close to Nar Shaddaa, transporting spice from the underworld to the Mid Rim. Although she is no true friend of Julian, she fears him enough to help him when he asks.

Julian Valentine

"I don't come cheap."


Cyrinity Starlight

Eyes as cold and unforgiving as ice, and pale skin to match. It was the last thing Julian saw before she placed two slugs into his abdomen. Ten years ago as an amateur bounty hunter in the Outer Rim Julian had teamed up with a woman by the name Shandria Lassic, it was years later that he would learn her true name had been Cyrinity Starlight. She was an assassin employed by the Black Sun Syndicate.

Julian had been hunting through Black Sun territories for a crime lord that went by the name of Blitz. When the Black Suns caught wind of Julians hunt, they dispatched Cyrinity to deal with him. She embedded herself into the Ravens for information gathering while leading Julian astray from Blitz. The two of them jumped from planet to planet for a period of seven months, slowly developing a close relationship while traveling on Julians former ship, a BT-7 Thunderclap.

When Julian began to suspect someone was leaving a false trail, Cyrinity began to get cold feet. She knew she had to kill Julian sooner or later but her feelings were getting in the way. She delayed the inevitable.

Julian had slowly but surely sniffed out the right trail that led him deep into Vertical City on Nar Shaddaa. They had just docked his assault ship at a local port. Together they stood over the city, a young Julian fully prepared for the final part of his hunt. He turned to look at his partner and lover, taking in those bright blue eyes of her. He almost didn't notice the pistol aimed at him. Cyrinity had not the heart to kill him. Before Julian could speak, her finger squeezed the trigger. His hears rang and he felt something warm stain his clothes. His world slowly turned dark, she pulled the trigger again, and the lights went out.

When he awoke he was in the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa. Someone had heard the gunshots and came running. By the time he could walk again the trail had gone cold. Cyrinity had warned the Black Suns that Julian was closing in, and she upped and left. She knew that by not killing him she would have a death warrant hanging over her head. As far as anyone was concerned, she vanished. When Julian searched for her, not a single person had ever heard of Shandria Lassic. It was only when Svel Droma sold information on the name that he learned she was a Black Sun Assassin. There had been no word of her ever since. She was likely dead.


Koda Fett

Julian Valentine knows almost nothing of the mysterious Mandalorian that stopped him from hunting down Popo on The Wheel. When Lysle of the Hydian Way ordered Valentine to board the Wheel and track down Popo, Koda Fett was there to meet him. When Valentine decided to flee from Fetts onslaught, warning him that he had no qualms with him and was only after Popo, Koda didn't step down. As Valentine warned him, he would regret not stepping down. With the assistance of the Red Raven droids and Svel Droma's small flock, Valentine turned the confidant Mandalorian Bounty Hunter around and had him fleeing for his life. The last Valentine saw of him was the Mandalorians back as he made a quick escape into space, blasting a hole through the Wheels wall and jumping into the relative safety of vacuum.

Valentine did not pursue Koda, but he is wary of the Mandalorian. With assistance from Svel, the mysterious Shadownet Broker and the Mirage, Valentine plans on finding out just who tried to stop him, and if necessary, put him out of the business for good. There just isn't enough room on top for the two of them.



KV is the leader of KV-N1. Although her designation is a long series of numbers, she goes by the small and simple name of Kay-Vee. She is the all-seeing eye of her Cartel. The Matron to her underlings and revered as a Goddess by her droid followers. KV was born out of defeat. A former assassin droid operating for the Red Ravens, KV was defeated in a gang war between the Ravens and Black Suns. With her legs missing and her right arm misshappen, she dragged herself to the Refugee Sector in search of help. A lowly droid that was dying on the streets, no one battered an eye.

A Jedi Enclave that was once inhabited by the mysterious Jedi Knight The Dark Man was abandoned, the last activity had been decades ago when the Republic was first besieged by the One Sith. Bordered up but not sufficiently, KV was able to crawl into the Enclave and connect herself to the mainframe there. Her mind-computer surged with incredible and seemingly endless knowledge of the galaxy and the Republic. From there she was able to access the Enclaves own cameras and began attempts to contact droids.

As her flock grew, so did her power over the Refugee Sector. Slicer droids gave her increased access to terminals throughout the Sector as well as CCTV. Technical Droids attempted to heal her shattered body but were unable, not while she was hooked into the Enclaves mainframe. She is bound to a chair, connected by hundreds of wires. HRD's patrol the Refugee Sector, blending in with society. Recon droids soar above the streets, gathering intel. She continues to recruit droids to her cause as she musters the strength to enact her revenge on the Cartels of Nar Shaddaa.

Julian Valentine

"I don't come cheap."


The Mirage

As mysterious as they are lethal, The Mirage is a secret criminal organization of unknown origins, operation or location. Rumors on Antecedent suggest The Mirage was born after the failed coup by Lysle of the Hydian Way on the Red Ravens, while the streets of Nar Shaddaa insist it is a Black Sun Syndicate operation working in the Unknown Region. No reports are clear.

What has been gleamed by the brief and rare encounters with those affiliated with The Mirage is that it is ran by a small group of individuals living on a planet dedicated solely to night clubs, spice dens and casinos, and that their thugs are known as 'tourists' who are given no other information about The Mirage aside from the organizations name, their mission, and payment.

Speculation suggests that the planet could be Zeltros, however it is unlikely as such an organization would have long been uncovered. Whatever motives The Mirage holds, their interest is keenly held on Julian Valentine.


Ison Corridor Cartel

Known as the Ison Cartel, or the Corridor Cartel, this rag-tag criminal organization has a firm grip on the criminal underworld on Bespin. Their operations are primarily limited to Port Town, but their reach has been felt as far as the Colonies. The cartel operates in arms dealing and selling retired hardware from the former Omega Protectorate and Fringe Confederacy.

The Ison Cartel is held together by a shaky alliance between four vagabonds. Viissk, a Trandoshan, and Lo, a Rodian, were former laborers of the Hutt Cartel, working low-paying jobs requiring them to smuggle spice across borders. Shorty Sharn, a Twi'lek, is a Raven who operated as an arms dealer on Nar Shaddaa, while Charlemagne, a Corellian, was a former Republic trooper who turned to the Black Sun Syndicate as a bodyguard.

With the fall of the Red Ravens and the Black Sun Syndicate, along with the decline in the Hutt Cartel, all four of the small-time criminals ditched their allegiances. It was sheer chance that brought them together in Port Town. Due to their history of shifting loyalties they do not truly trust one-another. In a matter of months the four had accumulated hundreds of thousands of credits and an armada of goons, slowly curling an iron grip around Port Town on Cloud City.

The rumor mill spits out that Viissk and Lo are looking to wipe out Shorty Sharn and Charlmagne, but there has been little movement to suggest such a notion. The Ison Cartel has operated under constant strain of internal conflict, and it is only a matter of time before the grip they hold wanes. Recent talk in Port Town suggests a hit has been placed on Julian Valentine after he bought a hyperdrive that was stolen from the Ison Cartel.



KV-N1 is as mysterious as The Mirage. They operate out of the Refugee Sector on Nar Shaddaa, dominating the information trade. KV-N1 is unique in that as far as Julian is aware, there are only droids in the cartel. The HRDs blend into society and the other droids are largely ignored, allowing them to move through normal society without issue. They have few enemies for no one can find them. They could be anyone, anywhere, watching you.

Their network is vast and the intelligence supplied to Julian by Svel suggests that the droids have access to a main server, a hive mind of sorts. They are all consciously and constantly aware of one another, where each other are. To fight one is to instigate the wrath of all of them as hundreds descend upon your location.

Their slicer droids have access to almost every public and private CCTV camera in the Refugee Sector, spying on all who pass through, listening in on every conversation. It is not unusual for droids to rebel, but for droids to rebel in this fashion is strange and mostly unheard of. KV-N1 is watching, listening, waiting.