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Approved Tech Kinetic Impact Shock Spears

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Aeth Deschart

Risen Empress

  • Intent: To create a new type of kinetic EMP weaponry for the Republic.
  • Image Source: X
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Republic Industries (Formerly), Lucerne Labs (Currently)
  • Affiliation: The Republic Remnant, Republic-In-Exile, The Directorate, Lucerne Labs
  • Model: Kinetic Impact Shock Spears (K.I.S.S.)
  • Modularity:Scale: This weapon can be modified in scale to fit on capital ships or fighters. Damage output is appropriately limited based on size.
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Titanium, Silver, Capacitor Parts

  • Classification: Ion/EMP/Coil
  • Size: Average (By comparison to ship scale these would be of average size for a projectile weapon, smaller on a fighter than on a battlecruiser)
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Mass/Ionic
  • Ammunition Capacity: Each emplacement carries 12.

  • Reload Speed: None
  • Effective Range: Extreme
  • Rate of Fire: Average
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • Recoil: Very Low

  • Each unit is made up of a titanium-silver alloy, giving it strength and adding both magnetic properties as well as excellent conductive properties. This allows the weapon to be fired by a compact coil weapon.
  • Each unit carries a capacitor on the aft end that can either be charged prior to firing, or charge after firing by collecting nearby charge. Upon impact, the internal components compress, emitting the electrical charge back through the rod and into the target.
  • Range: Because these are fired from a coil, and space has virtually no drag, the range on these when fired properly is technically infinite because of them not having an internal propulsion system.
  • Strength: The rods themselves are very powerful, and because of their shape are more capable of penetrating weaker, or weakened, shield systems. Their impact alone can cause a great deal of damage.
  • Ionic: The presence of the charged capacitor delivers a powerful magnetic charge directly into the target upon impact, with the potential to fry electronic systems.
  • Magnetics: Strong magnetic fields have the potential to pull the weapon off course if not adjusted for. These include the fields of large celestial bodies, or fields created by interdictors.
  • Reloading: These can't be reloaded except manually, and as the emplacements are always entirely external to the vessel, that means either a space walk for capital ships, or fighters returning to land and be re-armed.
  • Capacity: Each unit is only loaded with 12 appropriately sized rounds. Larger rounds for larger ships.

The kiss was designed to be a new type of projectile weapon with the potential to deliver not only physical damage, but ionic as well. The presence of the capacitor allows the rods to be charged prior to launch, or to be charged by electrical anomalies/EMP fields while in flight. Proper targeting can stealthily put down a large vessel, as the rods are never larger than a starfighter, meaning they are likely to be mistaken for space debris at times. The emplacements fire a maximum of twelve rods before needing to be reloaded, and each rod is sized appropriately to the vessel firing it. The smaller the vessel, the smaller the rod. These magnetic weapons can be affected by strong magnetic fields, meaning they much be accounted for when firing, but their range is theoretically infinite thanks to being largely a piece of metal that is sent flying through the vacuum of space. The rods, constructed of a titanium and silver alloy, are both strong and conductive, making for an effective weapons platform, and even if the rod doesn't cause impactful damage, then the electrical burst it unleashes will do work. These weapons are not effective for anti-starfighter engagements, and are meant primarily for capital ship engagements. Firing them on a planet can prove incredibly destructive without the fallout of most warheads. Care must be taken when firing in the vicinity of a planet.
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Tylane of Isobe said:
The rods, constructed of a titanium and silver alloy, are both strong and conductive, making for an effective ship killing tool, and even if the rod doesn't kill it, the the electrical burst it unleashes will do work.
I understand that this is stating its effectiveness against ships, particularly capital ships, but this sort of language is pushing the envelope here. We don't permit things which, in essence, destroy ships/kill PCs/and so on in a designated number, or implied number, of hits. My request is to tone down this specific sentence, quoted above.

Tylane of Isobe said:
Firing them on a planet can prove incredibly destructive without the fallout of most warheads. Care must be taken when firing in the vicinity of a planet.
I'm going to give the same note I gave to the other submission for rods used for planetary bombardment - using this in an attempt to wipe out an engagement area, or attempt to effectively force damage onto writers on the surface of a planet, or any other significantly large area of destruction will more than likely result in this being reported and removed from the approved section.

If the intent is to use this as a nuclear option in RP where other PCs will be affected, I would only suggest doing so with cooperation with those writers to avoid the above from happening.

Aeth Deschart

Risen Empress
[member="Lily Kuhn"]
Fixed the first one.

As for the second that's duly noted but it's not my intent for these to be used in such a way. I included that language as a warning to others who may use them to be careful where they shoot these.

John Locke

Submission Name: Kinetic Impact Shock Spears
Link to Submission: Here
Reason for Pre-Factory Request: Addition of affiliation and cleaning up template.

Moved to pre-factory as per OP request. Please remember to provide a list of changes when you tag a member of factory staff to move the submission back to live judgement.

John Locke

Aeth Deschart Aeth Deschart

I understand that, however, anyone can claim that they write a character affiliated with the company. Could you please either provide a screenshot of Gir giving you permission to use Lucerne Labs, or link to a page on Chaos that establishes these permissions.
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