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Approved Vehicle Kezia-class Heavy Personal Walker 'Sequoia Throne' Line

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Lord of Passion

  • POWERSLAVE: Though the Kezia-class Walker is an armed personal transport with an optimal crew of one, the TXD DB-SR01x 'Powerslave' Droid Brain allows it to deploy independently as an AI operated vehicle. The Kezia-class Walker can be deployed in large numbers with no pilots necessary.
  • FACE ME: All of the Kezia-class Walker's weapons are front-facing, and the head has very minimal axial rotation. Getting behind or far-beside the Kezia-class walker will render it incapable of engaging you without making an effort to turn around.
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New from AvCorp™! The 'Sequoia Throne' Heavy Personal Walker!

This affordable bipedal vehicle will keep your men safe as they traverse the battlefield, and as they lay down supporting fire! The three-joined bipedal propulsion and the AvCorp™ patented Gyroscopic Hip Stabilization design will keep the walker going through even the most treacherous and difficult to traverse terrain in the galaxy! The Sequoia Throne can even be deployed independently with the use of Technoid Manufactorum 'Powerslave' Droid Brain AI! Available now in mass quantities or through production contracts. Get yours today!

AvCorp™ is not responsible for the injury, maiming, dismemberment, or death that may result in the use of products with highly complex AI. The statements included herein about AvCorp™ patented technology are for exaggeration and entertainment purposes only. By purchasing this product you may or may not be opting-in for your communications and other connected systems to this product to become shadowmining rigs for AvCoin©. By signing a production contract you may or may not be signing away the rights to your next-born force-sensitive child to the custody of AvCorp™. AvCorp™ is not responsible for the grief, depression, or life-ruining circumstances that may result in your incapability or unwillingness to read this fine print.

The ADX-1100 KZA 'Sequoia Throne' Heavy Persona Walker is an infantry fighting vehicle intended for the purposes of personal transport, and heavy fire support both manned and automated. The bipedal propulsion coupled with the gyrostabilizers allows the ADX-1100 to operate in a multitude of rough terrain with relative ease. Onboard AI coupled with several optics and sensor systems allows for precise aided firing and positioning in fast-paced combat situations. A defensive package of damage reduction components, deflector shields, laser deflective armor, and smoke grenades allow the ADX-11000 KZA to not only protect itself but its passenger and/or pilot as well as infantry deployed around it.
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