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Keeping up with Omega Jones

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
The past couple weeks had been chaotic. Some sort of freak gamma burst had screwed up everybody in the Galaxy, at least a little bit. But now that the madness had died down, it was time to get back to daily business.

And for Aleidis Ijet, that meant presiding over the Senate. " on today's schedule, Senators." She segued, leading the subject away from the minute law they'd been discussing a moment ago. "One more thing on today's docket before we can go home for the day."

"Polis Massa is still fresh in all of our minds, and our neighbors in Omega Pyre have left the ball in our court regarding how we want to handle it." Aleidis explained, adjusting her notes as she addressed the Senate. "Frankly, their silence speaks volumes."

"Now, I'd like to open the floor to the Senate. We've a couple of issues to settle. Whether or not we are going to revisit the alliance between the Republic and Omega Pyre, how we are going to approach it, and what steps we are going to take to prevent war - or prepare for it - in the event that we choose not to reopen relations between ourselves and Omega Pyre."

"I open the floor to the Galactic Senate." Aleidis conceded, stepping down from her podium.
Silas stood up and motioned his pod into position His knuckles white as he gripped the lectern "My fellow senators as the chancellor stated we stand at a new era for galactic relations and the decisions we make to day will mold the future" He coughed before continuing "I firmly believe that a relationship with the protectorate is in our best interests however I insist that the republic should not just rollover as the OP walks all over us,No we must go into negotiation with a strong direction Furthermore I remotion a demand to the Lady protector that we work together to investigate the atrocity that occurred at Polis Massa and bring those at fault to account.In summery I state that war whith the Op must be avoided we can't face a two proged war furthermore the republic must stand up and enforce justice" He brought hiss fist to the lectern before gulping down water.
The new Vice Chancellor, Philip J. Halen looked around at the senate around him. He was used to this area... Though his pod was a bit different from the one he had a week ago.

He listened to the opening speech of Chancellor Ijet, and then the contribution speech of @[member="Silas Opri"]. Halen finally decided to turn on his microphone and speak.

"You couldn't be any closer to the truth, Senator Opri" Phil stated. "But remember that things are incredibly tense with Omega Pyre... Apparently, as the story says... Because of a shot fired by the Republic itself. In particular... One ordered by our now FORMER Supreme Chancellor. Now, the Chancellor issue has been handled, seeing as Miss Ijet stands where Ardak once did, so hopefully that will calm down Omega Pyre some and let us take a gentle route here, now that the man that caused this tension is no longer in office"

"I agree though. We should not let Omega Pyre walk all over us... We are an EQUAL front, just as we were BEFORE Polis Massa" he said. "But we must also be careful. One bad step with Omega Pyre, and war is ahead of us... And dealing with the aftermath of Metalorn, another war at our front doorstep is NOT what we want. The Republic should be seen, as it always has set out to be... As a organization of peace. We need to remember that as we handle our former allies" he said. "We need to re-affirm that we are equals with them, but also count them as an incredibly valuable ally"

@[member="Silas Opri"]
@[member="Aleidis Ijet"]
"Having spoke with the Protectorate while I was Interim Chancellor I believe that relations can and should indeed be reestablished. As Senator from Hapes, I am glad to be back among you all. The problem then goes to what should we be willing to give on. I think we should bite the bullet and perhaps offer a monetary gift as our condolences to anyone who lost a loved one in the horrible incident, on either side. I think that we should establish a joint task force with the protectorate to find out what happened and have both sides submit to this council the complete and unedited logs from the battle on all ships in the field. We should also make all efforts to ensure that anyone who needs to be questioned is. The Task force will then relay their findings to both governments and we shall make our decisions. I exercise that should any republic officer be found guilty that we submit them to our own court system, though also throw up the idea of a special joint court to decide the fate of any found guilty of the horrible event in Polis massa. "
Silas stood up again and motioned to speak "Senator @[member="Hanna Vondiranach"] I concur with you on all but one point, I do not believe that reparations of any kind should be paid by the republic as a government ... especially not before a full and joint investigation" He continued "Coruscant would like to second the senator's motions" He sat back down and awaited imput from other senators
"I can concede on that point then senator @[member="Silas Opri"] and push this notion forward." She said glad that for once she was able to put forth her own ideas, there was something exciting about being a senator now. She had a little be more pull now. So she waited to hear the others opinions.

@[member="Philip J. Halen"] @[member="Aleidis Ijet"]

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
@[member="Hanna Vondiranach"] @[member="Silas Opri"]

"I already have reports from an independent investigation bureau that show that the first crimes committed were committed by Omega Pyre Exarch, Ayden Cater." Aleidis stated firmly, standing up - she forwarded the verified and lengthy report to each senator's chair. "The crime was, of course, that he locked two hundred and seven Republic troops aboard a ship that was about to explode, preventing our men from escaping."

"And then he insulted the Republic and everything it stands for across every wavelength - across the entire Galactic Republic, resulting in Supreme Chancellor Ardak's impeachment." Aleidis stated flatly. "The only crimes committed were by Exarch Cater - who is still one of the leaders of Omega Pyre, who has recieved not so much as a slap on the wrist."

"Omega Pyre are not our friends. They have never BEEN our friends." Aleidis argued. "Aside from a couple individuals, they have never provided aid to the Republic, except at exorbitant cost. I have the details of weapons - such as the 'MK-1 Bolter' - which have been developed by the Protectorate specifically to kill Jedi. They have developed super warships like the Solo-Class command vessel that are capable of single-handedly demolishing any six of our capital ships in simultaneous combat - designed by Exarch Cater, of course." She pointed out.

"Do Friends charge Friends for aid, while sharpening a knife to use against them? Every service the Protectorate has charged us for, they have used to pay for tools specifically to destroy us with. We have never been the Protectorate's friend's - we have been their meal ticket, yes. Their shield from the rest of the Galaxy. But make no mistake, Senate. If we ask them to come down to our level - to do to Exarch Cater what they did to Serifen Ardak - they will laugh at us."

"We do not require the Protectorate's Friendship. We've never had the Protectorate's friendship. We've been their client, and nothing more. If the Protectorate wishes to mend the bridge that they, themselves burned - let them show it. Let them prove to us that they are our equals. We are the Galactic Republic, and we have lasted for twenty-seven thousand years - why should we go crawling back to the same Mercenary company that tried to make a laughingstock of us as soon as they thought it convenient?"
"The new information is troubling to say the least chancellor and although as you say it is wrong to just go crawling back however I have two queries can the republic stand alone in this galaxy? and can we secure justice for the victims of the pollis masa incident without co-operation with the OP in some form? The people look to us to secure justice and to defend them can we do this alone if the answer is yes then perhaps severing ties with the OP is the best thing to do they have caused issues in the past"

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
"Senator Opri, I can think of no greater injustice against the men and women who died in the service of the Republic than to go back to the Protectorate and tell them that the insults and crimes they've levied against us are forgiven." Aleidis pointed out evenly. "Crimes that Omega Pyre has refused to hold Exarch Cater responsible for. Crimes that they conveniently forgot the moment it became apparent to them that the only port left to them in the Galaxy was ours."

"The Republic does not stand alone." Aleidis promised. "Already, I have recieved offers of friendship from across the Galaxy. The Confederacy wishes us to be allies, to share trade between our borders. The Mandolorians are, as ever, our neighbors and friends. Admiral Kardde, leader of the Fringe, has given me personal assurance that their eyes seek other things than conquest, and they have no qualms with us."

"Furthermore, as I am sure you have heard, the Chalacta treaty - a signed document between newly instated Emperor Tyrin Ardik and I - brings to close a tension that has loomed over the Galaxy for millenia." Aleidis explained, standing upright. If she was going to address the Rancor in the Room, she would do so proudly, and look it in the eye. "While I am not so naive to trust the Empire implicitly, they stand nothing to gain by attacking us - and have the potential to lose everything."

"I was elected on a platform of peace, of pride, and integrity, Senators. And I have been working myself to the bone to fulfill the promises made to you." Aleidis assured them, spreading her hands slightly, smiling. "To ask, Senator Opri, if the Republic can stand alone is to misunderstand the fundamental nature of it. We have never been alone. The heart of the Republic is in liberty, equality, and brotherhood - together, we are stronger than the sum of our parts. This is how we have lasted for twenty-seven thousand years, while military dictators came and went like flashes in a pan."

"But Omega Pyre - the Protectorate - does not understand us. They do not respect us. They never have. My door, senators, has always been open to anyone to come and discuss peace - even my detractors. Especially my detractors. Some of you have exercised that right, and I thank you for it." Aleidis promised, placing both hands on the dias. "To say that the thought of paying a sum to and apologizing to Omega Pyre for killing our men and mocking us turns my stomach, would be an understatement of enormous proportions. But if it is the will of the senate, so shall it be."
Silas rose "Eloquent words Chancellor eloquent and correct I feel however that I was misunderstood I had no intention of degrading the republic and it's people by offering criminals,For this is the bed they have made for themselves, I merely intended a temporary cooperation to lull them into handing us the criminals they currently employ then once justice has been served we can leave the OP to their own stagnation" He smiled and leant forward "Chancellor I find myself once more won over by by your skill and level headedness" He moved to sit back down "I thank you and yield" He was pleased to have a new type of chancellor in the chair.
Halen sighed. "I meanwhile, agree with Chancellor Ijet" he stated. "Omega Pyre has committed war crimes across the Republic, slandered us and made us look like fools, not to mention caused the impeachment of our Chancellor..."

"And how do they repay the lives we lost because of them? They give the murderer a LECTURE" he said firmly, calmly but firmly. "The last thing we want is to pay some kind of sum to Omega Pyre and crawl back... It would be a dishonor to the ones who died during this fight"

"Now... This developing of weapons against us is new news to me... And disturbs me. And for that, we should not let them have our support any longer so easily. My best suggestion? Make them squirm. Make them shell out and make them learn their lesson, and make it clear that if they mess with us again, we aren't going to sit here and let them walk all over the Republic again. This tragedy is on their hands, whether they want to say it openly or not... And now, all they want is our credits, our support and our help in their time of war. That's all they want, and when they get it, they will use our protection, use our credits and then use the spoils of war to build more weapons to destroy us. Those are not friends of ours, and if they want our help... We have to make sure they earn it, AND... Make them realize that if they try to use those weapons on us... The Republic won't respond kindly"

"I apologize, Chancellor if that sounds rather harsh compared to your speech. But honesty is a virtue, and to be quite honest this entire thing with Omega Pyre frustrates me more and more, the more daft and bold they get"

He sighed. "I'm not entirely sure if the way I worded it was best, and I apologize for that" he corrected. Halen had spent the entire night reviewing reports and notes, and the lack of sleep was evident. "Bottom line... We have a few choices here. We can bow down, pay tribute, sell our souls and let them win... Or we make it clear that we won't be stepped on by an "Ally" who attacked us and tried to take advantage of it afterword. The way I put it may have been a tad harsh and I apologize, but making it known that we are equals, and should be seen as equals AND actual allies in their eyes instead of a client, something they can use, get paid by, protected by and then stab in the back... That is the other option. If you want to add demands to that, even better. Just make sure the words are laid carefully... Omega will not risk war with us right now if they don't get what they want, but it will give them more reason to in future"

He looked over at @[member="Silas Opri"]. "An interesting suggestion, Mr. Opri... But what of when they realize what we're doing? We don't NEED Omega Pyre... But having them as enemies based off them thinking we used them like they used us won't help us either"

He sighed. "Sometimes, I feel like they're almost BEGGING us to fire shots of war. Like they WANT war with the Republic, they're preparing for it, and they're trying to provoke us into looking bad so they can feign being the good guys and unite others against us, after they've already sucked us dry as an "Ally". I'm not making any accusations, mind you all, but it's a possibility. The message sent throughout the Republic when all of this started furthers my worries"

@[member="Silas Opri"]
@[member="Aleidis Ijet"]
@[member="Hanna Vondiranach"]

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
@[member="Silas Opri"] l @[member="Philip J. Halen"]

"Senator Opri, I want to affirm that we are not at war with the Protectorate." Aleidis insisted with a wan smile. "We are unhappy with them. They are unhappy with us. We have lost face, lost faith, and until such time as they give us reason to trust them again, I cannot see why we would crawl back into bed with the Protectorate." She explained.

"But there are many different states of being between 'Allies' and 'Enemies'. If the Protectorate never comes back to peace talks with us, that does not mean we will attack them. That does not mean that they will attack us." Aleidis promised with a casual smile. "We're reasonable groups. Being just neighbors, I think, will suit us both find so long as we remember where our borders are and our manners."

Aleidis glanced from her dias to see a familiar face. "Battle Master Olra'En, you may speak." She invited curiously.
Hanna smiled and began to speak, as apparently they decided to change to topic and ignore her motion.

"Well, I would like to address this situation in a couple ways. First, let us talk about weapons. All factions have weapons designed to kill Force Users and everything else. So I hardly believe that this gun or ship is specifically meant to kill Jedi and Republic vessels. That is a bold assumption and scraping the bottom of the barrel. If I made an anti-Force user weapon to kill Sith, does it mean that since it can also kill Jedi that I am plotting to assassinate the chancellor? No, it means that I have a gun to kill the Sith like they kill us.

I still have yet to see said treaty here in the Senate, so I assume that you don't have the nerve to say we are at peace yet. Chancellor, I am sure you respect the democratic process enough to remember that it must be brought forward to us and ratified. I believe you are ripe to leave one enemy and make another, and your current policy is only more evidence supporting such a thing.

Was it not the Protectorate ship, that rescued and saved hundreds of republic lives from the damaged ship? They risked themselves and saved not only their men, but ours. In the meantime, the Sith left with their tails behind their legs. So what do we do? We declare war against the same faction that put their necks on the line for us, and make peace with the ones that have harassed us for years? I have seen the comm logs from the event in question. Things got heated and things were said and done that should not have been said and done. Neither party is innocent. That is right, I think both are guilty. That is why we voted out the previous Supreme Chancellor, correct? Since he himself was the one who gave the order to start the reactor which blew up the ship, after all... I may be jumping to conclusions, but since that was the last order before the explosion, I can only guess that it was brought on by ourselves.

Did not Cody Jorin start the reactor? Yet we regard him a hero, not a war criminal... Because, I mean, he technically blew up the ship, did he not? Ardak ordered him to, and should we not hold them accountable? I mean, If we want to call out the criminal,s let’s look at our own actions from that fateful day. We gave the order and action that blew up the ship. I might also add that everyone was under the influence of some strange device that was on the damn dig site. So I would question if we can even hold any of them accountable for their actions as they were under the influence of what seemed to be a powerful Dark Side artifact, an artifact that sent everyone in its radius into a mass hysteria. So before we demand blood from them, we should look at the blood on our hands.

I propose we have a joint task force we can trust - not some nameless third party judge, both our men and theirs - and we submit the guilty to a joint judicial court, punish them accordingly. I think that you are too eager to fight a faction that is our friend. I think that before we go and accuse them with wild accusations of plotting to kill our Jedi and starships with their next generation of technology, we have to kill actually talk it out. For someone who wants peace, Madam Chancellor, you are rather eager to start a fight with the Omega Protectorate. I can see how you can forget... I mean, you also once believed that you would serve people, not serve over them. Such is the Jedi code, correct? And now here you are... I guess we can forgive you for forgetting about your promises as well. So, if you are all so eager to be hypocrites, then yes, down with the Protectorate. Let’s ratify our treaty with the Sith and blow up our oldest allies."

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
The Senate seat Je'gan had chosen had once belonged to Darren Brunswick; it was the site of his suicide. He listened to his own comlink. In truth, he'd first come here for another reason.

“Senators and delegates,” he said sombrely, as the Force rolled over him in terrible ways, “your comlinks will begin to go off in moments. You will hear the same things that I am about to tell you.

“Rommamool and Osarian – one planet a member of the Republic, one a member of the Protectorate – a tense system. A symbol of border stresses and strains, a difficult posting. There has been, ah, there has been an accident, perhaps. Either that, or someone has deliberately...”

The five-hundred-year-old Jedi Master's eyes wandered.

“...destroyed the solar system. An unmarked bulk freighter entered the system, and then the star exploded. Both planets have been destroyed. It is...plausible that this is a supernova-scale accident with the Protectorate at fault. However, it is my considered opinion that this is a ploy to terrify, to browbeat, to confuse and to provoke a war between us – between the Republic and the Protectorate, or between the Republic and the Empire. Nobody has claimed responsibility, but someone dearly wants war – and the Force whispers to me that it is not some enemy government, but an unknown threat, buried, perhaps, like Darth Sidious was within the Republic. As a member of the Jedi Council I urge you towards peace and sober reflection.

“This is the kind of day when all of you will remember where you stood – and when one must reconsider what is important. If you'll excuse me, I will...I have, ah, matters to attend to.”

The senate box turned and departed.
"Destroyed.....?" Halen whispered, his face reading utter disbelief. "I.... How? Why?"

He shook his head. This was an unnecessary call for war from SOMEBODY... Perhaps peace with the Protectorate was more then just a good idea at this point... If not, it may become war if these people continued to attack and lay the seeds of doubt between the two sides...

"Chancellor Ijet, this is a very disturbing peace of news" he said solemnly. "What do you suggest should be done with this new information?"

@Je'gan Olra'en
@[member="Hanna Vondiranach"]
@[member="Aleidis Ijet"]

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
@[member="Hanna Vondiranach"] l @Je'gan Olra'en l @[member="Philip J. Halen"]

Aleidis had been about to offer a scathing rebuttal to Hanna's points when Je'Gan (Who'd been interrupted by a Hapan senator) spoke up. And boy did he ever speak up. Tragedy had struck.

And Aleidis was struck, too. Struck dumb, struck wordless for a minute. Two worlds, gone in the blink of an eye. Millions of lives. A part of the teenager wanted to curl up and cry, but she could not - she needed to lead. To be strong. "I am calling this session to recess." Aleidis said with finality, banging a gavel (Or whatever the sci-fi equivalent was. Hypergavel?) to call the session to an end.

"Mr. Halen - send an envoy to the Protectorate. See to it that it's someone capable. Find out what they're doing about this." Aleidis 'requested' quickly. "And organize... some sort of committee to go figure out what the heck happened. I'll have to go make a press statement." She explained, stepping down from the Dias with all the celerity the situation demanded.
Silas rose as the recess was called.He was shocked and disheartened how could this have happened right under their noses.He stepped out into the corridor and looked out onto the skyline of his constituency.He waited until the vice chancellor had stepped out of the chamber and made his approach "Vice chancellor,I am aware the events of this meeting will have left you rather busy but I mean to take only a moment of your time to express an interest in taking part in the committee and envoy."
"It will be done, Chancellor Ijet" Halen said calmly, after regaining his composure from the shock of what had happened. Rising from his seat, the Vice Chancellor began to make his way out before he was approached by Senator @[member="Silas Opri"].

Listening to what Silas had to say, Halen nodded in acknowledgement. "If you wish to ask Chancellor Ijet about accompanying me and taking part in the envoy and committee, please by all means do so. I say this because if she needs you somewhere else, I would not want to act under her authority and place you where I personally deem you fit"

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