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Approved Tech Kebii'tra Aranar Automated Gun Platform

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Captain Larraq


Credit: Section 8 Prejudice (videogame); individual artist Pencillad

Intent: To create an Air-Defense platform for use by the Mandalorian military and sell it on the open market.

Development Thread: NA
Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics
Model: Kebii'tra Aranar Automated Gun Platform
Affiliation: Hyperion Security, Mandalorian Military, Open Market
Modularity: None
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Duraplast, other materials.

Recognizing the Mandalorian Military's need for improved air-defense options, Mandal Hypernautics set out to create one of the best AA gun platforms on the market. Choosing to take advantage of the weapons and technology the company already had access to, engineers began the design process around starship grade Anti-Starfighter Mass-Driver Flak Cannons. Successfully managing to consolidate the hardware and software of a point-defense system into a single weapons platform, Mandal Hypernautics engineers then went one step further by installing a droid brain into the machine. Despite the droid brain, the Kebii'tra Aranar is still considered a weapons platform and not a true battle droid. The platform hovers a few inches off the ground as it moves into a predesignated position assigned to it by command. Once in position the automated platform will land, deploy its stabilizers, and begin scanning airspace for hostile targets. Before a battle, commanders must upload IFF frequencies and data on confirmed friendly and hostile equipment to the weapons platform. Biological and Mechanical objects not directly programmed into the platform and not broadcasting secure IFF frequencies will be assessed on a case by case basis by the droid brain. While the droid brain typically does an outstanding job of correctly identifying threats and non-threats, it has been known to occasionally identify particularly large avian animals as threats.

Classification: Fourth Degree Battle Droid
Role: Anti-Air Gun Platform
Height: 6 meters (not including weapon barrels)
Length: 8.5 meters (with legs deployed)
Width: 8.5 meters (with legs deployed)
Weight: 15 Tons
Propulsion: Fuel Cell Engine, Repulsorlift
Top Speed: 40 KM/H
Armaments: Quad Mass-Driver Flak Cannons,
Passenger Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: (6x) 2,000 Round Ammo Drums
Misc. Equipment: Long-Range Communicator, RADAR and LADAR Sensors, Encrypted Network Uplink, Advanced Targeting Processor, IFF Tag Registry,
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