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Approved Location Kayfoundo Hutt City (Hungrey Hutt City)

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Intent: To create the mentioned slave town in my approved slave company submission
​Image Credit: Star Wars The Old Republic
Canon: N/A


City Name: Kayfoundo Hutt City (Hungry Hutt City)
Classification: Rural Slave City
Location: Nal Hutta
Affiliation: Zelgetha Slave Market
Demographics: 50% Other raced slave population (slaves being auctioned off in various bidding wars) , 25% Evocii slave population (Slaves that do manual labor , or other tasks within the city) , 10% buyers/visitors, 10% salesmen/saleswomen of various races, 5% Gamoreon Guards
Wealth: High due to the booming slave trade with neighboring planets and visitors
Stability: Medium, Due to the High slave population and most of the town not being a permanent population. There is a huge chance of slave rioting, which could cripple the economy due to most labor jobs being held by Evocii slaves, and the slaying of slavers. However with Zelgetha’s mechanical hook , he has implemented proper security with having Gamoreon guards. While also investing in slaving cages, for those about to be auctioned off, to prevent encouraging slaves with too much freedom.
As a slave city sixty percent of the population as constantly temporary at any giving time, constantly replenishing with new slaves and buyers. As such this city relies on constant advertisement(to the right people) and criminal influence of Zelgetha’s cartel in order to continuing booming in the slave trade. There are many assembly area’s in the auction where slaves stand to be bought and auctioned off. Kayfoundo Hutt City was named after Zelgetha The Hutt to reference his greed for money and power in the Galaxy. The city also contains an area for the more permeant residents which are the slavers who sell the None-Custom slaves which are constantly shipped and brought into the city by pirates, and other criminal characters.

Fifty percent of the None- Permeant residents are slaves brought in who were bought by Zelgetha’s market to sell for double the price bought in order to make money. As such, this is the only export this city relies on , and as such has given a high life for the constitutes that live and participate in the city’s success. The law of this city is Zelgetha Himself, how controls the city’s troops, and keeps it under his personal protection. As the founder, the nasty, slimy, and crude being takes sixty percent of the profits to his account. This territory of his company keeps the rest as a reward for following his law and giving him loyalty. As such he keeps his gamoreons as protectors, and will offer assistance should disaster strike. Breaking any laws that Zelgetha puts in place will result in death or being forced into selling oneself to slavery for life.

The fear and resources the Hutt has at his disposal continues to keep this arrangement a possibility and allows him full control of the city. With a combination of loyalty from the upper class that benefits from this arrangement, to having Zelgetha’s detachment of gamoreons to impose his will. This city lives under the crime lord’s total rule, making him money in his founded slave market, and serving as a delivery point for his trained custom slave batches from direct buyers.

Most of the architecture consists of cheaper building’s to hold the victimized slave population. However there is a visitation quarter that has a range of cheaper motels, and more expense hotels for visitors to stay at while accessing the “merchandise” . This area has more taller building due to the constant and massive influx of visitors and buyers.

The last and final area is the slave market itself which hold’s up the majority of the city. This area is where slaves and, the selling of slaves area held. Once slaves are trained by Zelgetha’s company to be obedient and whatever else the buyer wants, they are brought here to be sold and taken away. This area is busy twenty four seven, where the population constantly shifts out of town into the galaxy.

This slave city was not designed to fight off major factions, relying more on being able to take on pirates, and other criminal rivals with ease. As such, in the event of a siege much of the city would be taken within a few hours. With only a small portion being able to hold out for a few days.

Spaceport(East part of the city): This area has multiple docking for most vessels, and is where many visitors come in order to go and visit the city within. Perhaps to get a hotel, rather then sleep in a space bed. The spaceport is a vital economic part to this city, which constantly brings imports, and exports out of the city. While also hosting the welcoming party for buyers in the market. This is the only area that really harbors fortifications and defenses. Having many checkpoints , and lookout structures for snipers. There are however no vehicle defenses for the port , relying much on gamoreon infantry to fight and protect the area.

Slave market(middle area to the north section): The slave market consists of several one story cheaply made complex structures that hold the many por sods who were enslaved by pirates. These structures cover and spread half of the entire city, making it the largest quarter of the city for residents and visitors to mingle about. In front of each structure lay a durasteel platform for auctioned slaves to be stood and examined by crowds of buyers, before such bidding wars would be started. This area is regularly patrolled by gamoreon squads and is the heaviest populated area on a regular basis. Should this area be attacked by a major faction, it would relatively fall quick and in a matter of hours due to much of the slave population helping the outnumbered units in this area.

Monument(Dead Center, 150 meters ): Located in the center of town, the large structure towers the entire city for everywhere to look. As the tallest building in the city, this monument of Zelgetha depicts him with his arm before losing his left arm. As a psychologist , Zelgetha ordered such a monument to be built in order to impose a reminder that he was in control and always had a hand on everything that went on in his city. As a symbol of his power, such a monument shows he has whatever he wants, to the point that reality is above him. Should such a structure be destroyed, it would massively damage much of the slave market. Because of this, it is heavily protected and guarded more then the spaceport, being designed to hold off much for a few days should this be needed. This is the rallying point of the city, essentially its beating heart. Protection plans pout in place involve all forces to fall back to this way point until Zelgetha can summon more of his people to rescue and reinforce the city.

Barracks(middle west): Located in near between the permeant resident area, and the slave market, this area is a resting point and military assembly area for the gamoreons to train with a shooting range and has training bags for melee troops. With the monument and spaceport being the greater defended areas, this comes third place for defended areas, able to quickly mobilize should an attack begin.

Permanent Residential Area(West): Picture an area with luxurious mansions and nicely built roads, trees, and a food market containing much of the food brought in from being bought by the city. This is an ideal, and probably one of the best places to live on the planet, besides where the tyrannical Zelgetha lives. Only the high-class citizens of society live here with their many slaves, in Kayfoundo Hutt City the only citizens are rich ones. This area completely multiracial with any race imaginable that could live on such a swamp ridden climate like Hutta.

Walls, and gate: The walls are think and made of durasteel, at fifty meters in height , these structures are made for bandits, and to keep lightly armed enemies out of the settlement with ease. Should tanks or vehicles be involved, these walls would easily fall apart. Much like canons do to castle walls. The area is lightly patrolled and ironically the least defended of the settlement. The walls surround the entire settlement including the spaceport. While the spaceport is the preferred method of entering the settlement, one singular gate is within this settle consisting of pure titanium. This gate is used to transport and allow custom slaves to enter the settlement. Those wishing to enter the settlement must wait a minimum of three hours before the gate opens for such visitors on the ground, with little to no wait time being needed for custom slaves coming through. This is done purposely due to custom slaves only coming in when being bought property of another to be shipped off.


Low: -Weak wall barriers that can be destroyed by vehicle arms

-City Guards (Gamoreons)

Before becoming the sprawling city of Kayfoundo Hutt City, the grounds upon which the slave town was built was an Evocii town. However, due to the slaver forces of Zelgetha the defenseless village was taken with ease, with force. After such an event happened, the greedy, and evil villain began killing any who had spoken out against him. Having the rest electro wiped while being forced to watch those who had resisted be executed. After the town’s population had experienced much death, and physical torture, the remaining survivors were completely broken and enslaved. This slave population except for a select few, were then moved to a different location for slave breeding. After this much of Zelgetha’s money and inheritance was poured into starting up this now sprawling city. Slowly, after investing much into reviving the slave trade, the city began to boom on its new trade. After the first half of the year, the Hutt began breaking even, having as much wealth as he did before claiming and building the multiracial city.

When the Hutt began the next year, the economy of this city went full cylinders and doubled much of his income and money. Since then his wealth and power base has grown larger, making his side gig, a full-fledged company with a constant money flow that resembles it today. This city was founded and is one of the crowning jewels of Zelgetha. In order to honor such an achievement, a monument and landmark to his success was built in the middle of the slave city. This monument being made out of gold and various support structures to symbolize his power. As a new settlement, much of the buildings are new and of cheaper quality to accommodate its market. In reality, while this is very much a city, it has historically, and seemingly will always be, a big and massive slave market. This city, constantly vigilant of becoming to noticeable to many benevolent factions.

Jairus Starvald

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I assume the planet this is on is Nal Hutta. Please use the full name and hyperlink to its canon article.

Also, can you remove all those spaces that separate the points of interest from the historical information? Just one space should be fine there.

Jairus Starvald

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Nope, I wanted you to link it in the location field, which you did. So we are good on that front.

Other than that I think this is neatly written and I don't see anything wrong here. Nicely done!

Pending secondary approval.
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