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Karsh Lithern

Karsh Lithern

The Living Mutation
INTRODUCTION: I feel like this is complete. Please ***GIVE FEEDBACK***

NAME: Karsh Lithern

FACTION: Sith Empire

RANK: Apprentice

SPECIES: Human (mutated)

AGE: Mid to late twenties cosmetically. Real age is unknown.

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: About 6-6 1/2 feet. (1.8 - 1.9 meters)

WEIGHT: Roughly 90 Lbs.

EYES: N/A (No eyes, just shallow pits)

HAIR: Bald, tattooed

SKIN: Gray

FORCE SENSITIVE: In the extreme, most of his senses are only capable through the Force

Force Skills:
  • Telepathy - Master
  • Force senses (vision, hearing) - Master
  • Force speed - Adept
  • Force persuasion - Adept
  • Telekinesis - Apprentice

STRENGTHS: Can survive heavily polluted airs and atmospheres with thin oxygen levels. Very lightweight and agile. Superb sneaking abilities.

WEAKNESSES: High pressure enviroments have worsening effects as he spends time in that enviroment. Has troubles being heavily exerted such as in battle and energy drains quickly.

GEAR: Lightweight with a DL-18 blaster pistol and a long-handled, semi-dual-phase lightsaber, ending in a two foot vibroblade.

APPEARANCE: Standing at 6 and 1/2 feet, Karsh is an impressive frame but very compact. His arms and legs are all thin, but amazingly strong. His face consists of two hallow eye pits, a mouth with skin strung between lips as one of his many mutations, and two stitched up ear holes. His nose is smashed and the scent receptors no longer work, he now bares two holes about 3/4 of a centimeter apart. His now trademark outfit is brownish (dirty)-white armbands up to his elbows which then turns into black sleeves to become a part of a tightly hugging shirt that reveals his ribs and malnourished stomach. He dons a cloak clasped near his neck with a simple black metal button. The cloak has a large hood, to hide his face when necessary. The end of the cloak ends in a torn up mess of fabric that constantly flutters in wind. He wields a complex lightsaber "His lightsaber was a long-handled lightsaber. The red blade is 2 meters long (6.5 feet) just .7 meters longer than normal lightsabers. The other end of the hilt holds a vibroblade at two feet long, curving at the end." He also keeps a DL-18 blaster pistol tucked away on his belt.

BIOGRAPHY: Karsh was born in the Tython System on the planet of Nox. He was an unwanted child and his parents went beyond the dome and left him in the heavily polluted, harsh enviroment to die. But he was born with the genes from his parents that allowed him to breathe somewhat sustainably. And so he grew up in the harsh environment forging and finding those rare life forms from which he got his food. Karsh's discovery of the force was purely in thanks to the surroundings in which he lived. The heavily toxic air burned his eyes out. A beast tore his ears off and the toxic air claimed those to as the holes became infected and shriveled up. His nose was smashed and he narrowly, blindly killed what was attacking him. He lay on the ground. Defenseless. He felt the ground shaking. Another beast. Then, when he had given up, the Force showed him his surroundings. He saw with no eyes. Karsh destroyed the beast utterly. He was 15 when this happened. By age 18, donning a heavy clock with a big hood, he ventured into a dome. He went and found medical records. Karsh Lithern (his name, now he knew) was born on the last Taungsday (3rd day of the Galactic Standard Calendar five day week) of the seventh month. Parents of Dalseen Fornish and Kareck Lithern. Baby dead at birth. The toxins had mutated him while he was in the outside air so he had reached his cosmetic age of 25 but still remained 18 so he was able to look like a normal passerby. His cosmetic age would be forever, forever the body of a 25 year old man. Karsh then searched public records and located his parents in the dome city of Knool Tandor. He caught a shuttle going there which was hard because he couldn't talk - his lips had grown strings of skin sporadically across his mouth ranging from 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 of an inch in width. Once in Knool Tandor, Karsh went to his father's apartment, broke in, and waited. Hours later Kareck returned with a street hooker hanging on his arm. His father was a fat man with too much money and not enough care. The hooker and Kareck got into bed and were about to get busy when Karsh revealed himself. He had been practicing with the Force from the discovery of it three years prior. He forced pulled the hooker off and she flew towards Karsh. When he got his hands on her, he tore her head from her body as if stretching taffy. He then Force pushed his father against the wall and held him there. With the blood of the now dead woman, he wrote "I am your son." He then gave silent, whispery sounds released from his misfortune of a mouth. Trying as desperate as he could to convey his absolute hate for this fat man that he has to call his father. Karsh then choked his father to death. Not with the Force. But with his hands. Donning his hood once again, he calmly left. He then made his way to where his mother lives. She lived alone, having gone through 5 marriages. She was asleep. If Karsh had eyes, he could be described as staring at her. He studied her through the Force. He had some more mercy on this woman. Using the Force he kept her asleep as he smothered her with a pillow until she stopped breathing. For many hours he sat cradling her. With some more research he got a shuttle to a dome that manufactured starfighters. From there he stole a GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat. He did this at random, and after working past fundamental workings of the ship, he used the onboard computer to research the vessel. It had type 2 hyperdrive. He jumped to the Coruscant System to the icy planet of Improcco. He discovered Sith Empire. His lightsaber was a longhandled lightsaber. The red blade is 2 meters long (6.5 feet) just .7 meters longer than normal lightsabers. The other end of the hilt holds a cortosis weave blade at two feet long, curving at the end. Karsh trained in lightsaber combat under many different masters, unable to stay under one for any long amount of time, the three lightsaber combat types that he became proficient at were Ataru (Mobility and posistioning, perfect with his light weight and strong muscles), Juyo (which emerged from his hate of most people and things), and, though not as strong, Soresu (Karsh always wanted a good defense due to his years of isolation and paranoia in the Nox wilds. Eventually, Karsh got a AEG-77 Vigo which included a crew of 7 assassin droids and one astromech droid. He usually kept his droid on the ship to maintain it. Now Karsh is looking to become a true apprentice to the Sith Empire.

SHIP: Karsh is currently the captain of an AEG-77 Vigo with a crew of 7 highly trained assassin droids (who don't actually do a lot of assassination) and an R9 series astromech droid. The ship itself has its standard class 3 hyperdrive engine with a class 15 backup. It has a modified weapons system, harboring 4 top mounted laser turrets, 2 extra forward mounted ion cannons, and two bottom mounted laser turrets. It's equipped with the latest navicomputer. The other rooms on the ship include three decks with elevators connecting them. An observation deck, a large bridge, a recreation room (which got converted into a room for the droids to include spare parts and weapons, the room also held extra food), an engineering room, and an expanded cargo hold. With all it's modified room it had enough consumables to last Karsh (who's diet was next to none) about a year.

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Karsh Lithern

The Living Mutation
@[member="Xavier Vi'dreya"]
You have to understand, this guy ate almost nothing, and he's genetically mutated beyond belief. So yes, I understand thats it's ridiculously light, but his back story warrants it. Thanks though :)