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Kaliya Dupree

Kaliya Dupree

NAME: Kaliya Dupree
FACTION: Mandalorian
RANK: Mandalorian
SPECIES: Miralukan dominate with mix because of racial breeding.
AGE: 19
GENDER: Female


EYES: Brown
HAIR: Naturally white but dyed red.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Long scar that traces along her back.
GEAR/CLOTHING: Lightsaber with a handle made from the tooth of a Rancor. A long handled curved lightsaber. Repelling rope. Rations. Aquata rebreather.
When on a simple bounty hunting mission, she actually wears a much relaxed attire. Wearing a typical set of jeans with a matching jean jacket and under shirt for the jacket. However, when on serious mission she donned her Mandalorian Knight beskar with an added jetpack.
Force Sight: Racial Mastery: Advanced

Battle Precog. : Racial though still learning. : Intermediate

Inertia: The ability to alter the inertia surrounding an object or person. : Intermediate

Breath Control: Ability to hold her breath currently for two hours. : Basic

Beast Master: Ability to control most beast, though stronger willed beast may still require force. : Intermediate

Force Cloak: Can not be seen by plain eye and doesn't make a sound. : Intermediate

Ambidextrous: Mandalorians are raised to not rely on hand preferences in case you might one day only have one to rely on.

Intelligence: She suffers because she has not received the best education, but her raw intelligence bolsters her decision making skill.

Eidetic Memory: She can with great accuracy remember anything she has heard or seen or read.

Versatility: Being raised up as a Mandalorian first and a force user second, she knows her way around a blaster and many other mundane options most force users would not think of.

- BODY: 6
- SENSE: 8 : Racial in a way?
- SPEED: 7

Ataru: Advanced

Makashi: Intermediate

Kaliya was born to a world that told her to suck it up and keep it moving. As such she has adapted that demeanor to most things in life; whether it be relationships, missions or business. She has a certain coldness to her which doesn't come from being a bad or even a cold person; it merely comes from being rather detached from her emotions. She has difficulty expressing them and as such she is more of a woman of action, if she cares for something or someone she protects them. She follows her own code of honor as well as the modified code of Mandalorian Knights. She hopes to see the restoration of her adoptive people, she sees their rites of strength to be true as they remade her.

To her adoptive family they are the ones who've seen the rare displays of emotion from Kaliya. She acts as the heir to the Kel name as both of her adoptive parents are too old to carry on military duties. She is the type of person who could be found either saving or burning down an orphanage depending on her reasoning. Her view on the force is much darker than most of her clan but her duties to the clan keep her on the greyer scale of alignment. While the majority of her kind tend to shy away from darker emotions as it clouds the force, Kaliya faces the darker spectrum of the force equally considering it to be just as much a curse as a gift. She also relies more so on her martial skill and mundane tasks relying less on her sight than the full blooded of the tribe.

Their are many of their species even with the cross breeding that their families have experienced that hold the passions her family does. The Echani would say that their family has gained a certain taste for battle that comes from their Echani heritage. As such despite being relatively leveled headed, it is actually harder for Kaliya to turn down a fight from someone who she actually perceives as being a worthy of battle.

Catlike Balance: +2 : You have an innately perfect sense of balance. You are able to land on your feet from a fall almost every time.

Intolerance: – 3: Having seen women being treated unjustly through her life it is unlikely that she will be able to watch anything negative happen to a female.

Curiosity: –3 : Your natural curiosity is strong enough to override your common sense.

Silence: +1 : The character is able to move in complete silence.

Attractive: +3: At this level one has easy with using their attraction to control weaker willed people and can began to use it on the stronger willed. At this level they naturally attract the weaker willed however without effort.

Makings Of A Leader: +1: Your character has a great potential to lead but it is held back by something. If the character overcomes the thing that hold them back this merit turns into the Leader Merit.

Flashbacks: - 3: When under pressure and/or in the presence of something which reminds you of something unpleasant in your past, you flashback to that past event. Whilst in a flashback, everything to you is as it was then.

Code of Honor: (+1 pt)
You have a personal code of ethics to which you strictly adhere. Even when you are in frenzy, you will attempt to obey it. You can automatically resist most temptations that would bring you in conflict with your code.

Concentration: (+1pt)
You have the ability to focus your mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances.

Eidetic Memory: (+2pt)
You can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail.

Dark Fate (-5 pt.)

DROIDS: Seeker Droids x 3: Can scan blood and dna samples and utilize such information to determine species, to track and for light surveillance as well.


Kaliya was born to a tribe called the Tribe of Katarr. They were off the few refugees that were off-world when their homeworld was destroyed. As such they turned into a more nomadic species of near-humans, while some grew into pacisfism thinking themselves to be cursed to a meager existence in the galaxy others sought out other near-human races in an attempt of friendship and of mutual gain. Kaliya's ancestors found a world full of near humans who were known as the Echani.

As years past things went from hostile to peaceful as the two races butted heads at first before finally deciding to come together. The tribe of Katarr melding with the Echani Empire of the time. Together they taught each other of their customs and found themselves growing stronger as a whole, the Miralukan's had forgotten how important martial skill was while the Echani forgot that the force could also be a powerful ally. Many found themselves joining the two cultures which made mixed breed babies rather current for their time.

Only when the Echani decided the wanted to fight with the Republic once more versus the Sith Empire is when they decided to go their separate ways. Though having learned much from each other and wanting to continue such growth, the people of Katarr had their own only recently growing numbers to think about and as such they took for for the outer rims unbeknownst to them to the very heart of the war.

One of Kaliya's ancestors was captured and transformed into a slave of the dark side. It was with an Echani jedi's help that her ancestor was able to recover from the grip of the dark side. Later marrying said Jedi and begetting a child that would grow up to lead the tribe toward the thought of abandoned world of Mandalore.

The first few generations were quiet and prosperous as they began to finally expand. They conquered much territory until running into the Mandalorians who had only recently became aware of the small but growing tribe of people. This started a long civil war on Mandalore which ended up in the slavery of the remaining amount of their people on the world. Used as little more than breeding stock or manual laborers, the tribe began to adapt to Mandalorian lifestyle even teaching their youth the language as well.

This was during the age were the new Mandalorian Knights were hoping to be established to make their people better at eliminating other force sensitives and also to prove that a Mandalorian was better at all things. Her grandfather was the first of the slaves to rise above ranking of a slave and to be embraced into the Mandalorian culture. As such his entire family was freed and now considered Mandalorian, the force sensitives were looked upon with high expectations to become the future of the Mandalorian Knights.

And such expectations fell upon Kaliya, she was taught early to constantly attempt to better herself. This caused her to suffer when it came to social skills however as she focused almost entirely on her training and familial duties. During her growth she has experimented with both side of sexuality and as of now prefers neither over the other. However, one of her rank does not waste time with such trivial matters or so said her overbearing father. Who wasn't even her real father but simply that because her mother remarried after Dad died fighting in the Clone Wars as it was called.

Kaliya was brought up in rank majorily thanks to her prowess in the battle circle. It wasn't because she was some prodigy or anything like that but merely that she lived for battle whether win or loss. It was formed out a curiosity in truly how strong could she possibly become, she was sent on a few missions to capture various jedi and dark jedi alike under payment at times and on her taskmaster's will. She was forced to overcome the Mandalorian's men's expectation for her to be weak, some battles she won by causing a few Mandalorian men to go home without teeth and other times she simply proved herself to be as capable or more capable than a male.

Upon the completion of her training she was sent off on a journey within the wilds to discover her own code. She was allowed to bring only a blade and a few days rations on her journey, she traveled to the old tombs that lied on Dxun. It was here that she met her crucible shortly after landing did she meet a tribe of force sensitive children. They informed her their parents had been captured and detained by a small cult that roamed the old ruins hopefully for any relic that may allow to establish dominance in the galaxy.

Kaliya allied herself with the able fighters within the camp and they began to scout the encampment about 3 kilometers away. Their were a sizable amount of cult followers within the camp, but the more time they spent watching the more Kaliya learned about them. It seemed they submitted themselves to daily rituals that would temporarily drain them of their force strength. Plans were made and by nightfall the encampment was theirs and the parents majorly freed save for a few causalities.

However, what one would find out is that the ritual they performing not only summoned but empowered the creature it called. Early morning just after the sun peaked out is when the Rancor first attacked, Kaliya was woke up to stomach churning screams, she held nothing but twin vibroblades she looted off of the cultist during their previous onslaught. Kaliya urged everyone to run and that she would take care of the problem, Kaliya and the Rancor battled for hours until it reached a climax.

The Rancor loomed over a bloodied and weakened Kaliya, and prepared to swing down it's massive appendage to end her life. However, Kaliya would not allow it as she looked into the Rancor's eyes she allowed her hatred, and pain to overwhelm it's mind completely sending the Rancor staggering. Feeling the power of the force working through her she called the Rancor to her command, and to test it's loyalty she rode it back to camp showing the camp her mastery. They celebrated and awarded her with the hilt of the once hero now departed of their small clan which was a Rancor hilt lightsaber.

Kaliya stood outside of a catina called 'The Drunk Selkath' from what her intelligence told her target was inside. She didn't want to arouse suspicion of foul play so she would need to do this in a low key way. Kaliya was dressed in a dancers uniform as she approached the club. As she approached the front doors, the bouncer simply grunted at her before moving aside. The loud music could be heard from even outside of the cantina, and as she walked into the crowd she felt wandering hands swing her way.

She steeled her nerves so she would not end up slapping a man toothless in this club. As her eyes scanned the club she was the man, and noted his dark Serennoian skin texture. Her hazel eyes lit up as interest and barely suppressed sexual tension was released around the force, the sexual tension in the air would be even thicker than normal now. She slowly approached the VIP area immediately catching the one called Seth Murd's attention, she smiled coyly for a second as she spoke.

"It's so hard to see how attractive your are on this side of the rope." As she said this he signaled for his security to allow her into his section. As she walked her heels clattered against the pavement, and she sat down in his lap allowing his hands to roam a little. What brings one like you here? Perhaps a more upper scale club would be more your type? She smiled at his question before leaning in close to him with her hands now draping over his neck.

As she looked at him in the eyes the force worked over the man stunning him, she had been working it through his system from the moment they begun touching. At this point even words would be hard for him, she placed a poison pellet in her mouth and began to kiss him mainly to discreetly place the pellet. A side effect of the stun was the fact that his throat would swell which mean even if he did survive long enough through the stun without swallowing the pellet when his throat opened he would be killed either way.

She screamed loudly exclaiming that he was having a heart attack. The security ushered her out the way and began attempting to treat him, and as soon as she was forgotten she began to make her way out of the club.