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Approved Tech Kaliki'ad (Little Skewer)

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Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty


Intent: To create a personal weapon for Alkor.

Canon Link:

Primary Source:


Manufacturer: Alkor Centaris

Model: N/A

Affiliation: Alkor Centaris

Modularity: No.

Production: Unique.

Material: Mandalorian Iron, Carbon Fibers, Hide leather


Classification: Sword

Size: Average

Weight: Average


Mandalorian Iron and Carbon Fiber alloy creates a dense cellular structure while maintaining almost all of the benefits of the original Iron.

Beskad nature allows the weapon to double as both slashing and bashing.

Sleek, honed blade allows for a skilled combatant to cleave their way across a battlefield.


+Durable, dense, deft- Due to the Beskar and Carbon structure utilized in the construction of the blade, it is of a manageable and balanced weight, perfect for a skilled swordsman in close combat. Capable of swift and precise strikes, the curved edge is keen for deflecting and for arcing slashes. While it can be used for stabbing, its name is something of a misnomer- this is not the ideal way to strike with this weapon.

+Weighted blade: While lacking the agility inherent to a lightsaber, a beskad trades that fleety movement for superiority in the clench.

+Lightsaber Resistance: Because of the nature of both Mandalorian Iron and Carbon Fiber- specifically their astronomically high melting points- the trademark weapon of the Sith and Jedi do not have the same effect on this blade that they might on more traditional metals. Because of this, it can deflect or block blows from the weapon (but should not be relied on for that task, given a disadvantage in speed.)

+Still a Traditional Beskad: it can cut, but beskad'e are intended to be bashing weapons. It can be used against an armored opponent to cause blunt force trauma in lieu of the more directly lethal option.


-Beskar, by any other name: Despite a carbon enhanced composition, which allows for a much lighter Mandalorian Iron alloy while retaining its trademark "indestructible" traits, it is still heavier than the lightest of blades. This makes it less than ideal in close, unarmed combat with a lightsaber. Armor can offset some of the inherent dangers, of course.

-Ride the Lightning: Carbon Fibers carry with them a semiconductor nature; as they heat up, their resistance to current shifts from insulative to conductive. If exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time, the weapon carries with it the danger of electrocuting the wielder if exposed to a current.

-Upkeep: Routine maintenance is necessary to insure the integrity of the weapon. While it is made up of some of the best keeping material in the galaxy, every blade dulls over time, especially when it chips on armor or the edge is caked with blood. The owner must be sure to clean the weapon after use, and visits to the smithy to hone the edge are both necessary and costly.


In the past, Alkor dabbled in metallurgy at the behest of his dark Masters. Swordsmithing became a process of importance to the Force Adept due to a spike in non-lightsaber weapons in the fray, which while slower, gave a stronger opponent a different kind of edge. Thus did he learn to shape the lesser, more common metals in the galaxy into weapons to help offset some of that disadvantage.

As time went on and Alkor embraced the culture of the Mandalorians, shaping metal became less of a desired skill and more of a way of life. Armor required meticulous upkeep, and the ways of war in the galaxy were always evolving.

He adapted over time to the new, rigorous, and intense style of his people. Criticism over the composition and cultivation of blades helped him to forge a new weapon, one that incorporated both the traditions of the Mando'ade with the brutality that ever evolving combat necessitated. So was born Kaliki'ad- the Little Skewer.

Used in combat in tandem with his armor, it allows him to close the distance with even the most agile Forcie and stand toe-to-toe. Against an armored foe, he retains the ability to deal damage through their defenses by striking them with the blade like a hammer. The varied effects make this an invaluable all around weapon.
+Weighted blade: While lacking the agility inherent to a lightsaber, a beskad trades that fleety movement for superiority in the clench. A swordsman skilled with the blade can easily overwhelm an opponent with one of the weightless blades in a lock.
These typs of phrases are ones we like to avoid, as it deals with finites and pre-determined outcomes.

Let's rephrase this in a way that doesn't make it sound like this sword is always going to win against a lightsaber when locking blades. Better yet, omit the sentence completely - it won't detract from the point of the first sentence.

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