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Approved Tech Kalash Mk 74 (K74)

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Intent: To create the logical next step in the Kalash weapon family's development.
Development Thread: N/A
Vulcan Industries.
Anyone else who wants to produce this weapon or variants of it

Model: Blaster Rifle
Affiliation: Various
Modularity: Yes
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Predominantly durasteel, with fiberplast, duranium, and alusteel parts where usable.
Subach-Innes was one of the many companies to produce the K47 in its various forms and derivatives, but the company realized that the base design of the weapon could be made more efficient. Thus, a heavy deal of reengineering went into the development of the Kalash Mk 74, the latest derivative of the weapon designed for predominantly jungle and city warfare.

In comparison to its K47 forebearer, the K74 does share some parts compatibility, though not all. Predominantly, power packs developed for the former cannot be used on the latter without an adapter, and vice versa. Still utilizing predominantly mechanical action, many of the smaller parts requiring less strength have been made of cast alusteel, and the stock, grip, foregrip, and scope mount have all been made of cheap, injection molded fiberplast. The barrel has been made of cast duranium(a bit longer for more accuracy), but the casing(and many of the larger parts) are still made of durasteel. The result is a somewhat significant decrease in weight and cost, though some parts will wear down a bit sooner in comparison to the K47.

In comparison to the K47, the K74's blast is somewhat weaker, only a tad above the average strength of a blaster rifle. It does, however, have a superior fire rate, and does not produce as much recoil, increasing overall accuracy at a cost of punching power. The power packs utilized by the K74 and its derivative models where designed with the weaker blast in mind, and as such, said magazines have increased capacity compared to the K47.

The K74 has, similar to its forebearer, been shoved into mass-production. The primary version produced by Subach-Innes is the Assault variant(the A-K74), but other variants will most likely be produced by other companies, or Subach itself. A simple stockless variant (Assault Stockless, the AS-K74) is available as well.

Classification: Blaster
Size: Handheld
Status: Limited (Restrictions Apply)
5.0kg(approximately for A-K47)
4.5kg(approximately for AS-K47)
Ammunition Type: Power cell
Ammunition Capacity:
300 round box magazine
400 round box magazine

Effective Range:

350m (Semi-auto)
300m (Full auto)

200m (Semi-auto)
150m (Full auto)
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