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Approved Tech Kaine's Cortosis Gauntlets

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[Credit goes to akagii2004 @ DeviantArt]​
Intent: To award Kaine with new armor after his crushing defeat at the hands of Diana Moridena
Development Thread: Liberation of Dac (Kaine's defeat and capture at the hands of Diana Moridena)
(( [SIZE=10pt]Objective[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]: Perform a mining operation, a raid, an excavation, or steal to obtain cortosis ore from any of the following planets: Apatros, Obredaan[/SIZE], Katanos VII, Duro, Bal’demnic, or Bespin [SIZE=10pt]–OR—[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]suffer a devastating defeat at the hands of a Force User Character written by another writer.[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] ))[/SIZE]

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Productions
Model: Cortosis Gauntlets
Affiliation: Independent (Kaine)
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Cortosis

Description: After Kaine's devastating defeat and capture at the hands of Jedi Master, Diana Moridena, and following his rescue at the hands of the One Sith, Kaine decided to create a pair of gauntlets able to counter a lightsaber. To this end he allied with Iron Crown Productions, who provided the material needed to create such gauntlets. Cortosis! They worked endlessly to please the wealthy Sith Lord, and when they had finished the construction of the gauntlets, Kaine was pleased. They were truly up to his standard, wicked and brutal, based upon the design of Moridin's Sith Gauntlet, which had been destroyed by Diana in the same battle that ended in his defeat.

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 1kg
Quality: 7
Other Feature(s): Resistant to lightsaber blows, and can deactivate the blade of a lightsaber on contact with the metal.

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@[member="Darth Vornskr"] quality of ten meaning heavy armor cortosis? you'd need to up the weight but if your goal is just to short out sabers you don't need nearly that high of a level of armor and given cortosis is a bit brittle it may make more sense up to you though
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