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Kaida Taldir

Kaida Taldir

Ice Lady
Kaida Taldir
Name: Kaida Taldir
Faction: Kaeshana Confederation
Rank: Spellweaver. Captain in the Angelii
Species: Eldorai
Age: 50 - the age when Eldorai are considered fully mature
Gender: Female
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark blonde
Skin: Pale
Force Sensitive: Yes


  • During her time in the Angelii Kaida has received extensive combat training with melee and ranged weapons and is quite capable of holding her own. She is also a fast learner and capable of thinking on her feet.

  • All force-sensitive Eldorai, or Sciians as they call themselves, are gifted in harnessing a specific element for their power. In Kaida’s case her Force powers manifest themselves in the ability to utilise elemental ice and water. In theory she can freeze people and equipment such as engines, though this is a difficult process that requires a great deal of focus, summon ice and manipulate existing water, meaning she might be able to summon waves if say fighting close to a river. Using her powers to make the temperature drop and manipulate the water molecules in the air to create sharp needles of ice out of thin air comes easy to her. She could theoretically, with sufficient concentration and if undisturbed, freeze someone's blood or drain the heat from someone and cause them to hemorrhage, though that is not a power easily used. She has spent many years honing her powers of cryokinesis, though other skills have suffered as a consequence.

  • By and large Kaida is a learned and curious individual. The prospect of a larger Galaxy that until recently was hidden from the gaze of the Eldorai fascinates and intrigues her. She could often be seen in the Foreign Quarter of Santaissa, a special district where foreign merchants congregate and sell their wares. Aside from an interest in Eldorai and galactic history, she is also interested in starships, technology that is far more advanced than what the Eldorai possessed when she was a child. She is interested in knowing how these advanced, hyperdrive-possessing vessels work.

  • Both physically and morally, Kaida is a brave individual. She is not afraid to risk her life for things she cares about and is a rather optimistic person. Her older sister Lavina is the person she loves most and she is very loyal to her. Despite her issues with the regime she is patriotic and very loyal to Kaeshana. Getting her to turn on her people would be very difficult to accomplish. In a way she looks up to Queen Tirathana VII - Anya Venari.


  • As with all Eldorai, Kaida is physically weaker and less tough than humans, meaning she breaks easier under physical pressure and has an increased metabolism, meaning she requires more calories than the average human.

  • Despite her curiosity about the Galaxy and fascination with foreign technology, in many ways Kaida is still wedded to the notion of Eldorai superiority and due to this deeply racist. She realises that the foreigners possess superior technology and that they have braved the stars while the Eldorai were limited to one world, but in her eyes her people are still the superior and purer race. This manifests in an unconscious racism that she takes as being normal as gravity without thinking about it. She is also rather sexist, so the idea of men being equal to women would strike her as utterly ridiculous. Her stance is that the Eldorai must catch up with the rest of the Galaxy by modernising; however without bowing down and accepting that foreigners are superior.

  • Her thirst for knowledge can easily become a weakness as well, especially combined with the fact that she is still quite naïve about the larger Galaxy and the fact that she might be more confident in her powers than reality might merit. She could wind up dangerous situations because she did not assess them properly.

  • Kaida was big on theory and combat training, but before departing from Kaeshana and joining Omega Pyre she had no actual combat experience, which is where true warriors are made or broken. This was unlike her older sister, Lavina, who had faced pirates. Kaida had been raised on the stories of the martial prowess of the Angelii. Combined with the example of a sister, she had been endowed with a desire to prove herself. Her lack of genuine experience also made her naïve, since she hasn’t yet realised how gruelling war can be. Thrown into battles such as Sluis Van the brutal meat grinder that was Gehenna, she was soon hardened. Deep down she is scarred by Gehenna, where she almost died when Siobhan tore down the mountain lair of the Bando Gora, and bears a grudge against the former Exarch due to several comrades dying.

  • Kaida tends to be rather snarky and sarcastic, sometimes more than is good for her. She can be jealous of those better off than she is and bears a strong dislike of the Eldorai nobles on Kaeshana, believing they've held her people back. She knows the truth of her people's origins yet, due to necessity, has become complicit in covering up the truth. She understands the necessity, but resents it.

  • Ice is more a support than an offensive power, electrocuting or roasting an opponent is far easier. While with growing power Kaida could be able to summon snowstorms or create floods, if say fighting near water, such actions require a great deal of focus, which can be difficult to achieve in the heat of battle. Moreover, her powers are dependent on environmental factors. It is obviously far easier to use her powers productively on a snow planet like Hoth than on the desert world of Tatooine.

  • Though not helpless without her powers and a good shot, she is not that great as a melee combatant.

Gear she possesses:
  • Single bladed, yellow lightsabre
  • Sarix
  • Taegis shield
  • Sarzmigar
  • MKI bolter
  • Blaster pistol
  • Anti-Force User Grenades
  • Cusaeris Armour
  • Mk II Omnicron Tactical Assault Armour
  • Ultrachrome stormtrooper armour (courtesy of a Rebel raid Siobhan participated in)

Kaida Taldir was born in a family of lower caste Eldorai, though they were not mere commoners. Her family lived in the city of Naldasa, a minor town about 100km from the capital city of Santaissa, the city most open to foreigners. Both her parents worked in the local administration, but while her mother Diya had a good job as chief of accountancy, her father had the less significant position of data entry clerk in the department of master data maintenance.

Kaida was born shortly after her elder sister Lavina started school and the two were quite close during their childhood. This was a period of great changes and upheavals for the people of Kaeshana, who had for millennia lived in splendid isolation, secure in the belief that they were the only intelligent and most developed race in the Galaxy. The Plague and the Four Hundred Year Darkness had been conducive to such notions, but now outsiders were finally finding their way back to Kaeshana. Some came as merchants, eager to trade their goods, with the resultant culture shock that they possessed superior technology, but others came as pirates and raiders, eager to murder, pillage and enslave. However, at this stage the Taldirs saw very little of foreigners. For one the monarchy was eager to keep them at arm’s lengths, though it eager to adapt their tech to its own use to strengthen the kingdom. Moreover, most foreigners congregated in Santaissa and the Taldirs were more focused on their own survival.

Much like Lavina Kaida was in a rather traditional system of education, learning how to read and write from a male servant – having one was a way for the monarchy to make all Eldorai women feel united in their superiority despite the fact that there were strong class barriers – and later beginning junior schooling at the age of ten. As a student Kaida was quite gifted, one could say precocious, though her bossiness and due to her having a bit of a know-it-all attitude did not exactly make her win popularity contests. Her powers first manifested at the age of sixteen when Naldasa was hit by a flood.

Kaida, who could not swim, watched her parents get swept away by the tide and was caught in it. Seemingly helpless and in an act of desperation she unconsciously drew on the power inherent to her and froze the water in front of her to create an ice floe and subsequently managed to crawl onto it, effectively floating on the water for several hours before she was picked up by a rescue team that had been searching for survivors on a ship. Lavina arrived too late, but took Kaida to the Academy as they were two members of the family left.

As the dictates of fate or perhaps changed would have it, this event would lead to a profound change in Kaida's life. Force-users were highly valued in Eldorai society. Indeed, being able to harness these powers was the best way for lower class elves to rise up in rank. However, control and use of the Force was highly regulated by the government, which was mindful of how dangerous uncontrolled force-users could be. In this way Kaida was no different from other Sciians, or force-users, and quickly found herself taken away from her school by official edict and enrolled in a government academy meant to train Sciians and make use of them. She was shaken by this tragedy, feeling isolated and lost in the government school. For a certain period of time she was resentful and not a particularly good student and as such risked disciplinary action because she seemed reluctant to use her power.

However, eventually she drew strength from the tragedy, using it as a spur to become as good as she could be in her studies. Once Kaida was brought to the ‘Academy of Four Powers’, she also got a stronger bond with Lavina, who took a bit of a protective role in regards to her. At age thirty she joined the Angelii Istrai, the young angels, and underwent training in the use of weapons and how to use her powers for combat purposes, specifically a support role, and she displayed great enthusiasm at her training. However, her training in the Young Angels was not without its share of trouble.

Kaida had a habit of frequenting the Foreign Quarter, even though the trainers at the academy tried to keep the sorcerous soldiers in training on the straight and narrow of Eldorai orthodoxy, along with a few friends she had acquired. Alas, tensions between foreigners and natives often tended to boil over. Rather ironically, given her xenophobic views, Kaida ended up in a public brawl with members from the Nebula Front, zealots who believed the Eldorai people were being morally corrupted by contact with ‘foreign devils’, especially ‘human monkeigh’, and the import of foreign holomovies and music. She wounded one of them severely though not fatally with ice shards before the fight was broken up by palace guards. Needless to say this was a bit of an embarrassment, especially since some elven aristos covertly backed the Nebula Front, and as a consequence she was put back a class. Later after becoming a full Angelii she started her tour of duty at a remote garrison in a mountainous region.

Much to her disappointment, she did not get the chance to face actual combat against the ravenous groups of pirates and slavers that dared to attack the chosen people. Over the years she rose to the rank of Wing Leader, the Eldorai equivalent of Corporal. She quickly picked up a knowledge of Basic as more and more outsiders came to Kaeshana, bringing foreign tech and in some cases foreign ideas with them, as dangerous as those could be.

She did some voluntary work in the palace archives in her off-duty hours, taking an interest in the tale of Malya Hendilan, one of very few Eldorai to leave Kaeshana and become Jedi Knights and, as far as the elves knew, the thief who had stolen the Ardithae Codex, perhaps the most sacred of tomes the elves possessed.
Alas, her rather low rank kept her from interacting with foreigners at length, aside from at times performing guard duties when visitors arrived.

Her life underwent a profound change when Jedi Master Phylis Alince and Omega Colonel Siobhan Kerrigan travelled to Kaeshana in search of the Codex and Lavina wound up getting embroiled in what could be called the Codex Conspiracy. When Lavina decided to go with the offworlders and see the stars, after little hesitation Kaida decided to come with her. Time will tell whether this was a decision for good or ill...


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