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Approved Planet Jyzuth

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  • Planet Name: Officially ZXK-100347.4 | Jyzuth by the Togruta colonists
  • Demonym: Jyzuthites
  • Region: Outer Rim Territories
  • System Name: ZXK-100347
  • System Features: Six uninhabitable planets the third and forth having two uninhabitable satellites and the second, fifth and sixth having a single satellite.
  • Location: “Southern” portion of the hex containing Tosste
  • Major Imports: Officially none - population is a marooned Togruta colony and completely self contained.
  • Major Exports: Officially none - population is a marooned Togruta colony and completely self contained.
  • Unexploited Resources: Unknown ore deposits
  • Gravity: Slightly below Standard
  • Climate: Arid
  • Primary Terrain: Barren Rocky flatlands
  • Atmosphere: Type IV
  • Capital City: Veshlanil
  • Planetary Features: The planet is naturally barren and uninhabitable. The only notable features are present due to transport disasters.
  • Major Locations:
    • Colony Ship Veshlanil - A Togruta colony ship sent in the year 835 ABY to find a new center for Togrutan influence. It crashed on the uninhabited planet when it crossed something while in hyperspace. After the crash landing many of the life sustaining systems were able to be recovered under the guidance of the colony’s leader Jyzuth. Since then the ship has become a self-contained “city”. The hyperspace incident that caused the crash rendered the engine systems and external antennae required for extra-planetary communication permanently damaged, thus marooning the colonists.
    • Jedi Archive ship - Long before the colony ship Veshlanil, during the High Republic Era a small group of Jedi were tasked with establishing a new archive in the Outer Rim. The ship crashed killing all Jedi. The Archives, a collection of novice training holos, is still active and has since been accessed by a curious Raah Myfey Raah Myfey . Along with the training holos there was also an ancient Sith holocron on the ship.

  • Native Species: None
  • Immigrated Species: Togruta
  • Population: Sparse - Approximately 100,000
  • Demographics: 100% Togruta
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic, Togruti
  • Culture: Imported Togruta culture
  • Government: Officially Tribal Council, Raah Myfey manipulates the council and claims the title Regasa in private with her most loyal supporters.
  • Affiliation: Independent
  • Wealth: Low The colonists can only maintain what technology they brought with them, they grow plants and keep livestock in small quantities due to lack of space available inside the colony ship. No life is lived outside of the colony ship.
  • Stability: High. Jyzuth is a tight community of Togruta tribes. Should outsiders visit they would be welcomed with open arms.
  • Freedom & Oppression: The population believed they lived free lives within the colony ship. Raah manipulates things from the shadows, but generally allows the people freedom.
  • Military: Simple militia
  • Technology: Three generations old Galactic Standard
System ZXK-100347 has been charted by Galactic cartographers for some time. With no habitable planets the system has been widely ignored. Sometime during the High Republic Era a small group of Jedi intending to establish a new Jedi training facility in this area of the galaxy was lost on the planet. They were not tracked and quickly forgotten, chalked up to victims of the unseen dangers of hyperspace travel. As the data that they carried was not believed to be important or a threat the mission was written off and never investigated.

In 835 ABY another ship passed through the system in hyperspace. The Togrutan colony ship suffered the same fate as the Jedi and they crash landed on the planet. Though their ability to leave or contact anyone outside of the system was destroyed, the colony was able to repair the ship to the degree that they could build a small community and maintain their numbers over a three generation span.
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Raah Myfey Raah Myfey

Hi! I have a couple of quick notes before we get your planet approved.

Your High Republic Era link doesn't seem to work, you might want to fix or remove that.

System Features: Multiple uninhabitable planets with equally uninhabitable satellites.
I'd like you to be more specific here. How many are we talking? This would be good to get cleared out here to avoid writers contradicting each other in the future.

You mention that this planet has type IV atmosphere. This type of atmosphere is said to "cause immediate incapacitation or death in most species of the galaxy". This is fine, of course, but can be easily missed at a glance. Since you mention that they grow plants and keep livestock, I'd like you to just clarify somewhere that all life is contained within the colony ship, as the planet's atmosphere is lethal. You can add this where you talk about farming or under historical information. It doesn't have to be more than a sentence, but I think clarifying this would help with ease of use for other writers and nip any misunderstandings in the bud :)

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