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Jyn Sol

Become the Crisis

NAME: Jyn Sol
FACTION: The Galactic Imperium
RANK: Apprentice
AGE: Ten
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: Fifty Inches
WEIGHT: Sixty-Eight Pounds
EYES: Purple
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Pale
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes; Conflicted Bogan-Ashla


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Head Strong: Jyn does not give into external pressure, she knows what path she wants to walk in life, even if at present she has no way to follow it.

- This often leads Jyn to be in trouble with those around her.
+ Inner Light: While raised in brutal surroundings, Jyn adheres more to the Light than she does the Dark, and it has proved to be an invaluable ally.
- Tormented Past: Due to the struggles she faced throughout her life, Jyn's mental stability is questionable.
+ Strong of Mind: Despite this, Jyn is strong of mind, even if she does not outwardly seem that way, which is what enables her to fight her corner.
- Weak of Body: Jyn suffers from poor constitution due to unhealed physical damage in her past, such as unfixed bones.


Jyn Sol was born and raised amongst Sith, her Father a prominent individual within the non-Force Sensitive military regime. When her Force Sensitivity was discovered tutors were immediately dispatched to begin her training under her proud Father's watchful gaze, however even at such a young age Jyn was reluctant to learn their ways, deeming them too harsh and brutal, especially when they involved the suffering of another. The reason for this was that Jyn was a natural Empath, and when she or another dealt damage to other individuals she felt it, she knew the suffering it caused. Rather than harnessing it for her own strength Jyn avoided it at all cost, and slowly but surely she lost favour with her Father. In the end he sent her away to the Sith Academy, following numerous beatings which left her body fragile, in the hopes that it would toughen her up, manipulate and brainwash her train of thought and ultimately make her into a tool for the Empire. But even at the Academy she could not be tamed, even when they found out about her Empathy and began to use it against her. But the Sith would not give up so easily...

Jyn escaped the Academy once, for a short time, but was inevitably found. During that time she rescued a baby Fat monkey and when they dragged her back to the Academy, kicking and screaming, she hid the monkey and brought it with her. To this day Jyn still has the monkey, known as Fuz, hidden away and as of yet unfound. It is her sole companion, friend even, aside from her equally-secret inner light. One day, I will leave the Darkness and join the Light. But when, Jyn does not know...

In truth she didn't have to know, for her salvation presented itself. Rescued from the cruel ways of the Sith, Jyn was taken by Tirdarius, to study under him, and thus she was brought away from the Empire and into the Galactic Imperium.

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