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Jy Din Lorr

Jy Din Lorr


NAME: Jy Din Lorr, aka Wrrltatha (Shyriiwook, literally "Stealthy Claw")
SPECIES: Human (Corellian), but see below
AGE: 19
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 117lbs
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Brown, unless dyed
SKIN: Pale


+ Amazing pilot. Seriously, just amazing. Go ahead, ask her. That time she scraped the building was because there was an earthquake and the building just moved. and the time she landed hard on the platform and broke two of the landing struts was because she was being shot at and they hit the ship. While she was landing it. During a hail storm.

+ Crazy lucky, an unconscious result of being strong in the Force. This isn't something she's necessarily aware of and can't actually take advantage of it, but her luck appears when and as needed, and has never failed her unless she's tried to use it for her own personal benefit.
+ Really good cook. That's what happens when you're raised by people with big appetites.
+ Very strong at hand-to-hand and found weapon combat
+ Fluent at speaking Shyriiwook
- Can't hold her liquor, doesn't stop her from trying
- Tiny bladder. If there's a need for hurry, she probably has to pee.
- Prejudiced against Mon Calamari and Gungans. She just is.
- Holds a grudge and will get revenge. If she thinks you're out to get her she might even get prevenge
- Raised by Wookiees. Doesn't have time for your niceties.
- Still learning the finer points of Basic

Jy Din Lorr is a tall drink of water. Athletic, graceful and toned from years of living in trees and sparring with beings much larger than herself, her hair is rarely combed, and she often finds herself with strange marks and stains upon her skin and clothes.

Jy Din Lorr's ship crash landed on a remote part Kashyyyk when she was only 3 months old. Her parents, Gev and Sri Hom, quickly realized that living on the ground would doom them all, so they disassembled their wrecked craft and built a shelter in the trees.

Unfortunately for Jy Din, three days later they were both killed by a ravenous pack of minstyngar, leaving Jyn Din an orphan, and likely soon to die herself from either hunger, thirst, the element, or the savage Kashyyyk fauna.

Fortunately for her, her cries of hunger were overheard by Attianta, a female Wookiee who had been sent with several others to investigate the crashed ship. Finding the baby in the shelter, and having just given birth to a daughter of her own, the Wookiee gathered the girl up and took her home.

Finding only an encrypted data pad and several holos of the baby and two other Humans she assumed were the baby's parents within the surviving wreckage of the ship, Attianta decided to adopt Jy Din herself. giving her the Wookiee name Wrrltatha.

It was as the girl grew that she developed an interest in and then love of flying, taking to the stars with her adopted father Lowlanna on his shipping runs (the family created and sold high-end furniture for well-to-do clients, governments, museums, and art houses). Showing a natural inclination, Jy Din mastered first her father's transport, then one of the smaller fighter craft that had been refit after one of the myriad confrontations that took place on and over Kashyyyk.






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