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  1. Vyrien Paskal

    Character Vyrien Paskal

    Artist Credit: Susan Flint IDENTITY -I| NAME |I- Vyrien Qorath Paskal -I| CALLSIGN |I- Ghost -I| OTHER ALIASES |I- Vyr -I| TITLE(S) |I- N/A -I| HOMEWORLD |I- Arkania -I| SEXUALITY |I- Bisexual -I| GENDER |I- Male -I| MARITAL STATUS |I- Single -I| FORCE SENSITIVE |I- No -I|...
  2. "Hawk" Francis Morlay

    Character Francis Morley "Hawk"

    NAME: Francis Morley "Hawk" FACTION: TTS and Confederacy of Independent Systems RANK: CEO of Tatooine Transport and Security / TTS SPECIES: Human AGE: 24 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 183cm EYES: blue HAIR: brown SKIN: pale FORCE SENSITIVE: no GEAR Armor: phase-2 clone pilot armor (modified)...
  3. Ariajai Chalaz

    Character Ariajai Chalaz

  4. Khan Morren

    Character Khan Morren

    Khan Morren - Mechanic and Pilot NAME: Khan Morren FACTION: Independent RANK: Pilot of The Camilla SPECIES: Human AGE: 22 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5 foot 11 inches WEIGHT: 175 lbs EYES: Green HAIR: three or so inches long on top, combed backward in a relaxed way. SKIN: Caucasian...
  5. P

    Character Petir Sant

    Delete me
  6. Corellian Confederation

    Corellian Confederation

    THE CORELLIAN CONFEDERATION "Between war and peace, no being should just consider the former. No being must jeopardize the latter. Now, we - those alone in the void - come together once more. We unite our stars, our waters and our lands. Under Corellia we protect our peace. Under Corellia we...
  7. Aazena Ban

    Character Aazena Ban

    NAME: Aazena Ban FACTION: The Warlords of the Sith | The Errant Fleet RANK: Sith Knight | Starfighter Ace SPECIES: Twi'lek SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’8 WEIGHT: 120 Pounds EYES: Violet SKIN: Violet FORCE SENSITIVITY: Yes | Dark Side Attuned VOICE CLAIM APPEARANCE: STRENGTHS Starfighter...
  8. Arcann Solo

    Character Arcann Solo

    ARCANN SOLO Face Claim: Tye Sheridan NAME: Arcann Solo FACTION: Galactic Alliance RANK: Captain SPECIES: Human AGE: 19 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'8 WEIGHT: Fit EYES: Grey HAIR: Brown SKIN: White FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, Skywalker Level STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses...
  9. Kayla Luspark

    Character Kayla Luspark

    ((NOTE: This is a work in progress)) Lieutenant Kayla Luspark NAME: Kayla Luspark ALIAS: Red 5, "Sparky", FACTION: Galactic Alliance | Silver Jedi Conclave RANK: Lieutenant BIOMETRIC DATA SPECIES: Human (Corellian) AGE: 27 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5' 7" (1.7m) WEIGHT: 165 lbs (74.8kg) EYES...
  10. Chasianna

    Character Chasianna

    TITLE INFORMATION Name: Chasianna Affiliation: New Imperial Order Service Branch: New Imperial Starfighter Corps MOS: Starfighter Pilot Imperial Code Designation: NX-2121 Rank: Second Lieutenant BASIC INFORMATION Species: Zeltron Chronological Age: 2 GSY Mental and Physical Age: ~18-19 GSY Sex...
  11. O

    Character Orssos-brel, the Coruscanti Flyboy - New Imperial Order

    2nd Lieutenant Orssos-brel Callsign - Bursa “The Miracle of the House of Brandenburg had come to pass.” [BIOGRAPHY WIP] - Born and raised on the lower levels of Coruscant - - Family were long term Imperial patriots - - Early work as a transport driver - [BIO END] Faction - The New...
  12. Ru Comet

    Character Ru Comet

    NAME: Ru Comet FACTION: - RANK: Star Pilot SPECIES: Human AGE: Mid 20s SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'8 WEIGHT: 150 EYES: Orange (cybernetic implants) HAIR: White (dyed) SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : Luck: Ru Comet is lucky. It isn't magic...
  13. N

    Character Nica Dakkar

    General Information: Name: Nica Dakkar Alias(es): Lady Luck Age: Mid-Twenties Gender: Female Height: 1.72 metres Build: Slender Species: Human Affiliation: The Sith Empire Rank: Auspex (Wing Commander) Social Information: Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Personality: Boisterous, Confident...
  14. Rik Perris

    Character Andrik Orin Perris

    Andrik Perris Social Information Name Andrik Orin Perris Alias(es) Rik Title(s) N/A Homeworld Corellia Sexuality Heterosexual Gender Masculine Marital Status Single Force Sensitive Yes Force Rank Jedi Padawan Force Alignment Light Physical Information Species Human Age 19 Sex Male...
  15. Syrena Kothari

    Character Syrena Kothari

    Syrena Kothari TriviaNAME: Syrena Elerin Kothari FACTION: The Republic RANK: Jedi Padawan | Pilot MARITAL STATUS: Single SPECIES: Human AGE: Eighteen SEX: Female SEXUALITY: Bisexual HEIGHT: 160 cm/5 ft 3 in WEIGHT: 53.9 kg/119 pounds EYES: Emerald Green HAIR: Auburn Brown SKIN: Pale FORCE...
  16. Kylani Kelburn

    Character Kylani Vatari "KayVee" Kelburn

    Kylani Vatari "KayVee" Kelburn NAME: Kylani Vatari Kelburn; AKA KayVee or Lani Vatar FACTION: Eclipse Rebels RANK: Slicer, engineer, pilot and rebel SPECIES: Kiffar AGE: Twenty six SEX: Female with very open preference HEIGHT: Five feet and six inches WEIGHT: One hundred and fifty...
  17. Desbre Gensan

    Character Desbre Gensan

    DESBRE GENSAN Biometric Data BIOMETRIC DATA SPECIES: Arkanian Offshoot AGE: 25 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'6" (1.67 meters) WEIGHT: 155 lbs (70.3 kilos) EYES: Silver/Gray HAIR: Platinum white, long, often with a slight wave to it SKIN: Pale/light/fair FORCE SENSITIVE: Very sensitive/strong...
  18. Hira Ralshad

    Character Ieyasu Sakai

    IEYASU SAKAI FACTION: First Order RANK: Squadron Leader SPECIES: Human (Atrisian) AGE: 36 GSY GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 1.73 Meters WEIGHT: 62.6 kg HAIR: Black EYES: Brown SKIN: Lightly tanned FORCE SENSITIVITY: No HOME: Atrisia PLAYBY: -Hiroyuki Sanada (Face) -Paul Nakauchi(voice)...
  19. Tik Tik

    Character Tik Tik

    Basic Information Name: Tik Tik Alias: Echo 1 Force Alignment: Neutral Force Rank: Sensitive Species: Chadra-Fan Race Designation: Type 1 Humanoid Age: 17 Height: 1 Meter Weight: 60lbs Build: Slender Eye Color: Black Hair Color: Brown Skin Pigmentation: Pink Force Sensitive: Yes Faction...