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Approved Location Junklord's Den

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Renegade Rodian

  • City Name: Junklord's Den
  • Classification: Urban Center(Population of around 15 to 20 thousand)
  • Location: Raxus Prime
  • Affiliation: Rodian Junk Cartel, Helix Syndicate
  • Demographics: 86% Rodian, 4% Jawa, 10% Other
  • Wealth: Low. Virtually everyone living in Junklord's Den works for the Rodian Junk Cartel - an organization not really known for its high salaries. Most people are paid in food, equipment, and bacta. There's very little money in Junklord's Den, and what few credits get dolled out usually go to contractors working in the Den as opposed to for it.
  • Stability: Medium. Limbio Roosh and his Busters keep a tight reign on things here in the Den. Anyone caught causing too much trouble is typically thrown out of the Den and back into the wastes of Raxus Prime until they learn how to behave themselves. That said, they also tend to turn a blind eye to activities that don't put a hamper on production levels. If you get mugged visiting Junklord's Den, go cry to someone else.
  • Description: One of the largest permanent settlements on Raxus Prime, Junklord's Den can give most hives of scum and villainy a run for their money. It is essentially a large slum divided into four quarters. As with anywhere else on Raxus Prime, the place is essentially a garbage dump. Hygiene is low, the stench is awful, and the living is cramped. If any of the people living there could, they'd leave. But they can't, so they make the best of it.
  • Slave Quarter: The slave quarter is easily the most miserable place in the Den. This is where slaves go to languish in squalor when they are not being worked to the bone by Scabs. It does not have much in the way of housing, though the slaves have taken it on themselves to construct basic camps for them to sleep and live in. They make the most of what they have... Which is, generally speaking, nothing.
  • Rodian Quarter: This is where most of the population of Junklord's Den lives and is by far the densest of the four quarters. Tightly packed shacks of scrap metal compete for space. As you can imagine, the Den does not have much in the way of zoning. Homes, shops, restaurants, and what have you are erected in arbitrary locations all around the Rodian Quarter. It's not a nice neighborhood in any aspect, but it's better here than out in the wastes. Or in the slave quarter.
    Shredder's Bar & Grill: This abandoned shack is known only by the sign that hangs in front of it. The door is securely locked at all times. Shredder's Bar and Grill was the topic of discussion in the Den for only a brief period of time, then everyone forgot about it. This building is in fact used as a hideout for informants in the Helix Syndicate sent to keep tabs on the activities of the Junk Cartel.
  • Fighting Pit: The fighting pit is a small gladiator arena where Rodians may attempt to amuse themselves by hosting matches. These are generally not to the death, but more than a few people have died in the pit. The pit is also used as a general meeting area for several of the Cartel's divisions, as it allows them to hold and address a large number of people at once. Occasionally tournaments are held, and other times unruly slaves are made to participate.
  • Water Purifier: The water purifier was erected by the Helix Syndicate, and is what allows for Junklord's Den to maintain its population size. It collects the toxic rain that occasionally falls from Raxus Prime's skies and purifies it into something drinkable. Scabs will occasionally return from salvage missions with barrels of polluted water, only to dump it into the purifier so they have something to drink.

[*]Industrial Quarter: The industrial quarter is constantly choked with smog and abuzz with the miserable half-life of industry. Huge molecular furnaces melt down salvaged metal and transform it into usable materials. Workhouses where electronics are broken down and salvaged also dot the industrial quarter.
  • Power Plant: Helpfully constructed by the Helix Syndicate, this rudimentary facility gives the industrial quarter the energy it needs to function. Due to flouting of safety measures, it could very easily explode if something were to go wrong. This is why the Syndicate operates it personally, and a small force of its battle droids are present to guard it.

[*]Storage Quarter: Although mostly for storage, the biggest Bosses and a garrison of the Cartel's Busters have their homes here. It's arguably the safest and cleanest place in the Den (aside from the Underpalace), seeing as how closely it's kept under guard. This quarter is mostly filled with small warehouses, armories, and workshops. There's one "office" where the Bosses keep track of supplies. This way they can make sure
  • Spaceport: This facility is a poorly constructed excuse for a spaceport, but it gets the job done. It's a circular facility, albeit the walls are falling over in most places and there's really no infrastructure to speak of. Legends say it was built as a temporary landing facility during the reign of Palpatine's Empire, but who can really say? It gets the job done well enough despite its lack of amenities, seeing as there are designated spaces for shuttles and freighters to take off and land.

[*]The Underpalace: Buried under Junklord's Den is a mostly intact Providence-Class Carrier, dating back to the time of the Clone Wars. The entrance to the Underpalace is a closely guarded secret, known only to Limbio Roosh, his captains, and some of the Busters and Bosses - usually the most loyal. The derelict interior is used mostly as a place to store the treasures and personal effects of the Cartel's leadership. Only certain areas of the ship are accessible, most of it being filled with debris. The bridge remains intact, however, and has been converted into a sort of throne room for Limbio.

Junklord's Den is a relatively recent fixture in Raxus Prime's history. Originally the Rodian Junk Cartel operated only out of the so-called Underpalace, but outside investment and the addition of vital infrastructure (a power plant and water purifier, namely) allowed a more cohesive settlement to pop up. First came the Rodian Quarter. Then as the Cartel acquired more and more materials, the the Industrial Quarter and Storage Quarter were added.

For a Rodian member of the Cartel with enough leadership experience and technical skill to become a Boss - and live in the Storage Quarter - Junklord's Den is a decent place to live. For everyone else, it's hell. It's basically a garbage dump, after all.
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