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Junk Yard Dogs (Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries Welcome)


I'm Sexy and I Know It
Popo sat in his newly built office on Raxus Prime, waiting for news. He'd recently managed to wiggle his way to the junkyard planet with the Tenloss Corporation and had been approved to set up shop. The plans were in motion, a small outpost built, and construction crews were on the way with machinery and supplies to slap a recycling center and factory on the planet.

There was just one, little, snag in the whole deal. Junk Droids. They were everywhere in the area and made things dangerous for the construction and engineering crews. They had to be removed, but Popo couldn't spare security or military resources from anywhere in the Corporation without spreading too thin. He also couldn't rely on the Sith forces to help him out here as they had enough issues going on with holding their borders. It was a bleak situation that threatened his Corporation's activities on the planet. However, Popo had a plan.

He'd put out word throughout the galactic underworld to the various bounty hunters, mercenaries, and guns for hire that Popo was offering work. Specifically, bounties. Good bounties. Five thousand credit bounties on ever Junk Droid brought in or Junk Droid brain recovered from the immediate area. So far, a few nameless individuals had trickled in and had started making headway. So far, a small pile of dead droids, droid brains, and spare parts was growing in size within the tiny compound. Popo, however, was hoping to speed things along. Thankfully, a new influx of trigger pullers and sell-swords was inbound on a Tenloss Corporation shuttle. Hopefully, things would get sorted out quickly with the new blood...

Katina Etheri

Battle Sister
"Well this wasn't how I expected to meet this Popo." He said as he landed his ship on Raxus Prime. He walked out and was greeted by some guy asking what his business what here. After explain he was a merc, the man let him go. Making his way into the building that apparently held the Hutt, Jerrick took everything in from the environment. Hot, smoggy, and a lot of security. Heavily armed to the teeth, they were a small army maybe. He only had his pistol, and carbine on him. Of course he was wearing his armor.

In the building was more security. There was more weapons that looked like they pacted punches. His punches though were stronger. Not that he saw these as threats. Just being egoistical. Making his way more through corridors, and doors, he stopped at a big door. It was pretty, if you could call a door pretty. He knocked in it.
Before Jar came down to Raxus Prime, there was word in the galaxy that Popo one of Hutts needed some guns and muscles because there were some junk droids disrupting Popo's plans. The way that Jar took it was that Popo didn't want to risk any military forces or he was just too lazy to command his forces on taking out the droids. But, hey money, can't argue about that fact. So he went to his ship, grabbed some of his equipment: his DL-18 pistol, his E-11 blaster, always his jetpack, and off to hyperspace.

Jar was in the hallway standing, leaning his back against the wall flipping a coin and was just waiting, until he sees @[member="JerrickShado"] walking and stops at the big door and knocks on it. Jar thought that he didn't look like a normal civilian living here, no, he looked like bounty hunter or mercenary. Probably here to take out the junk bots. "It's best for me to be close to this guy so he doesn't take away my cash," he stopped playing with his coin and walks behind @[member="JerrickShado"], waiting for the big door to open up.


I'm Sexy and I Know It
Popo looked up as the door opened, a frown creeping up on his face. Generally, the mercenaries he'd hired simply took their license and trekked out into the junkyard to earn their pay.

"Do you need help with anything?" the Hutt asked in a tone that heavily implied that he was most definitely not the person they needed to get help from. Popo figured the duo were lost, or stupid, and had no idea that the junk droids were outside the compound, not within it.

@[member="Jar Dar"] @[member="JerrickShado"]

Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
Basaba looked at the mercenaries who had been paid for and she stood there. Less speaking and more preparing. While they did whatever they needed to do she secured the helmet of her beskar'gam as she slid a standard combat knife and her knife into her shoulder sheaths. On her boots there were two sheaths for two more knives and then the hip holsters for the woebringer and the ripper MK II. All of her weapons were made with a purpose before she slid on the pack for her shoulder cannons and linked them to her helmet, with a look at them the feeling of twin staffs that doubled as spears were a welcome weight and the final pieces came while she slid the http://starwarsrp.net/topic/19170-kalvod-gauntlet/]wrist gauntlet on over her crushgaunts, a boar rail gun being the last of her equipment and the weight was decent but not encumbering. Her glare at the surface before walking out and letting her eyes flick over the landscape something to pierce more so then the twin blades in her boots.