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Approved Starship Judgement Class Bomber

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Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
Judgement Class Bomber


  • Intent: Create a new bomber for Firemane to fill the void and update redundant tech.
  • Image Source: Here. Star Citizen game.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Firemane Industries & Technology
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market & Firemane
  • Model: FM-BM002
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Standard attack craft components.

  • Classification: Bomber
  • Length: 12m
  • Width: 16m
  • Height: 5m
  • Armament: Very High
  • Defenses: High
  • Squadron Count: Low: 8
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2

  • All standard features.
  • Hyperdrive.
  • Landing gear or magnetic harness.
  • Life support and supplies for 2 weeks.
  • Eject seat.

  • Deathstrike Concussion Missiles (Type 3)
  • Chaff launcher
  • Communicator with strong encryption.
  • Eidolon Modulating Energy Shield. (Permission obtained here.)

  • Destructive. With the powerful Deathstrike Type 3 launchers on board and a pair of Proton Bombs, the Judgement is capable of devastating damage to ground or space targets. Even powerful capital ships have to fear a full squadron volley of these attacks.
  • Tough. With deflector shields and armour plating, the Judgement is quite resilient. It can take a few hits either from flak or blaster cannon before it goes down.
  • Ranged. Though it possesses Proton Bombs, the Judgement rarely needs to get close to a target. The Deathstrike missiles have a range of up to 125km…though they are usually used at less to prevent countermeasures. Still, the bomber does not even need to get up close and personal to deliver its firepower.

  • Slow. Bombers are naturally slow and the Judgement is no exception. It has lower than average agility and speed compared with interceptors or even general fighters.
  • Interceptors. Interceptors and other fast attack craft are the true threat to the Judgement. With only a turret to protect itself, a more agile ship can get behind and strafe the bomber if it is not supported, leaving it extremely vulnerable.
  • Numbers. With only 8 in a squadron, the Judgement has less ships than the usual squadron. Losing one ship therefore is more of a blow than other squadrons.
Firemane’s new directive of exploration, combatting Sith and other dangers all demands up to date hardware. One are where Firemane was deficient was in the area of bombers, still using an older and outdated model from the time of the SSC. Therefore a new bomber concept was put together. This variant would use the newer Deathstrike Concussion Missiles for maximum firepower and range. It is therefore in its primary function not a literal ‘bomber’ at all, as it would rather stay back and deploy its missiles from many kilometres away. It does however also carry proton bombs, though these are mainly used on ground targets or on weak areas of space targets which missiles cannot penetrate.

The bomber has two crew; a pilot and a bombardier/gunner. The pilot directs the ship and can take control of the missiles and bombs if needed. They also control for forward laser cannons. The bombardier however is the one who mainly makes use of the missiles and bombs, and they also direct the rear facing laser cannon turret.

Testing for the newly named Judgement went well and the first prototypes performed a strike on a pirate facility, obliterating orbital defences and a corvette with volleys from some 30km away. A subsequent strike by marines was able to board the base and recover intel, hostages and valuables, all because these defences had been purged. Enemy fighters had briefly engaged the Judgement squadron involved, but their defences and the intervention of friendly interceptors prevented any being lost. The action was considered a success and the Judgement began to be produced for use in all Firemane operations.
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