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Approved Tech Judge Tank

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Warden of the Ice
Hideyoshi @Deviantart
Intent: To create a standard ground tank to continue expanding the Black Sun’s ground warfare capability.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Black Sun Manufacturing and Fabrication
Model: Judge
Affiliation: Black Sun
Modularity: Missile load-out
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel
Description: While not the most heavily armed tank of all time, the Judge is rugged, dependable, and mounts a really mean main gun capable of launching solid rounds a six kilometers a second through defensive shields. For anti-personal defense they tank carries two forward-facing gimble mounted repeating blasters and another retractable repeating blaster mounted on a turret up top. Against air or hardened ground targets the tank carries eight missiles, sometimes varying in payload depending on the mission.

With the obvious threat any tank presents on the modern field, State officials didn't want to loose them to anyone that just happened to be carrying a portable launcher or other such strikes. At their instance, extra attention was given to the armoring and an ablative coating was added to help lessen the effects of direct hits; in addition to a light shield similar to the T2-B's that, while only capable of taking a few withering hits, had a fast recharge rate that could be increased by siphoning power from the repulsorlift. Doing so would slow the Judge quite a bit.

Perhaps named ironically given the apparent view many had on the legality of the Suns, the tank was designed to work equally well in an urban setting or on the open plains. While slower and less well armed than its historic contemporaries, its heavier armor and shield along with a lack of 'sure kill' hit locations gave it a greater staying power during engagements. One favored tactic developed was to build speed perpendicular to a target before turning and strafing a target between buildings to expose only the strongest armor of the tank and to leave the shortest window for retaliation fire. Multispectrum jammers assisted with this tactic by hindering enemy communications and targeting of the tank while the majority of its own weapons were capable of being dumb fired if the operator chose not to implement the assisted targeting.

Role: Assault Tank
Height: 3m
Length: 12m
Width: 6m
Weight: 12t
Propulsion: Repulsorlift
Top Speed: 150 KM/H
Armaments: 1 80mm Railgun type mass driver (58)
3 anti-personal repeating blasters
8 Select fire multipurpose missiles
Passenger Capacity: 0, 3 crew
Cargo Capacity: 300kg
Misc. Equipment: Limited shielding
Enhanced vision modes
Short range multispectrum jammer
Ground/air radar

Standard missile load-outs
  • Anti Air: 6 concussion missiles, 2 proton SABOT missiles
  • Anti Armor: 6 proton SABOT missiles, 2 concussion missiles
  • Frack Everything: 6 antimatter missiles, 2 baradium missiles (requires faction leader/owner permission)

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
@[member="Domino"] hey one quick question on this subject how many missile tubes are on this thing? One missile tube with eight missiles in stock? I'd also like the caliber of your railgun, and number of rounds available for the tank, if you could please,


Warden of the Ice
8 tubes with one missile each, the select fire just means the gunner may choose which one gets fired based on payload so he's not shooting an anti-tank missile at a fighter or some such.
And edited, I'm not sure about railgun calibers, I do know that the M-1 Abrams has a 120mm but I think RGs are smaller but with a heck of a lot more impact power and SW has better explosive tech so I'll wait back to hear what you think.
@[member="Sargon Vynea"]

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
Ok gun looks great in my opinion, good for a main battle tank. Only thing I'd like to see then is what types of missiles are here, 4 anti-air, and 4 concussion missiles, etc. With that info I'd be willing to stamp it.

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