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Josiah Denko


Josiah Denko, Jedi Master
"Now, this is the time to Choose. Either die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow. Now is the time to shape your story; your fate is in your own hands!"

  • Name: Josiah Denko
  • Alias: Sirota, the Bartender
  • Force Alignment: Light Side
  • Force Rank: Master
  • Species: Near-Human
  • Races: Human, Zeltron, and Kraljica
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 182 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Skin Pigmentation: Tan
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Voice Sample: Steven Jay Blum

  • + Telekinetic Specialization: Throughout the years, Josiah consistently built upon his prowess in utilizing telekinesis to the point where he is now an "Apex Telekinetic". Picking stuff up and chucking said stuff through the Force is now the meat and potatoes of his arsenal.

  • + Stormborn: Due to his Kraljica heritage, Josiah enjoys a larger lung capacity in comparison to the average human. In addition, he naturally possesses the ability to generate, absorb, and discharge electricity; all of which serve to greatly augment his current skill in Tutaminis and Electric Judgment.

  • + Deft of the Saber: Outside of his telekinetic prowess and natural talent with energy manipulation, Josiah has been trained at the feet of three individuals with exceptional lightsaber skill. As such, to say that Josiah knows his way around a lightsaber is an understatement.

  • - Disease Sensitivity: Due to his Kraljica heritage, Josiah's immune system is weaker than the average, adult male. As such, his body is unable to combat common diseases as effectively as the typical individual's; thereby resulting in his being bed-ridden every so often.

  • - The Scars of Battle: Josiah received a heavy injury during the battle of Barab I, in which shards of Cortosis impaled his stomach. Though surgery and recovery has sealed the wounds quite nicely, Josiah is subject to chronic waves of pain in the abdomen and is occasionally dependent upon medication to ease this suffering.

  • - Shortcomings of Specialization: Josiah is adept with telekinetic and energy-based applications of the Force, in addition to skilled with a lightsaber. However, focusing upon these three areas have left him vulnerable in the areas of mentalism.
  • Memoria: This was the lightsaber formerly wielded by Radia Denko, Josiah's sire. It has been specifically built in order to operate underwater and houses an Adegan crystal which produces a violet blade.
  • Selara: Constructed during a training mission to Rhen Var with his apprentices @[member="Seth Lockheart"], @[member="Iella E`ron"], and @[member="Kara Avoyos"], Josiah dubbed the lightsaber "Selara" as a homage to the names of his students. "Se" for Seth, "la" for Iella, and "ra" for Kara. It houses a rare Solari crystal and produces a golden blade.
  • Sterling: Constructed during a rare, peaceful encounter with the Sith @[member="Krag"], Josiah dubbed this lightsaber Sterling in reference to the silver blade it produces. It houses a synthetic blade that was ever-so-slightly corrupted by the Dark Side. This has posed a challenge for Josiah to overcome, as using the blade prompts emotions of anger and additional ferocity on the field of battle.
  • Roonstone: Following the operation on Zhar, Josiah swiped one of the immensely valuable roonstones from the cache recovered from the treasure hunters. He has since claimed it and has been allowed to keep it.
  • Sweetpea: Josiah eventually saved up enough credits to purchase an A-36 Sleuth, which he dubbed "Sweetpea": the affectionate nickname he gave to his deceased beloved.

It was pure happenstance that intersected the lives of a Jedi Knight and a native of planet Morje. On that fateful day, a Knight of the Jedi Order by the name Wy'lad had ventured into Sith Space on orders to accumulate whatever informaton he could. Unfortunately, he was promptly discovered briefly following his exit from hyperspace and was fired upon by a patrol squad. During the ensuing chase, his hyperdrive unit was badly damaged and he thought it was the end...yet fate would have it function at the last possible second, jettisoning him clear across the galaxy and depositing him smack-dab in the middle of the Unknown Regions. There, Wy'lad flew about for days, nearly running out of fuel in the process. Luck would have his scanners pick up an uncharted world, Morje, upon which he quickly landed. What he discovered was a planet covered by ocean, ocean, and MORE ocean. Devoid of a suitable place to land, and now depleted of fuel, Wy'lad snapped on his breathing mask and plummeted into the oceans...attracting the attention of some of the world's natives.

Among the Kral'jica that swam to the Jedi Knight's rescue, all of whom were motivated purely out of curiousity, was the heiress of a notable clan by the name Denko. Her name was Vetka and she was by far the most beautiful creature Wy'lad had ever laid eyes on. The Kral'jica of Clan Denko liberated the Jedi Knight from the seas and ferried him to one of the few islands that were scattered about their world. Vetka took an immediate liking to the otherworldly visitor, mainly due to the elegant saber which hung to his waist, and Wy'ad was equally taken by her breathtaking beauty. Over the course of months, they spent each and every day together. Wy'lad managed to learn to communicate with Vetka through the Force, and then educated her in Galactic Basic. Vetka, in turn, told Wy'lad all about her world, their customs, their history, and about herself. In time, their attractions gave rise to affection, and soon love. Vetka ended up "claiming" Wy'lad as her mate, an act that sent ripples through the Kral'jica community, and Wy'lad in turn claimed her as his wife.

Their union bore their first and only child: Radia Denko. While the parents were blissful with their newborn baby, a problem soon presented itself. Radia, a cross between the aquatic Kral'jica and the land-loving Humans, was born without gills and could therefore not live under the water. Furthermore, Vetka could only stay above water for short spans at a time...which was torture for the new mother. She was unable to hold her baby throughout the night, unable to attend to him when he cried, unable to be the mother she wanted so desperately to be...Wy'lad couldn't bear to see his wife like this, and he was in no position to care for a newborn by himself on an island. Left with no other options, Wy'lad and Vetka came to make a heartbreaking decision: Wy'lad would reach out with the Force and contact the Jedi Order to send aide. Then he and Radia would leave the planet, where Radia would then be inducted into the Order and trained.

Wy'lad vowed to return to his beloved wife with their son in the future, and after a tearful farewell, the family parted ways...never to be united as a whole again.

As Wy'lad had promised to Vetka, Radia was promptly inducted into the Jedi Order upon their return to the Temple. Over the years, the youngling was given the absolute best training the Jedi Order had to offer; at the insistance of his now-Jedi Master father. When he came of age to be taken under the wing of a Jedi as a Padawan, Wy'lad insisted that he take his son under his wing and personally instruct him. It took a council vote to gain approval of this, and moving forward Wy'lad and Radia bonded as father and son. The young Padawan grew under his sire's tutelage, maturing into one of the greatest blademasters of his generation. He triumphed over the trials and, with his father crying tears of pride and joy, was officially promoted to a Knight of the Jedi Order. The time then came for Radia to leave from under the wing of his father and take his own Padawan learner, which he did with the utmost eagerness.

The Padawan who came under Radia's tutelage was a Twi'lek girl by the name Ava. Unlike his kind, understanding father, Radia was a strict and ruthless instructor. He forced his student through rigorous training exercises which he claimed would strengthen her swordplay skills, and even sparred with her using their lightsabers; thus resulting in several burns and scars to be inflicted upon her. Ava was on the verge of reporting Radia to the Council...but never got the opportunity. During a particular heated training session, Radia savagely broke through his student's defenses and accidentally struck her down. The feeling that Radia felt immediately following this sordid act was not that of immediate regret...but of satisfaction. It was his first kill, and though it was the highest of crimes, Radia revelled in his skill for the briefest of moments. Then, reality struck him like a cold slap and he was absolutely mortified!

Not only had he slain his student...he had enjoyed it...he was no better than a Sith.

Radia had heard tale after tale about how malicious and evil the Sith Order was, and though he had committed an act that would have probably earned him a Darth pat on the back...he wanted nothing to do with the dark ones. So, he fled, refusing to fall into the servitude of the Dark Side of the Force...and refusing to be accountable for what he had done. He literally left his Padawan's body there to rot on Tython and jumped ship, high-tailing it all the way to Nar Shaddaa. Though he had never been, the young Jedi Knight knew enough that if one wanted to disappear, they went to Nar Shaddaa. So began the self-imposed exile of the former Knight of the Jedi Order, on a sordid Hutt moon that would become his grave. For the initial years of his stay, Radia was a bitter young man. He got in numerous scrapes, slew numerous thugs, and became more Sith-like by the day. It was this behavior that gained him the attention of a local business owner who hired him as a bouncer for his "establishment".

There, Radia laid eyes on Passion: a crimson-skinned, azure-eyed goddess straight from Zeltros. She was an entertainer at the club Radia now worked for, and he soon became one of her most avid customers during his downtime. One day, she humored him with a "date" outside of the establishment. What she expected to be nothing more than moving from one bar to another was shot down; as Radia had shattered her expectations by blowing the entirety of his paycheck to take her to the finest establishment on Nar Shaddaa. Thoroughly impressed, she agreed to a second outing...and a third...and a fourth...and then an official "date". Finally, after a movie and a "romantic" stroll through the Moon's crowded slums, Radia and Passion became a couple through a kiss under the stars. Their relationship only grew with time and they came to be married. Soon thereafter, Radia was blessed with his first son: Josiah, a gift that would usually fill any man's heart with overwhelming joy.

Yet the sight of his son reminded him of how low he was. Holding Josiah immediately made him think of his own father, which segued into thoughts of his sordid act. Regret filled him, and though he had a loving wife and a wonderful son, he grew disgusted with himself...and the life he had gained. He felt unworthy of his happiness and sorted out these convoluted emotions with bottle after bottle of alcohol...

Josiah grew up with a drunken and abusive father. When Radia wasn't slapping Passion around, he was chucking empty bottles at the infant child or screaming at his younger siblings. Things got so bad that Passion debated divorcing the man, yet she was too afraid to do so. And so, she endured the suffering and did her absolute to raise her sons. Despite the efforts of his mother, childhood was hell of Jor'si. While attending school, the children ridiculed the boy for his mother's choice in employment: after all, drunken fathers often boast to their sons about their evening exploits. This sparked Josiah's temper. He would fly off the handle in the middle of class and pummel any child who dare say one word about his mother. After repeatedly being sent home to his drunken father...Radia took notice.

Out of the blue, Radia began educating his children. Perhaps it was because he admired his Josiah's fiery spark. Perhaps it was because he was finally beginning to see through the haze of his own stupidity and appreciate his family. Or perhaps he was just drunk and wanted to see his son Force Push some kid out a window. Whatever the case was, Radia introduced the young Jor'si to the Force and began daily training sessions with him. For years, this training ensued, and Radia began to form a solid relationship with his son. Through this, he then repaired his broken marriage with Passion and even managed to quit his drinking habit. Passion herself then managed to find a more suitable job working in a diner...and life was good for the young Jor'si, his little brother, and his baby sister. This good life continued up until the time Jor'si turned eighteen years of age.

Though Passion had escaped the sordid work environment of a gentleman's club, she still had to deal with a drunken customer every now and again. One evening in particular, a smashed patron decided to take some pent out aggravation out upon her: smashing a bottle of alcohol over her skull. Passion was gravely injured and only hurt more by her fall...she passed away in the medical center from her wounds. When Radia heard of this, he flew into a rage that would make a Sith proud. He hunted down the cretin who dare rip his wife away from him and cut him to ribbons...yet what Radia didn't realize was that the cretin was the main fence for a major Black Sun Syndicate. Radia went from vengeful hunter to deceased hunted in a matter of days, ganged up on and killed in the alley behind the establishment he worked at.

Josiah found his father's body discarded in a pile of trash...and that night life as he knew it had forever changed. He and his siblingshad lost everything they knew and loved...and to make matters worse, it was the last time Josiah would see his younger brother, Abel, as he ran off in order to "exact revenge" upon their father's murderers.

Josiah lingered on Nar Shaddaa for a few years following the deaths of his parents. He took a terrible job as a bartender in order to keep himself and Swana afloat, yet was beyond depressed and cared very little for anything else save sleep. He was lost: he had nothing to live for, no purpose, nothing to cling to and feel worthwhile. Finally, after years of wallowing in a pit of despair, Josiah decided to get off the sordid rock he had his entire upon. His rationale was that, perhaps out there in the great big galaxy, he'd find some reason for being. So, he called Passion's parents, his grandparents, in order to take in Swana, threw together what little belongings he had, and hopped on the first transport off-world: which happened to be a merchant vessel bound for Dantooine. What Jor'si found upon that world was EXACTLY what he was looking for.

It started off slow. He encountered a woman seemingly in despair within a cantina he had stopped by to grab a bite to eat in. After brandishing his father's lightsaber and barking a few threats, he had "inspired" the thugs to leave the woman be...and she killed them through some Dark Arts that he had never seen. The woman was a Sith, and an exceptionally powerful one at that. If things couldn't get any stranger, she sent him outside the cantina in order to confront two Jedi, Padawan by her assessment. Soon thereafter, two MORE Jedi arrived on scene with a couple bystanders. Jor'si made a fool of himself by demanding answers from the Jedi about his father and attempting to Force Push one of them...both of which he regrets to this day...but ultimately learned that the Jedi Order were indeed the good guys they were always cracked up to be.

He tarried on Dantooine for a few more days following the "altercation" outside the cantina until galactic news reached his ears: The Galactic Republic had reformed, albeit in the wake of a Sith Terrorist attack upon the Senate Building. Josiah resolved to join the Jedi Order at that point and headed to Coruscant. There, he would do his absolute best to make amends for his behavior on Dantooine and possibly find that which he so desperately craved: a place to belong and a reason for being.

Much to his surprise, he found that, and more, within the Jedi Order. The Grandmaster accepted him with open arms, and in but a few days' time Josiah found himself on the way to Tython in order to participate in a group training session alongside a number of his fellow Padawan. There, he tarried for a year, building upon his knowledge of the Force, honing his saber skills, and learning how to shed the identity "Josiah of Nar Shaddaa" in favor of "Josiah of the Jedi Order". During this time, he would undergo private sessions of tutoring at the hands of Ben Watts, and would even fight alongside him on the field of battle on Anaxes.

After about a year of training, Josiah was promoted to Jedi Knight as was given all the rights and priveleges thereof; which included the ability to take a student. Out of all the shining potential Padawan, Josiah selected a hothead by the name Saki, simply because he felt as though he could relate with her better than most. He had wonderful intentions to teach her everything he knew...but tragedy would strike his heart and prevent him from doing so. This tragedy came in the form of a sudden, unprecedented death which shook the foundations of his world.

It was the death of Nikki Kideki, the love of his life. She, an intelligence officer for the Republic, had met Jor'si shortly after his joining the Order during one of his routine trips to the capital in order to study at the Archives. They became fast friends and fell hard for one another, sharing a love that made Josiah feel like he was king of the world. However, with her line of work came a multitude of risks, and those risks caught up with her one day; claiming her life as she strived to obtain vital information that would give the Republic an edge over its enemies.

The loss of his beloved was bad enough...but when the Jedi began to tell him not to grieve, he became absolutely appalled! How could he not mourn the loss of the Queen of his Heart? To make matters worse, this came at a time when Josiah was already feeling frustrations with the Republic and the Jedi leadership. He was under the stark impression that the Jedi existed to destroy the Sith, and was growing impatient with the Senate's inability to decide whether or not to take the fight to the enemy. What's more, going rogue in order to do so himself was unacceptible; so all he could do was play the waiting game. This test of his patience led to serious doubts forming in his mind, on a number of subjects...until eventually, he became just as lost as when he left Nar Shaddaa.

So, on a fateful afternoon, he approached his friend and mentor, Ben, and voiced his feelings. He then did the unexpected and left the Jedi Order in order to seek his own way to clarity. Josiah hoped that, by doing so, maybe he would discover some form of guidance that would restore his faith in the Jedi, in the Light, and in the Republic. However, what he found was far from what he far better in his opinion. In the Outer Rim, a new government had begun to form, one that epitomized freedom and fought valiantly against those that would infringe upon it. They even houses a unique congregation of Force-wielder, called the Templars, whose ideology was vastly different that what Josiah was used to.

However, a single conversation with the Archon of the Order, Xos'Nulo, resulted in the opening of Josiah eyes and his agreement to join the Templars. Now apart of a home away from home, the Knight then began to serve with great pride under the mantle of the Confederacy. He even met and took two apprentices, in addition to reuniting with his baby sister!

To be Continued...

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Character Relationships
  • [Family] @[member="Zeph"]: The only child of Josiah Denko and his late wife is a wonderfully sweet girl by the name Zephirine. Despite the heartbreaking loss of someone vitally important to their lives and time apart, Zeph and Josiah have been growing closer each and every day. Simply put, he loves his child with all of his heart, and always will.
  • [Family] @[member="Jax Denko"]: Josiah was incredibly close to his younger sisters growing up, acting as a protector and provider for the both of them following the deaths of their parents. As such, his decision to leave Nar Shaddaa drove an immediate wedge between he and Jax, to the point where he has yet to see her again.
  • [Family] @[member="Swava Denko"]: Swava is the youngest sibling of Josiah, and was one of the two sisters he left behind on Nar Shaddaa when he decided to seek out the Jedi Order. She was left in the car of their grandparents, and in light of this she felt abandoned by her older brother. Despite having reunited with his little sister, lost time is a continual hurdle that he has to overcome.
  • [Master] @[member="Ben Watts"]: Quite literally the first Master Josiah had during his time as a Jedi Padawan, Ben proved to be an excellent teacher and an invaluable friend. Their relationship became strained when Ben ascended to the mantle of Grandmaster shortly after the passing of Josiah's wife, for he was unable to give the young man the time and guidance he required during his time of grief. It was Ben who heard Josiah's request to leave the Jedi Order, on good terms, and allowed it to be so. His training under Ben Watts resulted in his knowledge of Soresu and his limited understanding of Battle Precognition.
  • [Master] @[member="Darron Wraith"]: Both during his time as a Padawan and after his promotion to Knight, Josiah studied at the feet of Darron Wraith. While he was not officially his Padawan until only a brief span of time before his ascention to Knight, the two developed a bond similar to a pair of brothers. It is due to the tutelage of Darron Wraith that Josiah had adhered to the Light Side up even to this day, and it was his personal training that introduced Josiah to Force Light and the lightsaber form Vaapad.
  • [Mentor] @[member="Ember Rekali"]: Though their relationship generally consisted of conversations which occurred on the field of battle, Ember Rekali became a valued friend and mentor to Josiah shortly after his joining of the Templar Order. It was through the battlefield guidance of the elusive Elder that Josiah began to properly utilize Shien, in addition to being the catalyst which led him to seek out the art of Tutaminis and other defensive abilities in the Force. Furthermore, Ember's personal tutelage led Josiah to the ability to utilize Force Body as well.
  • [Apprentice] @[member="Kara Avoyos"]: Kara was the first apprentice to come under Josiah's tutelage following his entrance into the Templar Order, and since then they have had an exceptionally strong relationship. They both confide in one another, to the point where Kara (through early morning goading) shared a secret she carried since joining the Templars herself. Josiah is fiercely loyal to and protective of Kara, to the point where losing sight of her during a dangerous operation spurned brilliant displays of telekinetic might from the frantic teacher. All in all, Kara and Josiah are two peas in a pod and will be that way always.
  • [Apprentice] @[member="Sophia Walsh"]: The latest apprentice to come under Josiah's tutelage was a woman who did not even know she was gifted in the Force upon approaching him initially! Since then, Josiah and Sophia have been fast friends and their relationship has been such that he has developed an immense respect for her and a deep concern for her wellbeing. While, at present, her skills are still raw, Josiah sees the immense potential in her and continuously pushes her to do her absolute best. However, outside the training room, Josiah truly enjoys the pleasure of her company and considers her one of the closest people in his life, to date.
  • [Apprentice] @[member="Trevin Neros"]: Trevin was among the first generation of recruits selected from capable, Force Sensitive policemen and women to serve as apart of the Templar Rangers. Upon meeting, there was a great deal of understanding and unspoken respect between the two men; and as time passed that respect has grown into full-blown loyalty. Due to the fact that their time together has been relatively short compared to his other apprenticeships, their relationship is not yet as strong, but the future between the two seems promising.
  • [Apprentice] @[member="Seth Lockheart"]: Seth is a young man who Josiah has come to see in the same light as an elder sibling would his younger brother. Admittedly an individual who learns at a slower pace compared to his fellow, older students, Seth and Josiah have had a long, one on one relationship that has seen great growth in the young man. While he is not yet ready, in Josiah's opinion, to spread out and fly on his own wings just yet, he is getting exceptionally close: a fact that Josiah is immensely proud of.
  • [Student] @[member="Iella E`ron"]: Iella's stay in the Templar Order was relatively brief, consisting of only mere months before her entrance into the Jedi Order. In that brief span of time, Josiah developed a respect for the young woman and a desire to see her excel in all she does. While he has yet to encounter her since her departure, there are times when his mind wanders and thinks about his old student from long ago.
  • [Student] @[member="Suhr"]: Suhr's entrance into the Templar Order was even more brief than that of Iella's, but in that time Josiah developed a concern for the young woman's wellbeing. He regrets not being able to convince her to stay upon the Path he intended to teach her, and is disappointed in the way that their working relationship came to a close. Since her departure, the two have yet to meet again.
  • [Enemy] @Darth Moridin: Josiah had only encountered the Sith twice before in his entire lifetime, yet those encounters left sizeable impressions. The first taught Josiah a lesson in humility, and set him on the path of loathing the dark side simply by uttering the words: "Train, learn, become stronger. Then come and seek your vengeance upon me." The second encounter was indirect, and through this Josiah learned the name of his enemy. Of all the Sith in the Empire, this was the first that Josiah had the displeasure of encountering...and being utterly defeated by during his time as a mere Padawan.
  • [Rival] @[member="Daxton Bane"]: The day of Josiah's defeat at the hands of Darth Moridin was also the day that Daxton Bane and Josiah Denko first met. From there, they had been on opposing sides until fate would, ironically, drop them both into the same Order as Masters. Despite the offenses wrought against Josiah, and his people, at the hands of Daxton, he has been forced to allow his distaste of the Zabrak to wane. However, if given the opportunity, it would not take much to spurn Josiah into igniting his saber against Daxton.
  • [Developing] @[member="Ishtar Freyja"]: Under Development