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NAME: Jori
AGE: 19
SEX: Male
EYES: Hazle
HAIR: pinkish Red and white
SKIN: kinda Pail


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Heliophobia- Fear of the sun

APPEARANCE: his pink/red hair with white bangs and other highlights of white reaches just past his shoulder blades, and his bangs normally hang over the left side of his face, hiding the scars that mark him. His Hazels eyes seem normal but so change shades with his mood. If one was to move his bangs though, they would see that his left eye is gone due to the scars. standing around 6 foot 4 he is tall, oddly for his family as hes the only one since his grate grand father to be over 5 foot 3. at 180 pounds he is mostly muscle from the training is father put him threw growing up. normally he is dressed in a sleeveless black shirt. a black cloak lined with fur along the top hangs over his left shoulder, the straps that hold it on wrap around his torso over his right shoulder, and down to his left side. he has dark purple and black fingerless gloves that reach up just past his elbows leaving most of his shoulders exposed. on his left hand he has two rings, one on his pointer finger and one on the middle. and a silver bracelet around his wrist. his pants are black and reach to his angels, leather buckles wrap around his right thigh holding a small belt bag in place. in which he keeps the few things he owns now. his boots are black as well and go up to just below his knees.

BIOGRAPHY: Jori was born as one of three triplets, Felix and Sven where the names of his two brothers. The only way to tell the tree apart where there eye color and latter on by there hair styles. Jori has a good life, his brothers and father loved him and treated him well. His mother had sadly died when the three where born. He was the only one out of the three oddly to show any signs of being force sensitive like their father, and when he was old enough his father began to teach him the basics. He learned fast on something but others were slow. When him and his brothers turn 16 they were each given a ship, Jori's was a bit better than his brothers though. a few months after that though there father died of a heart attack. Felix was the first of the three to leave and sven soon left after that. It was one night just a few weeks after his brothers left than Jori was out working on his ship when he was attacked, Jori fought hard against his attacker but was badly wounded. Though as for what happen is still a mystery to him as he lost his memory's of the attack. the results of the attack left him half blind. One day he was on Nar Shaddaa where he meet @[member="Darth Vornskr"] who convinced him he could help Jori learn the power that lie untouched with in him. But first he had to kill his brother Sven who Jori thought of as his favorite brother. After killing Svan Jori left with his newfound teacher to his home world​

The Wild Fox: 1300 Light freighter (Broken and left on Nar Shaddaa)​

Killed his brother Sven (NPC)​




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