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Jorel Imos



Name: Jorel Imos
Alias(es): Jim, Jimmo - both originating from his initials.
Title(s): N/A
Homeworld: Coruscant
Current Locale: Where the next contract is.
Force Sensitive: Negative
Force Rank: None.
Force Alignment: N/A



Species: Epicanthix
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 84kg
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian


(+) Epicant Blood: Due to being an Epicanthix, Jorel is immune to any mental tricks someone might be playing on his mind. That's why he spikes up his prices like crazy, sometimes.

(+) Street Smart: Brought up in a worker-class family, has worked in the hospitality industry while studying criminal law, been an agent for domestic intelligence and security services. It's safe to say he's got plenty of common sense, good perception, and does not lack in adaptability.

(+) Trained: Being a field agent for security services has given him extensive knowledge of firearms and unarmed combat. Despite his love for alcohol and cigarettes,


(-) Ale for breakfast: Jorel Imos can be easily described as a main character in a George Thorogood song. He enjoys his alcohol, his cigarettes, and his women. Jim has a bad habit of ending up the night in the trashiest cantinas. These vices of his can be very endangering to him in some situations.

(-) Risk taker: A spontaneous and unorthodox man by nature, Jorel is a man who loves a challenge. Too much really. He loves to prove someone wrong when they tell him he can't do it. Playing on the edge has been this man's life.

(-) The hidden good: Despite the outwardly appearance, attitude and general personality, there is a hidden deep within part of Jorel that will sometimes take over and urge him to help even a total stranger. Rough life might have molded him but the good boy who wanted to change the world is still alive somewhere deep inside him.





Network of Contacts:

Good ol' Coruscant.

Where the paradise of the upper levels hid the nightmares of the lower levels.

Dad thought it was all paradise when he divorced and left my mom behind. Took me with him though, for what reason I will probably never find out. Supposedly I got a sibling but I am not even sure 'bout that. It's hard to connect the dots when a drunk man speaks.

Anyways, dad thought he was gonn' get rich fast on the Queen of the Core, thought he was gonna be a king real quick. Oh boy, wasn't the old man in for a surprise. The shack we lived in, cause I refuse to call it an apartment, was on level 1313. Now, my dead was a rebel, always had been. It was to no surprise that he went on to do what he did best - get in trouble.

I was around 10 when I had to start doing something to put food on the table since the old man was getting arrested at least twice a week. Started washing dishes in the scummiest of places you can think of. And you'd end up with just a dime in your pocket.

Old man kept promisin' - 'hey, this is the big hit, kid. We get this, we sorted.'

You don't have to guess - they remained empty promises and I realized that early so I kept my head low and rubbed those dishes till my skin fell off.

Meanwhile, I went to school. It was one of those things I thought useless but surprisingly the old man had always made sure that I did go to school. I figured out why so much later in my life and ended up appreciating it while I hated it back then.

Not that I did much in school, not until I was in high school. That's when hormones hit ya and you think you're number one.

Age sixteen, working as a junk hauler. Carried heavy stuff and drove from one place to another. Paid better than the damn cantina and put some meat on these bones, that's for sure. Ended up with the wrong crowd in school - you know - the bad boys. Sold drugs here and there and money started coming in outta nowhere all the while the old man had been serving a sentence for armed robbery. It was around this time I had my first girlfriend, an actual girlfriend.

Age seventeen and I got busted. Had to clean streets for the next year and I realized that this business wasn't worth it. Girlfriend immediately dumped me - ain't no way in hell she'd be dating a janitor. She was a hoodrat anyways. Heart broken and I ended up thinking all of 'em were hoodrats. At the end of my public service, I was assigned to a guy who was supposed to drag me back to the 'right' way. In some mysterious way, the man was magical with his words, he convinced me that I had to pursue education and do good. It was vague but it persuaded me so easily that to this day I wonder who or what was this man.

Graduated at age eighteen from high school and followed the enigmatic man's advice - enrolled into college to study criminal law. What else ? I had been surrounded by illegal activities all my life.

Found a job as a night auditor at some mediocre hotel on an upper level and was able to afford renting a studio in the same level. Life had suddenly become better. Kept visiting my dad once a week, man was slowly decaying as I was growing, I could see that. The rebellious fire in his eyes was close to being extinguished and replaced by something else - pride. I learned the day he shed tears of pride for me of the heavy burden that he held on his shoulders thanks to his choices earlier in his life. I learned that life was never meant to be fair.

Anyways, that's a part of my life I don't feel like disclosing.

So, worked the nights, studied the days and even got me a girl. Sweet, kind-hearted but naive. Born to a middle-class family, Amber was the girl that wanted to change the world. She sincerely believed that she was born to do so.

Never learned to appreciate her till she was gone. My vices struck again. Alcohol and a night out would always end up with the wrong girl till the day I got caught. Cried my eyes out when my sweet, beautiful Amber left me. Broken so much that I dropped out of college.

Enrolled in the police academy, instead. To prove her I ain't no scum, to prove to myself I ain't a scum. I was gonna be a cop.

Put my uniform on and fought crime, just like on TV, right ? Till I got hit with the plague called corruption. So what'd I do ? Took things in my own hands. Played as if I was corrupt so I could pinpoint who was who. Wrote my own report, sent it to the federal bureau and the lock ups started. It was hailed as the 'Great Root Out' by the media. Wish they had my name there so Amber could see.

Got me a new job too. Field agent at the bureau. Moved much higher in the levels of Coruscant. Old man finally completed his sentence so I got him a small studio and paid it for him. Helped him with the money while the government benefits rounded up anything more that he needed. He was a proud man, died proud too. Still miss my dad, even if he wasn't the best dads out there.

A few years down the road and the Alliance took over, ended up getting the boot as new staff took over.

Took to work for myself now.

Independent private investigator Jorel Imos.

Still got to think up a company name, though.

\\ Some quirks and facts \\

  • Loves donuts
  • Despises rum
  • Get emotional on SW version of Disney films
  • Plays the guitar
  • Does odd and hilarious facial expressions

\\ Inventory \\


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