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Jon Burke (WIP)

Jon Burke

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NAME: Jon Paolo Burke
RANK: Knight
AGE: 32
SEX: male
HEIGHT: 6' 5"
WEIGHT: 240 pounds
EYES: quite blue
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Caucasian


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

(If Jon were willing to admit to any weaknesses, he would never spell them out to potential adversaries)
OK OK I'll think about it... *grumbles*



Original Bio:

There was a time when Jon Paolo Burke was happy with his life. His expectations were simply to manage the family's estate and lands when his father decided to retire. Being a third generation Burke on Dantooine, the difficult part of colonization was done - the taming of the wilderness around the estate. Now was a time for expanding and improving the family agri-business.

Jon's life was as might be expected on a sparsely populated wilderness planet. Hunting was a common activity and he became an excellent shot with his modified DL-44 (a birthday gift from his father on his eight birthday) and BlasTech A280 blaster rifles. One never traveled into the undeveloped regions of the planet without arming oneself against possible attack by the wildlife or, occasionally, a band of dantari may be found to be aggressive.

As usual in a rural environment, Jon fell in love with the girl next door - or, in this case, on a neighboring ranch-estate. Loretta Dunn, (Lori), was Jon's perfect match in so many ways - tall, red-headed, athletic, intelligent, laughed easily at his meager jokes - a perfect woman for Jon. In turn, he was hopelessly smitten by her. They grew up as best friends and fully expected to marry and spend their lives together on Dantooine.

However, unknown to Jon, Lori had a high midi-chlorian count; and, there came a day when a Jedi Knight came and took her away. She was too old by the normal standards, but, the Jedi convinced her parents that she would be safer if she learned to control her gift. Of course, Jon never expected to see her again and was heartbroken.

Believing in the need for a good education, the Burke family had leased an instructor droid from Corellia University to teach their children. Not long after Jon's 15th birthday, the droid informed his parents that Jon had reached a point where further instruction by it, with its limited programming, would be pointless. It simultaneously sent a message to its home institution, informing them of an exceptional admissions candidate along with an impressive array of test results. Jon decided that, as he liked tinkering and modifying the ranch and harvesting machinery, he would study engineering. So, the following year, at the age of 16, Jon Paolo left little back-water Dantooine for the cosmopolitan life of Coronet, the capital of Corellia.

The vast crowds, the massive buildings, the unending traffic of all kinds of vehicles overwhelmed the boy at first, so, he stayed on the university campus as much as possible. The thing that overwhelmed him on-campus? ...the women. There were women everywhere - all shapes, sizes, and colors. These women were not like the small town girls he was familiar with on Dantooine who would giggle and whisper to each other as they passed him on the street. Many of these women were aggressive and straight-forward in that they let Jon know in no uncertain terms what they wanted. It was here that he learned what affect a handsome, 6'5", 240 pound man with mesmerizing green eyes and a killer smile could have on some women. And he liked it.

Unfortunately, it was here that he also attracted the attention of a young Sith Master - a gorgeous blue-eyed, blonde whose beauty concealed a heart as cold as deep space. She thought Jon would make a perfect pet, but, she wasn't about to share him with all the little college girls. No, she would bide her time; but, for now - just a taste. She insinuated herself into Jon's life, and, like most men, he noticed the tall, blue-eyed blonde and asked her to have dinner with him. Determined not to appear to throw herself at him like the college girls, she accepted demurely. They had a wonderful evening of good food, interesting conversation, and plentiful laughter. Jon found himself attracted to this woman. When he took her home, she didn't invite him in - something he definitely wasn't used to - but did give him a soft, wet, lingering kiss goodnight that aroused Jon incredibly. She confirmed what she believed - this one would make an excellent addition to her collection at her cliff-top citadel. For the time being, however, she retreated to the background, watching and waiting.

The trip to Corellia aboard the commercial star ship had fascinated Jon and he was determined to learn to pilot a starship. One of the first things he did when he arrived was to begin taking flight lessons. By his second year of college, he had all the flight certifications and licenses that were offered on Corellia.

After four years, Jon finished his degree and was near graduation. His family traveled to Coronet to attend his commencement ceremony. He was receiving a degree in advanced starship engineering - not what his father expected; but, with Jon's love of flying it was logical choice.

After the ceremony and the resulting celebration by the family, he helped his father pilot the family's newly acquired Sorosuub 3000 home to Dantooine. During the trip home, Jon's father discussed the family's business interests. Much to his surprise, it was much more vast than the simple agri-business he knew of on Dantooine. Burke enterprises were found on many planets and ranged from Burke owned and managed businesses and industries to being anonymous investors in several shadier endeavors. The elder Burke had decided that it was time for Jon to become the active face of the family business; and, the 3000 was acquired to allow him to travel from planet to planet overseeing their interests. Jon was stunned. He knew the family was doing well financially - after all; whenever new equipment was needed for the ranch it was always available, unlike most of the ranchers he knew that had to scratch and scrape to get by. But this, this meant they were truly wealthy. Seeing the look on his son's face, the elder Burke said, " We don't flaunt it. Jon. Some day you'll understand. For now, just believe me when I tell you it's in our best interests to keep a low profile and not attract attention."

As ominous as this sounded and as curious as Jon was to question his father further, their conversation was interrupted by their arrival at the Dantooine spaceport. After a quick conversation with a Dantooine official, Jon's father bypassed the normal check-in procedures, instead taxiing the craft directly to a private, newly constructed hanger with the name "Burke Enterprises" painted across its front.

After visiting family and friends for a few weeks, wanderlust overcame Jon and he asked his father if he could begin inspecting the various businesses. He was ready to perform that job to the best of his ability for his family, but, he really wanted to get his hands on the Sorosuub. His father agreed and they developed an itinerary of the planets and businesses that he would inspect. All went according to plan until Jon returned to Corellia. When he landed at the commercial spaceport and checked in with the local officials, a flag placed in the computer alerted a low-level official of his presence who immediately informed a certain blue-eyed, blonde sith. She, in turn, called two of her sith assassins and gave them instructions to bring Jon to her Vreni Island citadel unharmed and to kill the informant, the only person that could link her to Jon.

After completing his business, Jon visited several of his friends from school that were still in the area. One night, after a pleasant evening with one of his favorite redheads, Jon was walking back to his room at an inn near campus. Walking through a dark section of the path that bordered a park, Jon felt what appeared to be a wasp sting on his neck. It was actually a drugged flechette of one of the assassins and Jon quickly passed out.

Jon awoke in a small, spartanly furnished room with a small window. He obviously didnt know where he was, but, he even had trouble remembering where he had been. As a part of her plan, the sith had begun drugging Jon with glitteryll to cause him to have memory loss. Eventually he wouldn't remember anything before his arrival at the citadel.

Soon he heard the door unlocking and in walked the sith master. She said pleasantly, "Jon! So good to see you again!"

Dumbfounded, Jon just gawked at her and said nothing.

"Do you remember me, Jon?" she asked.

Jon concentrated with great effort, finally asking "from Corellia University? Yes, I think so. But, why? What am I doing here?"

"Because I think you have great potential," she replied.

"Potential?" he asked perplexed. "Potential for what?"

"Potential to serve me, Jon, in, oh, so many ways!" she answered, caressing his cheek with the back of her hand.

"Why would I SERVE you?

"Because, Jon, from this day forward - as long as you live - you belong to me. Now rest. I'll take you on a tour in the morning and you can start your training."

With that she turned and quickly left, leaving a stunned Jon in her wake. He heard the door lock but tried the handle to be sure. Realizing he had no other choice, he sat on the small bed and waited.

* * *

True to her word she returned early the next morning accompanied by two guards. Curtly she told Jon, "walk with me."

Jon walked along side her with the two guards following close behind. She took Jon on a fast-paced tour of the Citadel - a castle-like structure that sat atop a cliff that fell away to the sea. The Citadel was divided into several distinct sections: the residence where she lived with all its many amenities, a training area for force users, a garrison for her small personal army, a training area for combatants that did not use the force, and, a surprisingly complete medical facility.

Ending at the garrison she introduced Jon to two men - a Sith Knight and a grizzled, much-scarred instructor who was apparently a retired military officer. She told Jon they would to test him extensively and see where his skills lay - then he would be trained rigorously in those areas. Some of his other duties, though, would require her to train him personally.

Jon's testing was extensive - and painful. In the first few weeks he was at the Citadel he was in a bacta tank more than he was out of it. Continued dosing of the glitteryll had its desired affect and Jon's memories of his past life were lost. Jon was smart and Jon was quick, agile and strong so, after a rough start, his training went well - very well. What there was on him that was soft was quickly replaced by muscle and he was soon winning most of his fights in the training pit.

One day, after easily beating an opponent to death in the pit, his Mistress appeared and congratulated him. Eying him appreciatively, she told the instructor, "Have him cleaned up and escorted to my quarters at the usual time."

That evening the instructor had a female twi'lek slave bath and prepare Jon. He then dressed him in a black silken robe and advised, "Lad, it's a very important night for you. Please the mistress and you can have a long, successful life here. Fail, and you'll be lucky to survive the week."

With that he escorted Jon to the residence portion of the Citadel and to the doors of the mistress's chambers where he knocked. After a moment they heard her say, "Send him in." After a glance at his instructor, Jon entered and the door was closed and locked behind him. Taking his instructor's advice to heart, Jon pleased his Mistress that night - several times.

Things did improve for him after that. His testing had revealed Jon had the capability to do most anything that didn't require the ability to manipulate the force. He continued to be trained in hand-to-hand and melee fighting and was terrifying when equipped with a kukri in each hand. He was trained to be an assassin and a spy, with special emphasis on poisons and drugs. His Mistress envisioned him as a spy that would ferret out information either by seduction, drugs or torture - whichever fit the occasion.

After three years, Jon evolved into the citadel's champion pit fighter. He had successfully completed information gathering missions and assassinations for his mistress. And, he had long been her favorite lover, spending most every night in her chambers when he wasn't performing other tasks for her away from the citadel. All in all, he was a highly valued and trusted member of the Citadel force. So, why did he feel that everything was wrong?

Then one day, when his mistress and the most all the upper level sith were away at a meeting of the Sith Council, the Twi'lek slave approached him, telling him there was someone who wanted to talk with him in private. She lead him though back passages to an outside courtyard where a tall woman waited.

She asked, "Do you know me?"

Jon didn't recognize her and said as much, to which she sighed and said to herself, "then we'll have to do this the hard way."

She silently gathered the force within her and suddenly used it to pin him against the wall. She pulled an injector from her robe and slammed in against his neck.

Jon felt that the pressure of the force was suffocating him and when she drugged him, he nearly passed out. Then, a calm overcame him and he was totally lucid for the first time since he was kidnapped. To his shock he recognized the Jedi Knight - it was Lori.

She told him that she had given him a temporary antidote for the glitteryll to try and help him remember who he was. His father had spent vast sums of money searching for Jon and eventually all the evidence lead to this Citadel. The twi'lek was a spy for the Jedi who had confirmed his presence and helped coordinate his rescue. They had to hurry to be well away before the antidote wore off.

With that she led them out of the courtyard and down a trail that wound its way though the ravines to her waiting modified Daystar Speeder. With her commlink she signaled the craft to powerup, but, when they arrived they found it being inspected by four of the citadel's guards. Lori told her passengers to climb in as she pulled and activated her lightsaber. Turning to face the guards she shouted, "Daystar. Safe. Home. Execute. And the craft slowly began to lift off.

The guards rushed her but she made quick work of them and turned to leap aboard the rising craft. It was about a meter and a half of the ground and rising so Jon leaned out to give her a hand. That's when he saw the Sith Knight aiming his sniper rifle at Lori. He had been overseeing the guards from the top edge of the ravine and now had a perfect line of fire. Jumping as high as she could Lori grabbed Jon's hand and he frantically began pulling her up.

The shot hit Lori squarely between her shoulder blades instantly severing her spine. Jon clung to her tenaciously as the autopilot accelerated away from the scene, turning the Jedi away from the Sith so he couldn't shoot her again, but, the one shot was enough.

A calm seemed to come over her and she smiled at Jon. Looking into his eyes she asked, "Jon, you know I always loved you, don't you?

"I know, Lori, Jon replied, but, she was already dead.

Lori's lifeless body slipped from Jon's grasp and fell into the raging surf below. Fearing Jon was about to leap after her, the twi'lek grabbed him from behind by his hair and pulled him back, simultaneously injecting a hypnotic medication into his exposed neck. Lori had known Jon would be in pain and possibly violent when the antidote began to wear off, so, she had this prepared in the Daystar.

* * *

Jon fully awoke for the first time in several years after four weeks of painful detoxification at the hands of several Jedi healers. He found that the command Lori had given the Daystar sent it on an evasive route to the nearest safe Jedi stronghold on Corellia. From there he was immediately flown off-world to a remote Jedi enclave for healing and an interrogation of sorts. After his detoxification, he was questioned repeatedly about the citadel and his "mistress.

He was informed that she was leaving no stone unturned in her search for him. He would have to be very careful not to be captured and returned to her. Resuming his former life was out of the question. If for no other reason, it would be much too dangerous for his family - he could do nothing to draw the Sith to his home on Dantooine. Any visits with them would have to be clandestine.

The Jedi arranged for him to be discretely transported to Tatooine - no ones favorite place in the universe perhaps, but, a good place to disappear. Just before he left, he was given a small package that was sent to him from his father. It contained several credit chips, three sets of false identification documents, and a title to an old Vangaard Pathfinder scout vessel and directions to its location on Tatooine. It also instructed Jon to meet his father in an out of the way place called Velusia in a years time.

So, Jon set about to disappear into the underworld - fully expecting to become an intergalactic nomad.

<< Comments - Sorry I drug this out so long. There were several life changing events in Jon's life and I guess I just got carried away trying to describe them.

I purposely did not name characters - such as the "tall, blue eyed Sith" - so as not to exclude anyone that may want to roleplay any of the sequelae to this in the future. >>

If you bothered to read that, you found it was a rather long telling of Jon's backstory. At its conclusion, Jon found himself a member of the crew of the Crimson Ferret's Revenge where, because of his education at Corellia University, he was a ship's engineer. After several stories I will try to find and link, Jon died... was drowned actually, but, fortunately for him, his brother, Dr. Braedon Burke, was near enough to revive him. Obviously, for the sake of a good story, Jon was never the same.

Jon's death and revival negated his having been force severed as an infant (it was a family thing revealed in another rp.) He had a rather unpleasant experience with the jedi so he was driven to the sith and encountered Lady Razielle and Jessari Tannelorn who trained him up to the level of knight before they both seemed to disappear.

Left to his own devices, Jon returned to Dantooine to take over the family business, Burke Enterprises, and continue his studies of force artifacts and lore.


Nubia Star Drives J-type star skiff for business travel

Baudo-class star yacht for personal travel


None - Jon prefers not to kill if at all possible. He considers it a waste of potential resources.


Jon is not a maw-cursed bounty hunter.

(Seven Clans of Avon Hinnisdal)


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