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Join the Crimson Devil Cartel

In an effort to fill the gap in Outlaw Factions I present to you....


Currently a little swoop gang running the streets of Nar Shaada. The Crimson Devil Cartel aims to misbehave by taking what we want when we want. The direction of the Faction will be claiming Nar Shadda piece by piece until we own it.​
The Cartel runs off a Bike Gang mentality and command structure, with different Chapters emerging as they expand over into other worlds. Short term we have our first Chapter, The Nar Shaada Originals. We have positions open for leadership postilions as well.​
I need OOC: Admins, Mods.
I need IC:
Vice Pres
Master at Arms
Our long term goals are to go major and not be just another Criminal faction like the Hutt Cartel or the Black Suns. We aim to own worlds by paying off their local Governments and we aim to control the stretch of Mara Corridor that runs between our neighbouring factions on either side of Nar Shaada.​
If you like criminal RP or your just a Mercenary, Bounty Hunter or generally rough around the edges person come on down and join us! Our first thread is up with more to follow as we get more folks in!​
If you have more questions or want a more in depth break down check out our OOC Breakdowns in the Faction.​

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