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Codex Denied Johanna Tyrone

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Enyo Typhos



  • Intent: To further flesh out Enyo's cyborg posse.

  • Image Credit: Here. Female Bounty Hunter by Andrew Lim. Found on andrew-lim.deviantart.com.

  • Role: Johanna serves as one of Enyo's chief lieutenants in the Iron Fist Consortium. She's also a proficient killer, cleaner and investigator, working in what amounts to Enyo's special operations branch.

  • Links: Enyo Typhos, Iron Fist Consortium,


  • Age: 31

  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User

  • Species: Human Cyborg.

  • Appearance: Tall human female with pale skin and shoulder-length red hair. Sophisticated cybernetic implants. A shootout with Cor-Sec cops left a bullet wound in her abdomen. While it has healed, a scar remains. Due to cybernetics, her right thigh conceals a small holdout blaster. Johanna is a fancy dresser, but stays away from revealing attire, preferring to show little skin. Like Enyo, she's fond of cool longcoats. Wears armour of some sort when she expects combat.


  • Name: Johanna Tyrone. Nicknamed Jan.

  • Loyalties: Enyo Typhos, Iron Fist Consortium.

  • Wealth: Moderate-high. Payment in the Iron Fist Consortium is on a sliding scale based on experience, rank, reward and so on. This also governs access to loot obtained from raids, rackets and so on. However, Johanna has extravagant tastes and is therefore forced to continually obtain more cash. It is generally obtained through illicit means. Even conditioning has been unable to eliminate her greed. Enyo knows about this, and considers this gross materialism and spendthrift attitude a sign of weakness. However, she considers Johanna useful enough to keep around, and has recognised that the woman's greed gives her leverage over her.
Notable Possessions:
Skills: Slicing, interrogation, investigation and intelligence work, marksmanship, melee combat and hand-to-hand, poisons.

Johanna is one of the newer additions to the collection of cutthroats, mercenaries, Force clones, homicidal assassin droids, barbarian berserkers and gangers that constitute Enyo's private army. It is truly a colourful collection. Many are cyborgs, and this applies to her as well. She is also suitably amoral to fit into such an organisation, which has Lawful Evil as its predominant alignment.

In contrast to her boss, Johanna is rather materialistic. She is fond of nice things, tasty steaks and good wine. Greed is one of her sins, and what drove her to become a dirty cop during her time in Cor-Sec. She is organised and a neat freak. Indeed, she has something of a cleanliness issue. Everything needs to be organised, clean and proper. Immaculately pressed clothes, hair just right, polished boots, pristine floor, bed made and so and so forth. Call it OCD, if you like. Woe to any minion who doesn't have clean boots. Or who gets blood on the carpet during an interrogation. Oh, and she detests insects.

Johanna is very disdainful of any forms of spiritualism and dismissive of 'hookey religions'. She probably enjoys violence a little too much. She sure likes a good fight. Due to her family background, she knows an awful lot about drugs, especially mushrooms. Johanna is quite conservative, to the point of prudishness, as her licentious parents were free-love hippies who believed in polyamory.

Johanna respects audacity, cunning and ruthlessness. She acts as a trainer and mentor for Alexia Zarides, the second clone of Kaelin Isandros. The two are quite close, or at least as close as a sociopath can be to anyone. Alexia has learned a lot about undercover work, murder and falsification of evidence from her. Johanna was once indoctrinated and set against Enyo. She believes that the Terminatrix undid her conditioning, freeing her. This is true...but the Enyo also subtly manipulated her programming to ensure that Johanna views her favourably. Presently, the ex-cop is unaware of this. Enyo still rewards her for successful missions and treats her well so that conflict does not arise.


Combat Function:

  • Experienced intelligence operative, investigator, professional killer.

  • Cybernetic implants endow her with significantly enhanced strength, speed, endurance and reaction time compared to a normal, unaugmented human. Rybcoarse wrap around her muscles, providing additional reinforcement and added strength and stamina. A low-profile neural implant allows her to record and transmit sensory data. Said implant is outfitted with powerful internal firewalls and slicing countermeasures. An ocular implant give her better sight and targeting. Similar to a Guavian minion, she has a mechanical reservoir that acts as a second heart, injecting a combination of chemical into her bloodstream that boosts adrenaline. A brain implant enables instant, nonverbal communication with other cyborgs in Enyo's posse. Her lungs are augmented by a cybernetic respirator.

  • While the implants are hardened and armour provides a measure of protection, her augmentations also make her rather vulnerable to powerful ion and EMP blasts, along with electricity-based Force powers such as Force Lightning or Destroy Droid. As her right leg is a bionic prothesis, these have the potential of crippling her. Damage to her brain implant is also very dangerous.

  • Vulnerable to mechu-deru and magnetism.

  • A number of her enhancements were upgrades from a Hutt. Thus they are not designed for comfort. Her enhanced hearing actually makes her more vulnerable to very loud noises. These can overwhelm her primitive sensor output and temporarily stun her. Powerful sonic weapons are particularly painful for her, more so than for a normal human. The same applies to Force techniques like Force Bellow and Force Scream.


Johanna was born on the Core world of Corellia. Defying the typical Corellian stereotype, her parents were not snarky smugglers, daring Cor-Sec agents or notoriously contrary Green Jedi. Rather they were flower children with a background in leftist activism, protesting against 'The Man', whoever that happened to be at the moment.

During Johanna's youth, it was the Omega Protectorate. Not only was it a 'warmongering junta', but it was also a leading participant in the so-called 'Bacta Conspiracy'. Her parents were also radical life-ists who were against killing anything for food, be it plants or animals, for such actions disrupted the living Force, from their point of view. To avert corruption, they lived in a commune where all they only ate fruits and vegetables picked from a tree, along with water and some other things. This was obviously rather unhealthy. Their refusal to kill ensured that their 'house' was filthy and infested with insects. Once the militant commune members burst into a steak restaurant and harassed patrons.

The girl had an older brother, but he died before she hit puberty because their parents refused to use vacines or modern medicine. Her parents made a living as artists, which means that they lived off the largesse of the decadent, materialist society they railed against. Young Jan was a difficult child and rebelled against their desire to mould her in their image. Given their bizarre behaviour, this is probably no surprise.

Eventually, social workers took the child away and put her in a home. This occured after she got sick and her parents refused to 'give our daughter this poison you call medicine. It disrupts her life force energy.' Still, life in the commune left its mark on Johanna, though not in a way her parents would have liked, for she swung really hard against anything they stood for. This meant embracing the pleasures of meat, murder and materialism.

She did well in her studies, though she had a lot of catching up to do after being liberated from the clutches of the commune. She got a degree in criminal justice and signed up for Cor-Sec as soon as she was old enough. Her parents were probably aghast at the news, for Cor-Sec was obviously the jackbooted enforcer of 'The Man'. Cor-Sec's mission was to uphold the law, protect the innocent and serve the public trust. Or something along those lines. Doing well as an investigator and case officer, she worked her way up the ranks, gaining a commendation after working undercover in a religious cult/mafia that distributed Bando Gora narcotics.

The mission was rather harrowing and the cultists reminded her more than a little of the insane commune she'd left, just more violent. It culminated in a raid on their temple, which doubled as a spice factory. The cult leader died during the attack. Johanna claimed she killed him in self-defence. There was good reason to doubt this, but the raid was a public success, especially since it hit the headlines that several children had been rescued from the cultists' abusive treatment. So enquiries were soon squashed. Transferring to the Special Operations Division, she proved herself a competent officer.

However, in truth she'd become corrupted, and had joined a network of corrupt Cor-Sec offficers. Her motivations were mainly financial, as she had an expensive life style and lived beyond her means. Furthermore, she enjoyed the power association with the network gave her. Providing protection to some criminals in return for a share of the profits and getting rid of those who did not meet their conditions, the network was essentially a big racket, with some prosecutors and judges on the payroll.

To prove herself, Johanna disposed of a colleague who was on the network's trail, after pretending to be his friend. She made it look like he'd been murdered by criminals. In many ways, she acted like a cleaner, mopping up and removing or falsifying evidence. This expanded upon her skills in slicing and other technical matters, along with stealth. Any moral scruples she might have had about deceiving her honest colleagues and participating in criminal activity were soon abandoned. Alas, all good things mus end.

A rookiee who wormed her way into the group's confidence turned out to be an experienced Internal Affairs agent. Furthermore, Johanna botched an assassination attempt on a member of the group who'd gotten cold feet and showed signs of wanting to testify. From then onward, things went downhill. Unsurprisingly, the crooked cops showed little loyalty to one another once they were in the line of fire, as they were all out for themselves. After a shootout that left her injured, Johanna was arrested. Under interrogation, she tried to strike a bargain, offering cooperation in return for a lesser sentence. She also hinted at possessing knowledge about dirty laundry the agency would not want leaked to the public. Then trillions of people disappeared at the start of the Netherworld Event, and Akala tore Corellia in half. Against all odds, Johanna survived this apocalyptic event. Going underground, she managed to subsist in the wasteland Corellia had become.

When the One Sith annexed the planet, she used the chance to leave the planet, acquiring a ship through illicit means. She never looked back. Changing her identity, she resurfaced in the galactic underworld. There she made herself a name as a professional killer, cleaner and intelligence specialist, putting all she'd learned during her time as a dirty cop to good use. She also began to augment herself with cybernetic implants. She joined the Black Dragon Syndicate, an Atrisian-dominated criminal organisation, as an enforcer with her eyes set on making lots of money and becoming a member of its upper crust. She soon became the chief lieutenant of one of the underlords, but as so often, a rise was followed by a rapid fall.

Setup by one of her rivals, she fell into the hands of a Hutt. The Hutt in question was an enemy of Enyo's, who had been meddling with the family business on Vorzyd. Secretly, the slug was also being advised by a Dark Jedi called Yerevan. Once he'd been Enyo's sponsor in her crusade against Archangel, before realising that she was becoming too difficult to control. Especially after she began interfering with his business interests.

At the time the Black Dragons were considering an alliance with Enyo's syndicate. So the Hutt decided to kill two birds with one stone by augmenting Johanna with extensive cybernetics and conditioning her to obey him. Subsequently, she and a unit of killers disguised as Black Dragon goons were dispatched to eliminate the Terminatrix. Johanna tried to break her conditioning, but was unable.

Ambushing the Terminatrix on Vorzyd, she showed herself a capable combatant, taking out several Iron Fist Consortium minions and giving Enyo a good fight, before being disabled. Using the power of mechu-deru, Enyo was able to undo her indoctrination. Little did Johanna know that during her convalescende, the hybrid subtly manipulated her programming to ensure that she would view her new boss favourably. After all, it is good to have friends and allies, but better to have friends and allies with a backup in case something happens.

Regardless, feeling something close to actual, albeit grudging gratitude, Johanna switched sides, swearing allegiance to Enyo. Accessing the operative's previously blocked memories allowed uncovering the role of the Hutt. Issulla was strangled with the chains of her own slaves. After a little 'negotiating session' with the Black Dragons Syndicate, she became one of Enyo's lieutenants, working beneath the hybrid and her HRD Consigliere. For a while, she ran operations on Vorzyd, where she took a particular interest in the gambling business, before being assigned to headquarters. She alternates between running local operations and acting as a general troubleshooter with a roving commission.
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