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LFG Jedi Students

Cedric Grayson

Mind Over Matter
Cedric has trained several apprentices to knighthood in the past, and most have risen to prominence. The character is getting older and I'd like for him to train his last batch of students before he no longer has the time to do so. I post pretty regularly and the character is fairly flexible with students (the only people he will not train are those that are open about practicing the dark side) shoot me a PM or post below if you're interested.

Khan Morren

Im interested. The thread hes in right now dictates if khan becomes a jedi or something else.

Hes a work in progress but im open to anything.
Cedric Grayson Cedric Grayson

Starlin here is a Jedi Padawan who has received a somewhat unorthodox education from his master, though he has never practiced the Dark Side. I'd be interested in rounding out his training with a different perspective and skillset.