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Jedi Flamethrower

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Flamethrower from Aliens​

Intent: To burn heretics.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Jedi Seers
Model: JF-1
Affiliation: Jedi
Modularity: None
Production: Mass-produced
Material: Aluminum and stuff

Classification: Flamethrower!
Size: Two-handed rifle
Status: Limited to only Jedi
Length: 55 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Ammunition Type: Liquid flammable stuff.
Ammunition Capacity: Twenty seconds of fire
Effective Range: 9 m

Description: Developed by the Republic and built by Jedi Seers, the JF-1 Flamethrower allowed for the burning of many heretics. It works like a normal flamethrower, yet the belief was spread among users of the flamethrower that it was extremely potent against those that use the dark side of the Force.

A canister filled with liquid was screwed into the weapon and fed the deadly stream of fire. The user of the flamethrower would normally experience extreme pain from prolonged use of the flamethrower due to the tremendous heat of it - that is, if they did not wear any protective clothing.

Overall though, it was similar to most other flamethrowers in the galaxy.
I’m going to lump this in with joke submissions, since it’s clearly not a serious one.

If we go through all the steps, the intent is lacking, but the other stats are reasonable, though it would need a backpack to hold the flammable liquid necessary, thus increasing the weight.

The big problem is that Jedi do not use flamethrowers, Jedi attempt to avoid violence except where necessary, and the terrible impact of these weapons mean they are not a weapon the Order would ever use. As a writer of a Jedi Master, this certainly wouldn’t have approval within even most of the Order. Furthermore, the encumbrance goes against a traditional Jedi style.

Now, you already know all this, but I’m just making it clear to anyone else reading.

So this is denied. If you want to second chance it as a personal weapon for Daella, you may.
Not open for further replies.