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Ready For Judge Jedi Enclave of Eadu



  • Intent: To create a new location for use by Jedi and other characters for storytelling and character interactions.
  • Image Credit: Original Template by Ibaris Varanin Ibaris Varanin | All Images by Midjourney
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
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  • Structure Name: Jedi Enclave of Eadu - Eadu Enclave
  • Classification: Jedi Temple, Praxeum, Logistical Center
  • Location: Eadu
  • Affiliation: Jedi
  • Accessibility: The Eadu Enclave is located high in the mountains of Eadu, built partially inside a hollowed out mountain with only the outermost portions visible to the outside world. A single staircase leads from the surface of the world, wrapping its way around the mountain up to the Enclave entrance, with most travel to the Enclave being focused around two landings pads at the mountains summit. No other entrances exist for the Enclave, limiting travel to these two points of access, both of which are under observation by the Enclave at all times.
  • Description: The Jedi Enclave of Eadu is a massive complex built throughout a hollowed out mountain spire on the world of Eadu. Once a logistical outpost used by the Jedi Order in distant times, the outpost was expanded overtime by Kellian Cass into a refuge for those in need, and further expanded by Joran Olan to suit the needs of his planned Enclave. Dozens of chambers are spread across the mountain spire with only a sparse few even visible from outside the mountain. Several domed structures can be seen near the pinnacle of the mountain; the primary entrance to the Enclave and public gathering point when announcements must be made. A waterfall cascades down one side of the mountain, creating further obstacles for those attempting to ascend the stairs leading up to the Enclave.
  • The Threshold - Hall of Entry: Situated at the highest point of the mountain spire the Eadu Enclave calls its home, the Hall of Entry, or Threshold, acts as the primary access point for individuals to enter the main areas of the Enclave. It is a large courtyard, with the floor covered in murals of ancient Jedi of old, as well as flowing script of languages long lost to the ravages of time. The more historical oriented students at the Enclave tend to spend their time here, studying the ancient language and attempting to interpret what has been written. A small platform is set to one side of the Hall of Entry where Enclave members can speak to gathered crowds. The Threshold is protected by an overhanging section of rocks, preventing the worst of the planet Eadu's heavy storms from flooding the courtyard.
  • Practice Hall: Situated deep within the mountain spire, the Practice Hall is a cavernous chamber that once was used as a storage center for the logistical outpost the Enclave used to be. Now, it has become the primary sparring hall, obstacle course, and close combat instruction center. Multiple dueling circles have been carved in the ground across the Practice Hall, and an obstacle course with constantly moving and changing obstacles provides an ever difficult and trying course for students and masters alike to hone their skills. An overlook is situated at one end of the Practice Hall, allowing easy observation of the entire chamber, allowing for an instructor to observe many different students at one time.
  • Meditation Hall - Pool of Light: The Meditation Hall is the most sacred location within the Eadu Enclave, and the only part of the complex that was entirely built from scratch. The Meditation Hall is a room built around a large, multilayered pool of water fed by the same waterfall that flows along the outside of the mountain spire. Many rock outcroppings have been carved by hand along these pools, providing Jedi within the Enclave places for silent meditation near the calming flow of the water. A single hollow, spherical structure resides at the center of the Meditation Hall, where teachers may lead groups of Jedi in group meditation.
  • Council Hall: Located near the Hall of Entry in a elevated, window surrounded room, the Council Hall is the central seat of governance for the Eadu Enclave where all decisions are made. Unlike other such chambers that have existed in various Jedi organizations, the Eadu Enclave's Council chamber has no chairs or other seats of authority. Instead, Jedi invited to the meeting sit at the top of a circular indention in the floor, with a lowered section allowing for a speaker to hold the floor. Like much of the Enclave, the Council Hall is part of the mountain that the Enclave calls its home, and the Council Hall is dominated by rock outcroppings. Above the central meeting point is a light projector, illuminating the Enclave's seal placed at the center of the Council Hall.
  • Residential Hall: The Residential Hall is located in the outer areas of the Enclave that are visible from the outside of the Enclave. Divided into numerous wings on multiple levels, the Residential Hall is capable of housing hundreds of Jedi and other residents of the Eadu Enclave, though it is rarely even half full. Each wing has dozens of rooms, with most non force users bunking in groups of three or four, while the youngest Jedi members of the Enclave share a room. Many single occupant chambers are located in the upper levels of the Residential Hall, reserved for Jedi Knights and Masters choosing to reside at the Enclave.
  • Medium
    • Entry into the Enclave is strictly regulated through the two points of access, the Hall of Entry and landing pads, both overseen at all times by Jedi volunteers and Enclave security personnel. Each region of the Enclave has its own separate security points, allowing for portions of the Enclave to be locked down in case of emergency. Additionally, three deflector shield generators are located throughout the Enclave, capable of being raised at a moments notice to protect exposed sections of the Enclave.
    • As the Enclave is intended to be a place of learning, and not a strictly military outpost, there are no offensive weapons for use by the Enclave against enemy threats. A hangar bay houses starfighters and other craft for use by Jedi are the Enclave, but there are no dedicated fighter squadrons, weapon emplacements, or standing forces beyond volunteer security to secure the Enclave. Its primary protection relies on isolation, and its defensive shields.

The Jedi Enclave of Eadu once existed as a logistical outpost by various Jedi organizations throughout the years. Situated as it is on an out of the way world, it offered an excellent staging point for relief efforts and a staging ground for operations conducted in the western Outer Rim. It was built upon the ruins of an ancient species long since extinct, the only trace of their presence the strange text found throughout the mountain. Its existence was put at greatest risk during the Bryn'adul conflict, and as more and more worlds were destroyed by the encroaching threat, the logistical outpost was abandoned, and only a small token staff remained to keep the facility functional.

Years later, this outpost would be discovered by the roaming Jedi Kellian Cass, a member of the New Jedi Order seeking to provide aid to the region of space known as the Scar Worlds. From this outpost she conducted her medical relief missions, and tracked down roaming pirate bands preying on the weak and in need, and even offered it as a refuge to orphans in need. . When she eventually took a student, Joran Olan, the outpost served as his primary point of education and learning. When his master passed away, Joran took up the charge of the logistical outpost, continuing his masters work.

After visits to both the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and a journey to the far distant Jedi Enclave of Jakku, Joran determined that the best way for him to provide aid to the people of the Scar Worlds, and further the efforts of the Jedi in the galaxy, was to expand the logistical outpost, and turn it into a new bastion for the Jedi, a new Enclave. He set to work, calling on contacts he had made throughout the years to help in providing the resources and manpower needed to expand the outpost. Over the next several years, Joran began to take in new students to the Eadu Enclave, teaching them and leading them in efforts to help those in need across the Scar Worlds. After nearly ten years of effort, the official establishment of the Eadu Enclave was announced.



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