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Jedediah Bagely, Colonel


The Maw
"The Colonel"


NAME: Jedediah Bagely, Jed or Colonel are preferable
FACTION: The Galactic Republic (Army of Light)
RANK: Colonel
AGE: 26

SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 207lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black, Warhawk style
SKIN: White, Tanned



  • From the Front: Jed is a soldier's soldier. He's not the type to just sit back and let his soldiers do the work like a field officer of his rank would. He's always side-by-side with his men no matter what situation they're in. Knowing this, the soldiers with him fight even harder and their loyalty to him is unwavering.
  • Natural Born Leader: Exactly as it reads. Jed's a top-notch leader under the most excruciating circumstances, or any circumstances at that. His men respect him, nobody questions his orders. He's just good at what he does.
  • The Very Best: A career soldier like Jed knows his way around. He's got training with almost each and every piece of military equipment known to existence. He's got tons of training in Teras Kasi and martial arts and can fire and use any handheld weapon, pilot ground vehicles, and is actually pretty okay at flying fighters or shuttles. Just don't let him near a capital ship, he could probably crash it into nothing.
  • Alcoholic: Yep. Jed likes his booze, a little too much maybe.
  • Battle Scarred: Jed's been scarred from battle after battle, and not just that. Past emotional turmoil has been etched into his very soul. Because of this, he has a tendency of zoning off during peaceful times. To get through this, he's taken to drinking away his worries.
  • No-Nonsense: As a soldier's soldier, he's very hotheaded when it comes to higher echelons of command. He doesn't take lightly to general officers ordering his soldiers into no-win situations and doesn't have a problem at all with snatching up some general and knocking his teeth loose. This is the reason why he's been demoted over 4 times.
  • Sensitivity: Though he's an infantry commander, he still can't shake death loose. Seeing his men dying or being wounded in battle chips away at his emotional state. There is nothing else that could make him that sad to the point of crying besides this.
  • Particular: Since he's been a soldier ever since he could remember, Jed has no experience in almost nothing else. Engineering, civil skills, none of that. He's solely focused around combat.

Jed thinks civilian clothes are too tight fitting and useless. Rather than wearing that trash, he tends to keep military-issue clothing on his person at all times. Usually its his signature tan/white turtleneck sweater whilst also sporting a pair of aviator shades. Other than that, he always has his rucksack donned upon him when he's not in his quarters or on base. As for weaponry, you'll never find him unarmed. A blaster pistol and a combat knife are to be with him forever. Just try taking them from him.

Hailing from the Empress Teta Systems, Jedidiah Bagely was born to a simple family of 4. His mother and father, Lyvia and Shaun Bagely were both employed at their family's small store. Jed had a little sister as well, Samantha Bagely. Jed lived a normal life as a young boy, going to school, making friends, and getting into trouble on the occasion. He took care of his little sister quite often when his parents held their store over hours to get more income and support their family. The Bagelys weren't exactly middle class, but just below it.

Despite their low status, the following shopping season happened to be in their favor. The Bagely's store grew exponentially with the massive turnout in their income. Everything seemed to be perfect for the young Jedediah, now 13 at the time. About halfway into the expansion of their business, everything reversed. One night, burglars struck the Bagely household. They went after the safe hidden away in the parent's room, stealing everything they could before dragging them into the living room. Then they went for the children, snatching Jed and Sammy up to set them alongside their parents. The thieves took everything they could until the end.

The end.

The leader of the group pulled out a pistol, held it to Shaun Bagley's head and pulled the trigger. His body jerked to the floor right in front of his children, the dying words of "I love you" sat upon his lips as his life slipped away. Next came the mother, executed in the same fashion and the identical words in her soul. It was Jed's turn. The crying 13 year old pleaded and begged not to die, so they didn't kill him. They grabbed his little sister, 8 years old, and held the gun to her head.

Something sparked in Jedediah, he stopped crying, lunged forward to snatch a knife from one of the intruder's legs and drove it into his throat. Blood spilled everywhere, tainting the innocent boy's soul as he moved in for the next kill. The same blood-covered blade punctured his abdomen, ripping upwards with sickening pain. As he lay dying, the third thief remained in shock. He was the one that killed his parents and threatened his little sister. The knife dropped from his crimson fingers and the boy shot forward, tackling the man. Warcries resounding, the 13 year old slammed punch after punch into the man's masked face. He put every inch of his strength into the blows, hate flowing through his veins more so than blood did.

And then it was over. He and his sister were the only breathing things in a blood flooded living room. That day he took a stand and altered his future in a mere 20 minutes. The next few years he spent living with his aunt and uncle, both of whom he would never get close to until the day he enlisted into the Republic Army. He didn't have anything else to do, so joining the Military was his only option. At age 17, he was enlisted into federal service of the Galactic Republic and was shipped off immediately.

He trained in martial arts, weapons training, tactics, infantry command, and even some politics before graduating from basic training. The next few years with war against the Sith Empire and other forces of the galaxy would harden and steel his mental state into a killing machine. Fame and legends revolved around his character, his leadership skills as an enlisted soldier pushing the limits of his rank. And so, he was promoted to lieutenant and went through rigorous officer's training and soon commanded a unit of his own. This small unit of soldiers soon transformed into a premier infantry force in the entire division.

Battles passed, his fame grew and so did his ranks. Yet he lost them at almost the same rate. His attitude towards superior officers often earned his a trip back to his previous rank, soon casting the man away to the almost-permanent rank of Colonel.

And Colonel Bagely's saga continues...

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