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Approved Starship Jast Blackout

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  • Intent: To create a Unique vessel for Support of Naval Op's
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Jast Shipwright Co.
  • Model: Jast Blackout
  • Affiliation: Hala Jast/Open Market
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Dursasteel, Quadanium Frame, Transpari-glass
  • Classification: Support Frigate
  • Length: 300M
  • Width: 72M
  • Height: 100M
  • Armament: None

  • Defenses: Average

  • 10x Flares
  • 10x Chaff Cannons
  • 2x Shield Generator

  • Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Extreme
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average 2.0


  • Burn Baby, Burn!: The Jast Blackout can burn like hell to get away from threats and incoming enemy attacks. With her having almost no weapons nor cargo space it frees up some of the weight allowing her to run and live to see another day.
  • Blackout: The Blackout was named for it's specific intent. It enters the field and flips it's switches, destroying communications efficiency, wreaking havoc on enemy systems and blacking out the sensors of other craft. At the same time it can Slice from afar, so whilst the enemy scrambles to get their bearings, the Blackout is already hacking into systems and causing damage.

  • No Arms: The Jast Blackout has no weapons, thus cannot be brought into direct combat with other vessels. It was a necessity to load her out with other viable means of disruption.
  • One Channel Open: The Jast Blackout cannot jam all channels as such at least one channel must remain open on the vessel that it is trying to slice. This gives their adversaries one other Vessel to converse with.
  • Power me down Charlie: When the Jast Blackout runs both systems at the same time, it's shields go down due to the power draw. This makes it an easy target. Best kept a great distance from the main battle line.

Commanders in the field have long overlooked the tactical advantage of being able to blind your enemy, destroy their commo networks and hack their systems. During the recent report of the Hoth Invasion by the Galactic Alliance, Jast Shipwright Co. Engineers read an interesting report of [member="Cathul Thuku"] attempting widespread Electronic Warfare on the enemy.

Basing an entire ship around the idea they set out to work, designing a perfect support vessel for both large Faction and Smuggler fleets alike. A beauty to behold, the Jast Blackout was outfitted with cheap, but redundant Jamming and Slicing systems. with a vessel solely dedicated to E-Warfare on the field the enemy will have a hard time keeping up.

Bring multiples and all hell breaks loose. Almost a full scale Blackout across the board...
[member="Hala Jast"]

If this thing jams enemy communications hitting them with lots of noise how does it then slice the enemy ships?

If an enemy vessel can't make out signals in incoming communications then how does it get sliced into?

I do not believe it should be able to do these two jobs at the same time.

Breaking into their systems whilst jamming sensors only would make more sense.

The 220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jamming Device was a Aratech Repulsor Company and Kuat Drive Yards designation for a powerful jamming system that was produced for the Galactic Empire. They were used as a form of electronic warfare by severely hindering enemy sensors and targeting computers, as well as blocking all communications in the given area.
Hundreds of such devices were present on the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, forcing Rebel pilots to visually scan their targets from within the cockpit. Presumably the 220-SIG did not interfere with the sensors and targeting computers on the craft it had been installed on, as the Death Stars turbolasers targeting and sensor arrays were unaffected.

The NEEDLE remote slicing unit was designed by the Anomid Schism Collective during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. A NEEDLE unit was mounted on starships and allowed pilots to wreak havoc with enemy ships' systems.

There is no mention that a Needle has to have communications to slice into enemy ships. And also the fact that the 220 Sig tactical jammer is installed on my ship means I have options. I could for instance choose to leave on channel open, if that's your argument, which I would slice through.
[member="Hala Jast"]

I have read both submissions and also went to the source material but thank you for reposting them.

Add that you need to leave a channel open for slicing. Unless you have an ingress mechanism to insert and retrieve data from a vessel there is quite obviously no way to carry out slicing.

Given the power output of a 300m vessel, can you place some sensible limitations on an individual ships ability to cause havoc?
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