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Jasmine Lancaster

Asbjorn Olafsson

[SIZE=20pt]Jasmine Lancaster[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]NAME:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Jasmine Lancaster[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=9pt]AFFILIATION:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]The Omega Protectorate, (The Jedi Covenant), (The Levantine Sanctum), Seren Sanctuary Orphanage[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]RANK:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Jedi Padawan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]SPECIES:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Human[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]AGE:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]19[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=9pt]SEX:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Female[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]EYES:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Gray[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]HAIR:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Black[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]SKIN:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt]Paleish Caucasian[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Jasmine is Force-sensitive, just like her older sister Lilith Mae, but she is far more advanced at using it. She is also a lot braver and has actually got some basic knowledge about the Force. She is very caring and she loves children, which might also be the reason why she often plays with little kids on the streets. Besides all of that, she is also very nimble because of her body.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Although Lilith really cares about Jasmine, Jasmine doesn’t ever want to see her sister again. That’s why she is constantly avoiding going to the Sith space (she knows Lilith is a Sith). She doesn’t like sitting in the Jedi rooms to learn new things and she certainly isn’t very loyal even to her own Master, she is also very stubborn, which all is not a very typical Jedi thing and might be really dangerous for Jasmine.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=9pt]Like Lilith, her sister, Jasmine was born to a Jedi family who didn't like the Jedi Code. Lilith was six years old when Jasmine was born, but unlike her older sister, their parents loved her. They taught her everything and even before the Jedi took Jasmine away from their parents, they taught her both a few Force abilities and some knowledge of it. She was taken away to the Jedi Temple when she was three years old.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=9pt]But before she was taken away, something tragic happened. It has never been mentioned by anyone, but both she and Lilith have bad memories about it. The whole tragic experience has followed her in her life and now as an adult, she has decided to find the reason this tragedy ever happened.[/SIZE]​
As she joined the Jedi Order, Jedi Knight Nala Tu was assigned as her Master. She really like her, but due to still unknown reasons, their times of working together were short and Jasmine had basically no time to learn anything under her guidance. Still wondering what happened to her, she moved on with her life and tried studying alone, even though it's definitely not what the Jedi High Council likes. And that lead her to meeting Thurion Heavenshield. On a beautiful day fulfilled with independent studying, Jasmine met Heavenshield in a park where they talked about each others' lives and even learned a bit. Their relationship was rather interesting, considering the fact, that they were together only for hours, but they already felt deeper feelings for each other.
Agreeing to go with him to travel around the galaxy, she got the chance to meet many interesting people and see amazing places, but she often went back to the Order to train a bit more or just to report her life to the Council. On one of these times, she was supposed to meet Antares Windu, her next appointed Master.


Asbjorn Olafsson

Player Character Relations

[FAMILY] Darth Malificete // Lilith Mae Lancaster
Jasmine and Lilith have always loved each other since the first day the saw each other. But neither of them knows the Secret of Jasmine's Tragedy, which binds them even closer to each other.

[MASTER] Nala Tu
Nala was the very first Master of Jasmine. She believed in the girl and the girl believed in her. She trained Jasmine in Telekinesis. Jasmine still doesn't know what happened to her, because she hasn't seen her after their training.

[MASTER] Thurion Heavenshield
Even though just met, Jasmine felt like Thurion is her friend; someone she could trust. It doesn't matter to her if the man doesn't feel the same way. They talked about each other's lives, forming an emotional bond between the two. Now Thurion and Jasmine have a relationship of master and padawan.

Asbjorn Olafsson

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Mr. Dizzy Man
I clicked on the "Jasmine's Theme" in your sig and now I'm listening to all of the songs listed under the channel xD

Just wanted to say thank you =) Your characters always look good to me, and I hope you'll be able to expand on all of them as you go.

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