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NAME: Jar'varkh (Clan Baikh'vair)
RANK: None
AGE: Unknown
HEIGHT: 1.3 Meters
WEIGHT: 86kg
EYES: Dark Yellow
HAIR: None
SKIN: Dark Grey

LANGUAGES: Honoghran (Spoken), Galactic Basic (Understands)


(+) Prowess: Being born of the Baikh'vair Clan, Jar'varkh was immediately conscripted into Imperial service as a Death Commando. In addition to his training, the bloodline of famed Noghri such as Rukh and Mushkil flow through his veins. Both were exemplary Commandos and adept in killing. Jar'varkh was also given intense training during his time as a Death Commando.

(+) Heritage: Being Noghri, Jar'varkh is the very definition of an assassin. Fangs, keen eyesight, and olfactory organs so sensitive that he could smell a being's bloodline.
(-) Cruelty: Jar'varkh was bred to be a killing machine, and became a superb one. This left him unfeeling in emotional aspects, leaving no room for regret no matter who or what his target was. He will not stop unless he had completed his mission, been ordered off, or killed.
(-) Fear: After Imperial service, he fears the upper echelons of the Sith Empire. That fear drives him away from their territory and members. Jar'varkh fears that he will be sent back into the Imperial service and end up getting his clan killed off.


Jar'varkh, born of the Baikh'vair clan, was born on Honoghr during the Imperial regime. His Father and Mother were unknown to him as their clan adopted a central education system, all offspring being taught and trained together in a collective group. The entire clan took responsibility to caring for and instructing the young in skills like: reading and speech comprehension, math, and science. Soon enough they were ready to advance into the stages of the honorable society, the skill of martial fighting. Jar'varkh was never the best of his group, yet he managed to stay near the top of the rankings when competitions came around. He continued his training into the likes of melee weapons, showing extreme prowess with swords and similar weapons. In this aspect, Jar'varkh remained at the top of his class until adulthood.

As the Noghri progressed throughout his training and service to the community, it was time for the periodic recruitment by the Imperials. The so-called Galactic Empire that promised to rebuild and strengthen his homeland and people in exchange for warriors and their skills. Jar'varkh wanted nothing more than to prove his worth and ensure that his Clan would be safe, so he joined the ranks of the Empire's famed Death Commandos. He displayed great skill in the dispatching of Imperial foes, quickly earning reputation within the Death Commando's ranks.

However, the turn of the century came when Grand Admiral Thrawn was assassinated by his relative, Rukh. This murderous act broke the ties between Honoghr and the Empire, steeling Jar'varkh's resolve to desert the Imperial Death Commandos and attempt to get home and reunite with his clan to live peacefully. This was not to be. Jar'varkh's escape would have been successful should he input the correct coordinates to reach Honoghr. This mistake led to the assassin being rocketed towards Kessel, the mining world. His fighter crashed landed, wounding the Noghri to the point of being unable to defend himself against the slavers that salvaged the wreck.

Enslaved, angry, and lost, Jar'varkh remains on Kessel working in the spice mines awaiting the chance to escape.

None, yet.

None, yet.


None, yet.


The Sandman
Nifty, you're from the days of the original empire. I'd be interested to see how you survived the plague. If you're looking for a ruffian to help you cause some chaos you know who to call. ;)
First off, I'd need to get off of Kessel and outta the hands of those slavers. And since Noghri are honorable like the wookies, he'd owe a life debt to whomever saved him. I'll be kicking off an Open RP for this soon :)

As for the Gulag plague, I'll probably edit in about the fact of an isolated mining world.


The Sandman
I would be honored to free you, as for life debt does that double as partner in crime? :p

Qhorin Solas

They can't save you @[member="Jar'varkh"] if I've cut them all up into bite-size pieces.