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Approved Planet Jamoura [Moon]

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Evasion Studios

Name: Jamoura


  • Region: Mid Rim
  • System: Former Senex Juvex Sector, Currently Athega System
  • Suns: Athega
  • Orbital Position: Farthest orbital ring
  • Moons: Jamoura -is- a moon.
  • Coordinates: P26 (at the cross section of the Corellian trade spine, and the Sanctuary pipeline)
  • Rotational Period: 32 Galactic Standard Hours
  • Orbital Period: 876 Galactic Standard Days


Description: Jamoura is a moon made up of a range of varied metals and metallic minerals in virtually all sizes and flavors. Rock formations are heavily laden with the deposits of raw metal such as durasteel, quadranium, titanium, and other general alloys. There are no rare metals in the formation of the moon, but the abundance of so many kinds is impressive. The core of the moon is EXTREMELY dense mostly due to a mixture of metals fused together. Through this increased gravitational field, a rich electromagnetic atmosphere formed above the cloud lines, encompassing the entire moon. A continual radiating energy field of various electromagnetic frequencies cover the planet in a dense thick canopy of signals and waves so potent that it is visible to the naked eye as an eerie blue haze arcing across every crevice of the moon. Due to the atmosphere and ground material the gravity of the planet is of an unstable and ever-shifting nature making the moon a wandering orb in the sky.

While signals are free to roam in and out of the electric blue field of energy, ships of nearly make and model are toyed with in catastrophic means. Being pulled and pushed, jerked around and losing all power near instantly if they fall into the gravity fields and enter into the upper atmosphere of the electromagnetic field. Landing is not done, so much as crashing is, and hoping that you survive. Finding a way to navigate the fields is extremely daunting, and oftentimes results in failure. Hundreds of pilots and ships alike laden the deep ravines and canyons that pepper the moon's surface. Goods transported to the planet have only been successful in non-powered shuttles jettisoned from cargo ships in non-metallic housing at specific coordinates. There is also a crafted space-tether that will shoot goods down to the surface if properly attached to the tethering system.

  • Class: Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 4,238.4 kilometers
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Climate: Arid and dry.
  • Gravity: Varies between 0.2g - [≈ Metric carat, 200 milligrams] 0.8g dependent on location and orbital position
  • Primary Terrain: Mountains, Caves, Caverns. High metallic content.
  • Native species: No native species
  • Immigrated species: Various humanoid species.
  • Primary languages: Galactic Standard Basic and Binary
  • Government: Generally non-existent on most of the moon, but the Command Central colony is of a semi-oligarchy governmental body.
  • Population: 30-45,000
  • Demonym: Jammers
  • Major cities: Central Command Station
  • Major imports: Foodstuffs, Solar Shielding
  • Major exports: Virtual exports (data via the Holonet)
  • Affiliation: Undecided


Culture: Jamoura has been a floating moon for much of its existence and was only habitable in the last thousand years, there is no current culture that exists. The amalgam of life-forms keeping residence is still widely diversified as contact between life-forms is rare given the size of the moon, and the extremely low population.

Technology: A blanket of electromagnetic frequencies that cover the planet in a potent and visible blue aura. Several high-end platforms and satellite arrays to catch, bounce, and project signals. Several dozen colonial attachments and above ground communication stations and support structures.

History: Some 3300 hundred years ago during a star explosion, Jamoura was created by the gravity wells naturally created from the nova, piecing together the orb step by step until the residual heat fused them all together into a solid orb of floating metal. Over hundreds of years, the slow rotation of the planet began to form an electromagnetic harmony with it's main star at the time creating the field of energy that emanated from the core and began to cover the planet. This only grew stronger as the deep metals in the core became highly magnetized causing the energy to increase in strength.

This shift in the magnetic poles on the planet began to cause it's orbit to malfunction and bit by bit, Jamoura started to break away into the further rings of orbit. Stability wouldn't reach Jamoura until the first few settlers began to find it's entrancing blue hue a beacon of inquiry. It's legend spread soon after as it became the unconquerable moon, leaving dozens and dozens of brave pilots to their demise. Eventually though people did start to funnel in, but it was a slow and lonely immigration. What they found was a rock that was inhospitable, and offered no comforts aside from being able to breathe. Prospectors though soon took interest in it's abundance of materials, and with a little bit of luck and quite a long time, a few command posts were setup as they harvested metal from the moon itself to craft these stations.

Presently Jamoura has moved through one entire system and ended up nearing the end of it's second system voyage. With every passing millennium it seems to remove itself from orbit altogether in search of a new system to pull itself towards. For the last thousand years though it has become a hub of digital traffic with the Central Command post being it's credit-winning notoriety. Hundreds of high-end beowulf clusters are setup around the moon's surface with massive satellite dishes pulling in signals from all over the galaxy. This digital hub of traffic has connected billions of S-thread lanes through the Galaxy and is one of the biggest backbones for the holo-net to this day.


Notable PC's: None Yet.

Intent: To form a slowly wandering moon that would be a temptation and a challenge to the players in the mid-rim sector of space. The unique core of the moon makes it an avid target for prospective miners, but it's treachery and disarming atmosphere lure many to their doom. It is one of the foremost cosmic entities where the Holonet boasts a large amount of it's processing power. As other worlds have digital servers and link among S-threads to other servers; Jamoura is a galaxy wide hub for signal to spread out and in across its surface and to the rest of the galaxy.
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