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James Parker

James Parker

James is a terrorist of kinds, always trying to bring down the system he is roughly thirty years old and is completely insane in the membrane and is not at all force sensitive

Delila Castillon

Hey Parker, you gotta use the template for your bio.
Silver Guardian

James Parker

Name: James Parker
Faction: none
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190 pounds
Skin tone: white
Force sensitive: no
Hair: brown
Weaknesses: easily angered and manipulated


Man No More
@[member="James Parker"] this is still not properly filled out, please edit it to completion.


It'd be in your best interest @[member="James Parker"], not only will it make it easier for us the readers to understand the twisted mind your character has and gives us an understanding as to why. I will quote something that made me kind of understand the importance, it might help you too.
When creating a character, there’s a lot of questions you ask yourself. Whether it’s an original character or one you’ve been playing for a long time, using a character sheet to get to know your character better can always be a nice idea. With its help, you’ll be able to think about things you didn’t necesarily think about, and ask some important questions to yourself that might activate your character’s voice, or help you to get your muse back with them. Everyone has their favorite character sheets, some people prefer to have a lot of questions, some others like it a bit more vague, yet no matter what the importance of a character sheet is vital.
This is the site I like to read when stuck building a fictional character it might help give you ideas: here.