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Name: Jairdain Ismet

Alias: Jera

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 21

Alignment: Sith

Occupation: Sith Knight

Through her life, Jairdain has learned there are times she has to be harsh, cold and hard, these times are few and far between. Most of the time she is easy going, almost always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to be around. She tries to keep a hold of her emotions and remain calm through everything. She has a soft spot for orphaned children and will do anything within her power to help them out. Jairdain is usually soft spoken and would rather watch and listen to what is going on around her than speak out. She knows what is right and wrong and is very stubborn when it comes to her beliefs. She can be a bit naïve though.

Since changing her pleasant demeanor has almost vanished. Instead she is more withdrawn, moody and just rather dark. While not cruel or mean, there is a harsh edge that wasn't there before.

A few generations ago, it was discovered in her people the ability to use the Force, though that term wasn't known to them. These people with special abilities were sent to a school for tutoring in how to enhance and use the Force. In the end, a council of elders was formed and everybody was tested to see if they had the calling to use the Force or not. It was found Jairdain did indeed have the calling, though she is blind. The school still took her in. In her training, there was no light or dark side and all talents were used.

From about the age of ten, Jairdain was given lessons at the school. She does not have any special ability, unless you call remaining calm through everything a special skill. However, she can use push, pull, telepathy and telekinesis pretty well for her class. She also uses the Force to see, but has been doing that since she was a child and it is as natural to her as breathing. Due to her being blind, Jairdain has excellent hearing.

When she was 15, her family fell ill, along with all the other families from her class. It was believed by the elders this class caused the plague and banished all of them from the planet. She was given a ship, and vibrosword, a few provisions and money. She left her planet, bidding farewell to everything she's ever known because of the plague.

As she was in the outskirts of her solar system, she "saw" behind her a blinding light though no sound reached her ears. She felt the death of the many people on her planet as it was destroyed. Jairdain doesn't know how it happened, but felt it had something to do with the other outcasts like herself.

She is now 18 and in her travels, she's heard of the Jedi. In the end, she decides to go and search for them to further her training and complete what was started eight years ago on Eraton.

Through the course of her adventures Jairdain was captured and held prisoner, starved and beaten to be used as a sacrifice. She only escaped this fate when Dominion forces rescued her. In her time recovering with them, she was given her Jedi Knight trials and became Knight with them. Once she recovered, she returned to the Silver Jedi. When she returned, she was welcomed back and promised if taken captive again, a rescue would be sent. She also fell in love two Jedi.

With them she was involved in a skirmish where she became acquainted with the Sith Lord Lykos after a grueling mental duel. It left them both scarred and bonded.

Shortly after this, the Jedi was on a mission to Charros IV for diplomatic purposes when the Sith infiltrated, attacked the area where the conference was being held and had Jairdain captured. Lord Krest had her taken to Bastion where she was held prisoner. While in captivity, she was over the course of months corrupted to turned into a Sith Knight.

When she changed, a new name was picked by her and she changed it to Aurai Horaen.

Home planet: Eraton (Destroyed) Beyond the Outter Rim

Force-Sensitive? Yes
Force Powers: Core skills, naturally uses the Force to "see"
Battle Meditation
Pyro Kinesis
Cryo Kinesis
Force Healing
Force Vision
Beast Trick
Force Lightening
Force Barrier
Force Stealth
Force Cloak
Art of the Small
Quey'tek Meditation

Non Force Skills:
Hyper and Hypo Cardio Meditation

Appearance: Long, straight and black hair, bright violet eyes and light brown skin
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Clothing: She usually wears an ivory colored tunic, tan, soft leather pants, brown, kneehigh boots and a black and green cloak.
White shirt, black vest, gloves, pants and boots.

Weapon: Vibrosword, green bladed lightsaber, red lightsaber
​Ship: A personal single pilot ship similar to an X-wing.

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