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Approved Starship J-Type 327 Nubian Royal Starship (Classic)

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Darth Strelok
  • Intent: To create a classic yacht

  • Classification: Royal Yacht
  • Length: 76 meters
  • Width: 30.1 meters
  • Height: 9.8 meters
  • Armament: None
  • Defenses: Very High
Chromium Hull

Heavy Deflector Shield

Heavy Ion Shield

Target Jammers

Missile Deactivators
  • Hangar Space: Average
  • Hangar Allocations: 0
  • Single Craft Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very High
  • Speed Rating: Very High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Fast | 1.8
  • Luxury Yacht fit for Royalty, capable of holding multiple Astromech Droids
  • Extreme Speed and Manueverability
  • Amazing Beauty

Extreme Hotness: Look at it. Behold its Magnificence. Such vessels are among the greatest ever constructed. Even with its lack of armaments, someone can make a legend of themselves flying this thing. You can open quite a few doors, possibly net yourself quite the favor if you give it to someone who has fallen in love with it. But can you part with such a glory?

Pietro: Its Speeds and Manueverability make it able to possibly match even the fastest modern starfighter, able to dodge and weave out of shots that would catch vessels even a hairs breadth lesser in space frame design and engines

Tank: This thing can take an incredible beating from even the most modern armament, and it can make a fast jump to hyperspace even if its hyperdrive has suffered mild damage


No Weapons: The price for such agility is the complete lack of weapons to attack back with

Repair Expenses: If this thing gets damagaed you are NOT fixing it with off the shelf parts lying around. Either get more 327 parts or call a tow

Age: Due to the age of these unsecured examples, while they still fly perfectly, they require more calibrations and basic maintainance than usual. True Love is worth taking care of.

Gollum Syndrome: Someone who falls in love with your prize may obsess over it. In fact, its highly unlikely you won't have at least someone tailing you to steal it, for it will have become their precious.

Acquisition Difficutly: Obtaining an unsecured example off Naboo is of immense difficulty, residing often in secret collections or the most secured hangars with often lethal defenses or powerful guardians even to defend such craft. The best chance of getting one is actually going to Naboo to find and investigate any rumors. But if you are on the trail, chances are other treasure hunters are also, as well as the authorities. On top of that, keeping it may be more difficult then you think: The ship is still considered the property of the Royal House of Naboo, and should you enter their system with it, they will try to confiscate it.

Dedicated Crew Required: Without modifications, the vessel still requires a dedicated crew


The J-Type 327 Nubia Royal Starship is among the most beautiful yachts ever constructed. With legendary speed and agility, the 327 can compete with even the fastest modern starship, outrunning determined pursuers. Reserved exclusively for Naboo Royalty, unsecured examples are of extreme difficulty to acquire, and the aged examples this sub covers require more tune ups than usual despite flying and otherwise operating perfectly due to their legendary quality, even a near full millenia after their initial construction. A massive prestige symbol, they sell for up to a billion whenever one hits the black market. Two Billion, if it can be verified as coming from the era of the initial rise of the Galactic Empire. Smugglers who obtain these vessels often extensively modify the internals, but never the external, for obvious reasons. Its too beautiful to descrate that way.
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Cool shipr!
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