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I've Got A Jar of Dirt!

Outer Rim Oreworks Company Facility, Apatros

There were some things in the Galaxy that even the passing of millennia cannot change. For the desolate world known as Apatros, this particular, unending characteristic was the drilling and mining of the riches below its surface. For thousands of years, presence after presence had exploited that which laid beneath in its mines; and this day would be no different. The only miniscule detail which fluctuated was that of the seller and buyer. Today, it would be a Nemoidian whose true name was unknown to the pending client, for he simply preferred to be known as Foreman.

Foreman was a simple man. He ran an immaculate operation that was only inches away from being apart of the growing sphere of influence known as Confederate Space. However, he was also a stone's throw away from being within the clutches of the Protectorate. Either way, his humble operation was going to be coming into contact with some bigger fish at some point, and it was the Confederay who came knocking on the door first. He had set up an appointment to meet with one Myra Subach and/or her assistant Polarice in order to broker a deal about the precious treasure that called Apatros home.

And in exchange, he was wanting a break. A big one.

@[member="Myra Subach"], @[member="Pandeima"].
It seemed that more and more, @[member="Genesis Rostu"] was coming to Myra Subach in order to get his own agenda forward. This occasion seemed no different, particularly in regards to the necessity of acquiring mining rights from this forsaken world. What Genesis had been up to, she didn't know, but as long as it helped Subach with credits and the like, she didn't really care.

Speaking of Subach, Myra had been surprised to find out more about Polarine - more precisely, Circe Savan - had been her faithful employee for quite some time. The revelation of her resurrection wasn't as surprising as her choosing to let Myra retail fficial control of the company, and while Circe officially could tell Myra what to do, she was more hands-off, preferring to only focus on expanding Subach's Sith operations.

And it was with that that she landed in her shuttle, Circe following and taking notes. They had mining rights to acquire.
Unlike the meeting that had transpired on Halm, this was not an encounter that would be characterized by delecacies and formalities. No, what the two women were walking into was a ramshackle building erected from sheet metals. This was Foreman's office and a location of temporary rest and recovery for the miners. Foreman was what one would consider "cost-effective" in that he did not spend a single credit he did not deem worth spending. As such, the luxuries of air conditioning, lunch, and other accommodations were not to be found within the veritable shack. All that awaited the women were a few chars strewn about, a long table, and a Nemoidian.

Foreman sat at the head of the table, as silent as the grave. His arms were folded across his chest and he awaited the arrival of the Confederates most patiently. His mind swam with what the possible gains from this encounter could be...and he hoped they were quite numerous in sum.

"Come on in ladies, been expecting you."

@[member="Myra Subach"].
The facility was well-worn, but then again, wasn't her father's building the same way when he first began his company many years ago? She sat down on a scrap metal chair, as did Polarine, preparing to make this deal.

"So, Foreman... Shall we get down to business?"

She was eager to get underway.

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]
The gruff Nemoidian regarded the woman before him with intrigue plastered upon his face. Perhaps it was pure happenstance that he had yet to do business dealings with a woman before; but then again, the Nemoidian businesses tended to be characterized by men at the helm. Regardless of this simple fact, there were no reservations or prejudices that Myra would have to overcome; for Foreman was interested in one thing, and one thing only: money.

"Yes, let's get down to it. You represent the neighboring giant, and I control the mining operations on this planet. I'd wager that you want to work out some sort of deal that secures you some of the 'oh so precious' ore that I acquire and refine, correct? So, I'll begin by asking...are you looking to buy the ore, or do you want to buy a spot to dig it yourselves?"

@[member="Myra Subach"].
"Personally, I'm of the opinion that I'd like to acquire both. The more ore we can get overall, the better, after all. And the more credits that flow into your own pocket, Foreman." She paused, letting the indication sink in. "But perhaps we can come up with a three-way deal. I'd be willing to, in addition to purchasing your entire ore stockpile and acquiring mining rights to a good portion of the planet, give you all-new mining equipment that will strip ore from the planet at least twice as fast as your current models. In exchange for that added bonus, the CIS would only ask for a small sum, say five percent, of the ore you dig up with the new machines."

She smiled. The best way to get more was to upgrade... With conditions of course.
The Nemoidian was quiet for a moment, for he was carefully mulling over the offer that was placed before him. This was a good trait that any businessman worth his salt would have, as it denoted the fact that he would not rush forward into commitments without carefully weighing his options. There were a few truths that were laid before him at that moment. The first of which was that the Confederacy was not hurting for credits, as they were willing to spend millions of credits for the stockpile of unrefined and refined ore. The second truth was that they were making quite the sweet offer; thereby implying a need...yes, this was a decent deal, one that made sure quite a sum of credits were his to claim.

"If you've got the coin to pay for our stockpile, than I have no reservations about selling it to you. It won't be cheap, as I'm certain you know. You're looking at...millions, at least, for what we have at the moment. Now, I can't in all good conscience take a chunk of my operation and hand it over to you; it's bad for business. I've got workers to keep employed and all that joy. So, my hands are tied on that particular end of the bargain. However, I'm not unreasonable...I will consider the mining equipment that you have offered as currency towards the stockpile, and for whatever equipment you hand over, I'll knock some zeroes off of the end of your bill."

"Now, since I cannot give you mining rights, how's about we work out a nice little deal about the future spoils? I'd be willing to mine and refine a reasonable percentage of ore specifically for usage by the Confederacy; for as long as the term of this deal lasts. Let's say...hmm...five years. For five years, I'll mine and refine a good...thirty-five percent of my total gains just for your usage. That is, if you're willing to pay for it, and shipping."

@[member="Myra Subach"].
"I'd say that sounds fair." Myra smiled. "Shall we officially sign on it?" There wasn't much more for Myra to do or say aside from making the deal. Polarine had astutely recorded everything that had gone on, a record for the Grand marshal to look over.

"Shall we sign on it?"
And just like that, the Nemoidian had made certain that he was quite a heap richer than before. This was his lucky day, more or less; for the deal gave him quite a few benefits. He did not have to worry about ferrying the ore from his compound to wherever destination that the Confederacy desired; for they would come and get it themselves. Furthermore, he was walking away with better equipment, and steady sales for the next five years. All this for doing business as usual. Ah yes, Foreman was quite pleased with this turn of events, and with a rare smile he agreed.

"I see no reason why not, where's the dotted line?"

@[member="Myra Subach"].
Myra smiled. Subach-Innes had freighters and cargo containers which would be used to ship the ore off-planet, bringing it to Confederate space were the resources could be refined and utilized by the Confederacy for whatever plans @[member="Genesis Rostu"] had for the material. Pulling out a datapad, she gave her signature, handing it to the Neimodian and watching as he did the same. With a smile, she prepared to turn and leave.

"Pleasure doing business with you."

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