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It's not easy being Green

At best the Mando Empire and the CIS had neutral feelings about each other, but over the course of a few years relationships had waned a lot, skirmished, allies being declared against, over all it was kind of a mess. Still there was always hope for a more diplomatic arrangement to things, or at least an understanding of planets in the CIS that did not wish to fight against the Mando Empire, and Chikako was such person.

Being the new Vicroy of Tythe she was not overly keen to be brought on a war path with the empire and have their ships descend upon her already struggling world and bombing it into oblivion. As such the young Echani took it upon herself to conduct 'diplomatic' talks with the mandos on the nearby planet of Concord Dawn, unpopulated and secure from the rest of the empire, at lest she thought.

Though the Mando Empire had reformed a little there where still many of the 'kill all force users' and 'do another crusade' types among their ranks no sooner had he shuttle entered the system coming under fire crashing crashing on the nearby moon.

Chikako rose from the wreckage... well more she rose the wreckage of her ship, slipping out from under some rubble, her white hair dirtied, clothes torn, "I have the worse luck, first Naboo, then Tatooine, now here, does space god have it out for me"? Hopefully the thought she was dead, but either way Chikako needed to get out of the open, only question was to go, and how to get help. After all she came here in secret, not like a rescue party was going to come searching anytime soon.

[member="Seaja Linata"]

Seaja Linata

Seaja had only been on the third moon of Concord Dawn for a few rotations, but she had already gained the attention of corrupt local powers, and experienced multiple close calls. On her first day on the moon she had witnessed a shootout thank ended in the death of one participant, and she herself had nearly been hit in the crossfire. If it were not for her unnaturally fast Force-powered reflexes, she wouldn't still be here. She did not understand the warrior culture of the inhabitants of the moon and the planet it revolved around, how they could take life so easily.

Seaja had made the mistake of sticking around while the authorities arrived. Apparently one of their security droid had identified her from the crowd as having a large bounty on her head, and the local police dispatched a few officers to take her down. After the initial chase, Seaja had spent the last few days weaving through dark alleyways avoiding most people and looking for a way off the settlement.

Currently Seaja found herself sitting on a roof munching on the nuts and meats she had found within a quick-meal pack. She was watching the horizon, looking out across the blue-grey skies and mountainous terrain and lost in her thoughts, when something caught her attention. At first it was just a smoky dot on the horizon, but as it got closer she realized it was a spaceship. A shuttle, in fact. Seaja stood up, squinting to get a better look. The ship seemed to be in trouble, smoke and sparks spouting from it in alarming amounts. Suddenly it careened and a large chunk of it tore off, the remainder of the ship bursting into flames as it headed towards a crash landing.

Mental alarms blaring, Seaja took a leap from the roof she was on to the next one over, and then the other, and the other, as the ship smashed into the ground and came grounding to a halt. She realized there must have been beings inside, and something inside her sensed that there was at least on survivor. Leaping to the ground and breaking into a sprint, Seaja took off toward the wreckage. As she ran, she passed a squadron of local security droids, whose sensors lit up as they identified her as a suspect.

"Stop right there, criminal!" The droid intoned at her monotonously, raising its blaster and firing off a blast at the fleeing Mirialan.

Seaja sensed the blast coming and dived, the stun ray going over her head and into a wall nearby. She rolled to her feet and jumped into a nearby speeder bike, whose owner screamed in anger as she sped off with a youthful, "Sorry!"

Seaja directed the bike towards the wreckage, coming to a stop and hopping off once she reached the smoking mess of the shuttle. She could hear sirens off in the distance, but she was focused on helping the presence she sensed nearby. "Hello?" She called out. "Is there anybody there?"
Chikako's ears where still ringing when she got our of the wreckage, eyes darting around to see where she was, what happened and what to do next, and for the most part it looked more or less hopeless, well that was until she saw... no felt someone approach. The light side of the force fluctuating with said person as they came closer, a Jedi out here? or at the lest some non dark side affiliated for user? maybe a Mando? no to few of them actually used the gift in the force but that was not all. In their signature was a little bit of worry, for herself but also just in general, definitely not a Mando, but it still did not give her the answer she needed about why they where he.

Moving away from the crash her silver eyes looked up to see a... Mirialan of all things running towards the crash site, 'hu, don't think I've ever seen a Mirialan up close'. Even more since the Sith took control of their home world, but a newcomer sight never the least, "hey, over *cough* here", she spluttered a bit, walking towards the newcomer.

[member="Seaja Linata"]

Seaja Linata

Following her intuition, Seaja moved through the burning wreckage, navigating towards the life form that she sensed nearby. She was peering into a dark hallway filled with smoke when she heard a weak voice sound from behind her. Through the smoke and sparks to her left, Seaja spotted a young female Echani stumbling towards her.

"Oh goodness." Seaja gasped and hurried over to the other girl, immediately supporting her. "Are you hurt badly?" She asked, helping her over towards the stolen speederbike. Meanwhile, the approaching sirens of the local police forces had been getting continually louder, and before they reached the bike, the officers had arrived. There was a squadron of them, all spread out in a semi-circle around the two girls.

"Come out with your hands up!" Demanded one of the officers, his helmet enhancing his voice.

Seaja groaned under her breath and looked at the Echani next to her. "I'm sorry, I don't know what these guys' problem is." There was a hint of desperation in the young Mirialan's voice, and the same emotion was reflected in her eyes. Her mind racing, the Mirialan considered her options. She couldn't turn herself in: they would sell her. Her heart sinking, she turned back to the Echani next to her.

"You've got to go out without me. They're after me, I'm a criminal to them. I don't think they'll hurt you, and you need assistance." The Echani girl looked wounded, after all.

[member="Chikako Liona"]
Chikako's vision was still a little hazy when the girl approached, but soon found slight comfort in her supporting grasp, their attire, fore signature... it had to be some sort of Jedi, perhaps luck was on her side for once. Well that was until the sounds of sirens blaring in the distance came forward, one more making the young Ehcani's heart sink, now law enforcement was after them, just great, well at the least it was after this girl, but why?

"Your a force user in mando space, that would be reason enough, but you don't seem like a bad person", she could feel it, the genuine care but also the ever present hint of worry. There was not telling what the local government would do to a girl like her, and to heck if Chikako was just going to stand there and do nothing. "No, I am standing my ground, I belive I too am in trouble, besides you where willing to help me, I must pay you back somehow, allow me to talk with them".

"Besides I have a feeling there 'assistance' won't be whats needed, and the last thing I want is some political scandal if I'm found out, no we need to either fight or run, do you know if I could talk our way out of this"? If not just making a huge sand storm, lighting storm, just something to give them the chance to run, problem was what to do from there? Whatever the case Chikako was determine to get off this planet as soon as possible, and if need be take this rouge woman with her.

[member="Seaja Linata"]

Seaja Linata

Seaja tensed with fear, nearly dropping the Echani girl, when she called her a Force user.

"H-how.. how do you know..?" Her voice shook and her words caught in her mouth, revealing how confused and scared she was that this stranger she pulled out of wreckage somehow knew her darkest secret.

Before she could finish the sentence, [member="Chikako Liona"] continued talking. Seaja's heart rose when the Echani told her she seemed like a nice person, but she didn't have time to respond with a thank you because the stranger was going on, explaining that she was determined to help Seaja. The Miralian ex-slave felt her heart leap again. This stranger's wholehearted kindness was a very pleasant surprise to a girl now expectant of selfish and manipulative beings intent on using the Miralian's bad fortune for their own gain.

The police were now getting off of their bikes and closing in on the site, trapping the two girls. Seaja drew her blaster pistol, a small palm-sized weapon that was far from intimidating or seriously threatening. After a moment's consideration, she extended it in offering to the Echani, pulling out her only other weapon for herself, a small stun baton.

"Please, take this. I don'y know if they'll listen to diplomacy, and you're hurt, you should have the blaster."
"Ho ho, I can sense it, but if not that your attire screams Jedi, or is that just regular clothing where you come from"? after all she was not very knowledgeable about Mirlalan culture, perhaps long robed clothing was common there. Either way she had confirmed the fact so there was not much to explain but now fact the current threat that posed the two... wait did her rescuer know that she was force sensitive?

Getting completely to her feat the Echani woman looked to the green skinned counterpart with a strange glance as they handed over a small blaster, "Um, would it be odd to say I never really use these? blade are more my thing". Regardless it was a weapon and it may have been more advantageous to have it in this situation then spend 2 minutes summoning a storm to take care of the police droids, but before all that she wanted to see if there was some diplomatic option to this all.

As the droids drew closer the cleared her throat *Ahem*, "Good day to you two there, my name I Chicako Lion, a representative from the Confederacy of independent systems who had arrived here to discuss possible talks with the Mandaliran empire". "Though I have no impeded upon your space, came armed or changed away from previously designated traveling space I was shot down, I ask... no demand an explanation for such matters".

She was not sure if the droid could feel intimidation or not, but she certainly was going to try and show dominance either way, tis to be expected of a noble woman, but more so to draw attention away from the Mirialan girl hopefully.

[member="Seaja Linata"]

Seaja Linata

Seaja frowned slightly and looked down over her brown robes. They were normal for a Miralian, and were simply what her masters had given her to wear when she was a slave. She felt a little bitterness along with that thought, that they had dressed her up in the clothes of her people as some sort of mockery. But something else that [member="Chikako Liona"] said caught her attention.

"Jedi?" Seaja was certainly no Jedi. Also, what did the girl mean by "sense it"? Was the girl Force sensitive too?

Seaja watched with concern as the wounded Echani approached the armed droids, demanding an explanation in an imperious voice. Even though the tone was not directed at her, she felt the power that the other girl commanded in her voice, and she herself felt quelled by it. The girl was confident, assertive, entitled, almost: the exact opposite of the Miralian.

Unfortunately, the droids were not as perceptive to these subtleties as Seaja.

"Stop right there!" Said one droid as Chikako stepped forward. The droids ignored her command, setting their sights on the Echani. "You are collaborating with a known criminal, resisting arrest, and threatening an officer while armed!"

Offering no further explanation, the droid fired off a blast from its weapon, aimed directly at Chikako.

Before the other girl could react, Seaja moved with incredible speed, throwing herself on the Echani and knocking her to safety behind the cover of a piece of debris as more blasts flew over their heads. Seaja tried to move and cried out in pain; the blaster bolt had grazed her back, burning through robes and flesh and leaving her wounded. With great effort, Seaja rolled off of her new Echani friend and struggled onto her hands and knees, trying to pull both of them behind further cover as she explained the droid's aggression to her companion.

"They... are after the bounty on my head, on orders from corrupt local officials. They don't care about.. the law... just money." She spoke through teeth gritted in pain.
Chikako had given a small smile to the girl before leaving to talk with the officer droids, yes she was force sensitive, but not in the normal way, she was a witch, user of magic, more power, but more concentration, though she still retained a few basic skills. Still she was not front line fighter, even with her knowledge of Echani marital arts and sword skills, but what would you expect from someone how suffered from amnesia not to long ago.

Upon talking with the droid things went south, very quickly, the moment the machines raised it's blaster she was ready to strike, but knew that several droids and point blank range was a death wish. Fortunately, despite it hurting upon impact, the Mirialan had tackled Chikako to the side, taking part of the shot in the process, the smell of burning flesh and clothing coming from her side, "oh my, not good, not good at all".

"Corrupt local law enforcement, tsh tsh tsh, that won't do, but I think we are in a pickle now" she replied, blaster blots whizzing over their heads, or striking against the durasteel plate between them and the droids. "I would ask why there is a bounty on your head but I having a feeling it is fake, done so these droids would go after you, silly program driven hunks of junk". It was during these times she wished she knew force crush, but she did have a skill just as good... hopefully.

"Okay so you know... I am a force user to and all, and I have been learning the skill ionize, I could take down the droids but I need them close to hit them all at the same time, also I need time to charge it". If she tried to go out there now and do it she'd be plunged full of holes in an instant, they needed to be practical if the two wanted to get out of here alive.

[member="Seaja Linata"]