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I was foolishly allowed to be an administrator again. Though, it's most likely only for the night. Also, I'm going to bed soon.

So for the lucky ones that are awake and perusing the board at the moment, this is your chance to make a wish and let the genie grant it.

Daxton Bane

I wish that it be declared DAXTON BANE APPRECIATION WEEK. For one week, each Faction would host Appreciation days and holidays and parades. Testimonies from survivors and allies will be posted on the holonets, as his adventures would be shown non stop on all media.

Children would be obliged to obtain at least one Daxton Bane plushie. All Jedi would be required to wear the official Daxton Bane Fan Shirt, "I got a blade for you." or "Misery is tough Mistres." Comes in black, red and neon orange.

On Mandalorian worlds, there would be a re enactment of the classic battles complete with live ammo.

Finally, to the women of the galaxy who have been touched by his darkness, I wish a night of peaceful sleep devoid of the nightmares and dark promises.
Darron Wraith said:
@[member="Daella Apparine"] You know who, @[member=Tefka].

Or @[member="Ashin Varanin"].

You pick.
Both shall be miserable.

Alachei Mnemenos said:
I wish for a lightsaber shaped like a pretzel. :3
I have pretzels shaped like a lightsaber, instead.

@[member="Daxton Bane"], seems like a lot but I'll do my best.

Daxton Bane

Now where would the fun be in that? If I die who will torment the helpless and weak, who will stomp on the dreams of the children, no no, the galaxy would be a poorer more boring place without me.

Besides, I make green and purple look cool.
Eternal Father
Daxton Bane said:
who will stomp on the dreams of the children
Stomp on their dreams? No

Snatch them from the hospital in the dead of the night and then twist their body and mind far beyond their original capacities with the Dark Side of the Force and make them a slave to one day destroy everything they would've loved without my interference?

... Yes.

@[member="Daxton Bane"] @[member="Levia Sol"]