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It's been fun, everyone...

Well, here we are. The faction vote has been concluded and we have a new Faction Owner after over two years with myself at the helm. Like the title says, it's been fun!

Back when I first was voted in as the new FO I must confess I had little idea what I was doing from a technical point-of-view. I had never run a faction before, and certainly never a major faction with over a hundred members at the time! It took some trial and error until I learned the job like the back of my hand.

There's been a lot of good times, and there's been a couple bad times. The first of the latter that I think comes to everyone's minds is the awful conclusion to the Korriban hex rebellion, in which a former member of this faction decided to bomb a large portion of Korriban City rather than permit Sith forces to occupy it. For months to follow the Order was beset by both IC and OOC slander for its actions, most of them coming from the Mandalorians who at the time were on the warpath looking for any excuse to become hostile.

It was a rough time, with constant raids and prodding from the Mandos with seemingly no justification. Incredibly frustrating to me as Grandmaster and Faction Owner, having to deal with it all on both an IC and OOC level. All it did was kill the muse and make me loathe the position. But we got through it. It took a lot of patience and diplomacy on our part, but we got through it.

The good times are too numerous to count: The dominions, the faction roleplays, the training threads and, above all, the people who make up our memberbase. Each of you have been so supportive and loyal to the faction, and it has been my genuine pleasure to have watched you all grow as both writers and characters.

The faction leadership has hereby been handed over to Jedi Master [member="Arisa Yune"], now Grandmaster and Faction Owner. I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say we wish her the best of luck, and I very much look forward to where she will take the Silver Jedi Order from here!

Now, if you'll excuse us, me and the missus have a bun in the oven to care for before we begin a whole new adventure in the raising of our baby boy and settling down on our favourite, snowy world at the edge of the known galaxy. Me and [member="Coci Heavenshield"] will always be around if you guys need anything, ICly or OOCly.
Thank you, and may the Force be with you all!​

Goldielocks/T-Bear/Furry, signing out.​

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
well time to see where the fun times go. Hopefully you two will continue to train and join us in the dominions/faction events.

though at least you aren't instantly plotting to destroy the faction now
[member="Fluggaen Koec Chice Bolsen"] Didn't you get the memo?


Being more serious, Thurion is still around, but ICily, he has retired to his home planet of Midvinter. There he and Coci are helping the locals build up their defenses and develop to better protect themselves from future attack, with the SJO providing close watch above.

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