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It's about time...

Become the Crisis

It was in her hands. The holocron Spencer Jacobs had created to showcase Circe Savan's innocence as the renamed Pandeima eyed over the device made especially for her. This device would prove the salvation of her name and reputation. The Omegans had attempted to render it useless by utilizing a datacron, and the head of the CIS rather foolishly took the holographic images at face value. But this... this was a true holocron, only accessible via the utilization of the Force. Something Genesis could certainly not utilize. In order to demonstrate this, she had rather hastily constructed a datacron, one that looked almost exactly identical to the holocron, but which only stored a joke holorecording.

And so, it was with a ludicrous amount of courage(and knowledge from her fellow Lords of Shadows that Darth Hau- I mean, Val'Ryss was coming to the CIS soon) that she initialized a holocall device, intending to connect with Genesis and, once and for all, clear her name with the CIS. And with that, she waited for him to pick up.

@Genesis Rostu