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Approved Starship Invictus E-Class Star Destroyer

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It's Real to Pretend
image by BladeRadiant
Intent: To rearm and modify the Invictus-class hulks purchased from the Empire.
Manufacturer: Seinar Fleet Systems(originally), Subach-Innes(refit)
Dev thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/15486-militaristic-visitations/
Model: Star Destroyer/Training Vessel
Affiliation: Sith Empire(training version), Mnenchei Dominion(export version), Independent(export version)
Modularity: Minor
Production: Mass-produced

Material: Durasteel
Description: For many years, the Invictus served valiantly as the Sith Empire's front-line Star Destroyer. Its armament and weaponry were the bane of the Republic's first-generation warships. Over time, while it grew severely outdated when compared to newer ships like the Tulak Hord, it was kept in service with minimal updates, likely due to its ability to carry a prefabricated garrison base. When the Ranator was introduced, however, the Invictus's days were over, and the numerous vessels were put into storage.

While outdated, Subach-Innes quickly purchased the lot of battle-worn Star Destroyers - sans systems and weapons, of course - and refitted them into two primary variants. The first was a training vessel, used by the Empire as a training school for TIE pilots. The entire complement consisted of TIE Caridas, the space filled by walkers carrying a mix of TIE Detonators and Fragmentor-class Target Drones used for live-fire target practice. As well, shuttles are carried, replacing the prefabricated garrison base originally used ground assault troops. The Royal Jewel, formerly captained by now-Grand Admiral Aken Bosch, is an example of this type.

The Empire's usage of the Invictuses stems from a desire to increase live-fire training exercises. Such training craft as the TIE Detonator and Fragmentor-class Target Drone had been developed to allow pilots in a TIE series craft the opportunity to engage and be engaged by enemies adequately simulating real fighters. This was so pilots could maintain the skills of experience from actual missions rather than the zero-chance-of-death of simulators, culling inferior pilots and making sure the most talented of the lot survived.

The second, and much more notable variant, was the export model. Designed as a full-scale upgrade, the export variant was the type purchased by the Mnenchei Dominion, refitted by Subach prior to being delivered into their hands. The weapons systems have been significantly improved, and while the complement has been trimmed, the vessel is as a whole superior to its original stock model. Ultimately, though, it is still inferior to the average Star Destroyer or analog belonging to the typical galactic power, and most major factions would likely use these vessels as second-line or supporting ships.

Classification: Capital Ship
Role: Star Destroyer
Height: 550 meters
Width: 600 meters
Length: 1500 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2, Class 12 backup
Minimum Crew: 4,000
Optimal Crew: 30,000

20 turbolaser batteries
20 ion cannon batteries
20 quad lasers
10 tractor beams

50 medium turbolaser batteries
50 turbolaser batteries
10 heavy ion cannon batteries
10 heavy warhead launchers (20 missiles each)
50 heavy quad laser cannons
10 tractor beams

Non-Combative Attachments:
-Long-range Scanners
-Shield Generators (4)

60 TIE Caridas
36 TIE Detonators
36 Fragmentor-class Target Drones
4 Shuttles

72 Fighters/bombers
10 Dropships
10 Gunships
40 Walker barges
1 Prefabricated Garrison Base

Passenger Capacity: 9,000
Cargo Capacity: 35,000 Tons
Consumables: 6 Years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 8

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Circe Savan"]
A few points I'd like to see addressed:
  • The intent, you don't have one.
  • Classification, you don't have one.
  • Armaments: I want the Heavy Turbolasers reduced (Export), I also want to know how many warheads are in each launcher.
  • The description and purpose for Imperial use. Does the Sith Empire even need an entire Star Destroyer series devoted to training? Even the age-old Galactic Empire had simulators and placed officers aboard vessels in junior positions for training. Also, have Sith Empire Faction Admins approved this being exported to the Mnenchei Dominion and Independent sources?
  • Sublight speed, raise it to 8.
@Me when done.
It's Real to Pretend
I've talked to Kaine about the scrapping and sales of the Invictuses, and received his support, yes. As well, the edits have been made.

@[member="Darth Arcis"]
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