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Into the Wilds

Jairdain only once been outside the temple for any amount of time. Having experienced it once and had found peace in the outdoors, she wanted to do it again. While she did not expect to gone for as long as then, she did intend to be gone for a few days. Making sure at least one person knew what she planning, she set out on her journey.

She brought a bag for herself containing a tent in case the weather turned foul and a bedroll. A change of clothes, a few rations if she couldn't capture something to eat as well as fresh water for drinking. Also included were some utensils for eating, plate and a few needed items for preparing food.

Setting out, Jairdain followed what she thought was a trail into the nearby wilds around the temple. The sounds around the temple faded soon and quickly nature surrounded her. Still being close to the temple grounds, there shouldn't be any of mewvors or other hostile animals present. She came prepared if they were though.

After walking for a while, Jairdain sat down on a flat rock to take a drink and just revel in the calm nature around her. A sound out of place reached her ears and as the person approached, she reached out with Force to sense who or what it was.

Just a few days previously, she had met Yurioc Xeraic and while she had only spoken to him for a short time, she knew who he was within the Force. A smile lit up her face as he came walking into a range where he would see her.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
Yuroic decided to take a trail through the outdoors, enjoying the feel of nature wind blowing past him. He inhaled the scent of the trees, grass and all that life it brought with it. He could feel the Force within all of it, his connection with the Force had grown stronger since his first intentional use of it. He wasn't able to do much more than he could before but now he could the Force more, sense it all around him. He had been told that this was the Living Force, as the Force was all around them. He gave a sigh, this was something he had never experience back on Nar Shaddaa.

He was trailing aimlessly through the woods as he allowed his mind to wander, absorbing all that the outdoors allowed him. He was brushing his fingers gently against leaves as he let out a long sigh, enjoying the soft touch. He then felt a similar presence through the Force. It was Jairdain. He smiled warmly to himself as he approached her slowly.

He tidies himself before announcing his presence. Hello Jairdain, how have you been?

Yuroic would see Jairdain sitting on the rock and having a welcoming smile for him as he spoke and walked up. Those butterflies from their previous meeting returned. When he reached her, she stood up and gave him a slight nod in acknowledgement. Not giving any sign she felt those wings fluttering in her stomach around him.

"Good morning, Yuroic. I woke up today and yesterday so I'm doing quite well. And you?"

It was good to see him out in nature as she felt it was something he had lacked growing up. She was sure this was all new to him.

"What brings you out into the wilds?"

Hoping it wasn't solitude he had been looking for and she disturbing that.

When she had set out, it wasn't solitude she had been seeking. It had been the desire to just go and be free for a while. The thought had not occurred to her to ask him or anybody else to come along. She would welcome his company and maybe this would provide him a chance to learn more things. Both about himself and the Force.

Life was an ongoing learning process, hardly a day went by where even didn't learn something new. Hopefully that was the case with him.

She looked in his direction as she waited for his answer, mentally crossing her fingers and hoping he wasn't going to turn and walk away seeking to be alone.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
He found her answer both strange and bemusing as he settled down near her. He strokes the cuts of grass around him, he found himself touching and smelling every plant, flower and anything he thought was remotely alive. It was interesting it just experience something for the first time when he was an adult, he was finding everything so new and so unique, he felt like a child once more.

He was curious what brought Jairdain out this far, was he disturbing her meditation. He blinked as he began to rise to his feet, realising that he had possibly just intruded on her alone time. Apologies, I'm sure that you wanted to be alone with your thoughts...

Yuroic gave a smile and short bow before remembering that she wouldn't have noticed either, he coughed slightly as he scratched the back of his head. Nervously hoping she would ask him to stay so we could catch.

She would sit back down on the rock, inviting him to join her. Jairdain could tell he was experiencing nature for the first time and was probably reaching out to everything, touching, smelling and looking. The last thing was not something she could do, but in a way she could.

Each plant and animal looked slightly different through the Force. Same as people, everybody was unique to her.

When she heard Yuroic move to stand up, she raised a hand hopefully to stop him from rising fully.

"Not at all. Shortly after I found the Jedi here, myself and small group of Padawans went on an extended survival retreat. I wanted to relive that."

Pointing to her pack on the ground next to her, "I have enough things for a few days."

He never answered how he was doing or what had brought him out here and she wondered if he was trying to hide something from her. She didn't feel he was, but she really didn't know him very well.

"How has you training progressed since we met?"

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
Yuroic settled back down as he realised that she wanted his company. He smiled warmly, he felt a sharp rise of excitement flutter in his stomach. He sat back down and answered her first question before discussing his training. I am well, it has been nice to get out and around the Temple.

He looked around before finding a nearby rock, he extended his hand and reached out to it with the Force. The rock hobbled before rising and moving slowly into his hand. Yuroic held the rock and offered it to Jairdain. I am getting better but can't do much more than that. Have you any advice or could you teach me some more?

He noticed the camping equipment and smiled warmly as he thought to camp out would be a wonderful idea. To see the night sky above them, to hear what the nightlife had to offer throughout the night. He thought on what he wanted to learn of the Force, there was so much of it he didn't know, where he could go. It seemed one could do anything with it and he couldn't figure out where to even start.

A small glimmer filled her eyes when Yuroic sat back down near her. A healthy glow came to her skin, but it wasn't a blush exactly. The butterflies flittered a little more strongly and didn't calm down.

He answered her first question and then he reached out with the Force to lift a rock and bring it to him, Jairdain beamed a smile at him. Evidently the meditation session had worked wonders for him and he could find the Force easily now.

Her legs hung over the side of the boulder she sat on and she sat up straight looking forward. While she did not need to turn her head to look at people to see them, if she didn't, it often made them uncomfortable. So she looked in the direction of her friend and now possible companion for camping and considered how to answer his question.

"There is so much that can be accomplished with the Force and quite often it can take a very long time to even come close to mastering something. In fact, I think the only skill I would consider myself a master of is sight."

Jairdain raised a hand to her eyes and pointed at them.

"A good skill to learn when it comes to telekinesis is that size doesn't matter. Big, small, even the number of objects doesn't matter."

She gazed around them and found three boulders a little smaller than the one she sat on and picked them up one at a time until all three were in the air. Setting them down, she turned her gaze to the grasses near Yuroic. He would see she gathered a few of the strands together and wove them into what looked a braid of grasses.

"One should work on basics before attempting to move on."

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
He blinked as he watched her lifting the different boulders around the opening. It was impressive, he couldn't even think about lifting boulders that size, he looked over at one of the boulder. He lifted a hand and tried to move his hand out, his hand started shaking slightly as he felt the size and weight of the boulder. He gasped deeply as he shook his head, too heavy, too big.

No... I... It's too big... He sighed, disappointed but he knew it was still early in his training.

He then watched the grass be braided as he shook his head, it was just. His admiration for her just increased tenfold as he saw how powerful she was in contrast to his own abilities.

You, you are amazing... Yuroic muttered quietly as he watched her, stroking his clothes slowly.

As she performed these now small feats to her with the Force, Jairdain could feel his attention on her motions. When he attempted to lift one of the boulders, she knew he had failed, but that was no real surprise for her. As his connection with the Force grew stronger, he would know what needed to be done to accomplish his goals.

"Size does not matter with the Force, Yuroic and in time you will learn this. I promise you that."

She leaned forward as she spoke, showing him how excited she was about the prospect of guiding him once again. When he said she was amazing that healthy glow did turn into a blush and she gave him a smile.

"It really is easy to do."

Glancing up at the sky, she could tell the sun was about half way through before night would start to fall. Standing up from her rock, she grabbed her pack and placed it on her shoulders again.

This time she directed her gaze in his direction, but didn't quite look at him, not sure how to ask what she wanted to and not sound improper.

"Would you like to join me for a while?"

She meant for the entire trip, but if he was only going to be gone for a day and had classes to attend, Jairdain didn't want to interfere with his training.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
Yuroic nodded his head as he tried to think of ways that could lift the boulder in the future. But it just seemed so heavy at the moment, he wasn't sure how one would just bypass that. He noticed she looked at the sky, the way she did this also made him forget that she was sightless. Her Force Sense so strong it didn't seem to matter whether or not she could truly see. He was curious what he looked like to her, was he a fully formed shape or was all she could see was the echo of the Force within him?

He held his tongue, believing it rude to ask, at least for now. They were only starting to become friends in his eyes and he dare not say anything to ruin that. Not when she had become so important to him.

When he saw her rise to her feet and grab her pack, he followed suit and stood to his full height as well. Her question gave him a little kick of nerves in the pit of his stomach. He wasn't sure how long she wanted him to stay but he would love to, he had been given a couple days break seeing as he was training more intensely than required. He often sleep very little and train day and night on his Forms and the Force. He tried reading books but the words were too difficult for him so he watched holocrons of Jedi training.

Sure, I would love to join you. Yuroic dusted himself off, making sure that his robes remained clean. Something Arisa would at times reprimand him for if he did not maintain.

For a few seconds, Jairdain could sense her friend was thinking and he got curious about something. Maybe it was about how to accomplish what she had with the Force or it may have been something related to nature.

"What are you curious about, Yuroic? I can try to answer any questions you have."

Making sure her pack was balanced, Jairdain gave him a heartfelt smile when he said he would love to join her. Those butterflies flipped again.

"How long do you have before you need to go back? I arranged to have a few days free for this."

She started slowly walking in the direction she had been headed before they ran into each other. Confident he would fall into step with her, Jairdain hoped he would be next to and not behind her.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
He smiled, he should have known that she would sense his curiosity. Something he must look into was how to stop others ready his mind so easily. Not to stop Jairdain or other Jedi but definitely to stop Sith whenever he was to meet one. He shook his head as he looked at her, into her violet eyes.

Oh, it was nothing. Nothing for you to worry about anyway. He offered a friendly smile and his emotions were of good nature to ensure that she did not feel slighted or worried he was once again bottling things up. He was content for now, he wanted to remain that way.

I fortunately have a few days free, I have been training too intensely apparently. Been told to relax and take a break. Yuroic explained in simple terms, he did not wish to brag for all the training he had been doing was just to catch up to other Padawans who know a lot more than he does currently.

He wasn't jealous of their knowledge, he was happy for them. He just wanted to prove himself and make his master proud of him, it was friendly competition he had found with another Padawan so his training was to make things more fun.

Why did you decide to get away? He was curious on why Jairdain wanted to spend time away from the Temple, especially to be alone, or at least she was before he crossed her path. He watched her start walking, not moving following behind, just watching her walk. Realising what he was doing he shook his head firmly then caught up to her and walked by her side.

While the curiosity part of his emotions went away, it was replaced with good nature and contentment. Jairdain was glad to know he had at least partially come to terms with his emotions. That was something not always easy to do. There would be times in his future where he would have to face situations where his emotions of the moment might be allowed to control him and that was what might lead him or anybody down a dark path.

She did not feel slighted by his refusal to satisfy his curiosity, but she hoped he would someday, whatever it was about.

"When I was in school, I swear we weren't given any time off. From the time of wake up until was classes. Of course we were allowed food, but even then it was hardly a break. Since some of the students had grown up farmers, we were given a few months off each year."

Talking about her past wasn't an issue for her and if he had picked up on the skill of empathy at all, he wouldn't feel any pain coming from her or a longing to have what was gone.

Yuroic asked why she had wanted to get away, though she thought told him earlier.

"When I was a Padawan, myself and few others went on a survival retreat for like two weeks. It was way further out though, but I wanted to relive that a little. There shouldn't be any of mewvor this near the temple."

She had gone a few steps and noticed he wasn't walking with her, but as she took another step, he finally moved and caught up with her. Inwardly she smiled and if he were to try and read her, he would feel the pleasure she took in his company.

"Besides just getting out, was there anything else that drew you here?"

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
Yuroic listened to her story of her past, nodding his head. He understood what she was talking about, he knew a little of her past and hearing more did not make him feel sad for her but allowed him to understand her better. He wanted to know more of her so he enjoyed every bit of information he could get.

Well, I think it was because I was only getting a couple of hours sleep max, been training day and night. Mostly on the Forms, finding Form 5 and 6 to be the most interesting right now. Perhaps they are the ones I will use. But that's why I was told to take a break, being a bit obsessive with the training and they were worried.

Yuroic shrugged, he wasn't fazed by it. He knew where his loyalties stood and he knew that he wasn't pushing himself too hard, perhaps harder than he had in a long time but then that was likely a good thing.

As he walked by her side he felt a wave of happiness ebbing from Jairdain, he gave a look over to her and smiled warmly. He wasn't sure it was to do with his company or just being outside but he was glad she was pleased. Hearing her question, he thought carefully on what exactly drew him outside and he shrugged.

I like to see nature every day, I take time out of training to get a look before returning. Sometimes train outside just to combine the two. I did feel you through the Force though, at least I think I did. That's why I came and said hi.

They walked side by side companionably just chatting. As Jairdain thought about it, she hadn't done this in a very long time. Just chat. At the temple, there were always theological debates or classes, never a real chance to just talk. It was therapeutic in a way.

When Yuroic answered her question, she would turn her head and give him an almost mothering look and shake her head. Her eyes would show she understood and she wasn't mad at all.

"I remember those days myself. My people did not use Forms like the Jedi and Sith do. Or rather what we did do was different. We didn't have lightsabers so perhaps the Forms used are because of them."

Her hand moved to her side to caress her saber hilt. It was still something she was proud of and his would feel that within her.

"Nature is a great way to also connect to the Force. I'm glad you came and said hi."

There she was starting to sound a little like an instructor and gave an inward sigh and mental roll of her eyes.

"Do you like it here?"

It wasn't asked about the moment, but the question was vague and if he were to answer it that way, then she would clarify more next time.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
Yuroic followed her through the woods as he listened to her talk on how she never learnt combat in the same way as Jedi and Sith teach. He found that curious but it made sense that she was more practised in the Force than the lightsaber Forms. The mothering look she gave him made him chuckle deeply. He saw her lightsaber hilt attached to her belt.

How long have you had a lightsaber? He asked, he was curious about the legendary weapon of the Jedi. Having yet to build his own.

He moved slightly away from Jairdain as she said it was good to experience nature and connect with the Force through it. He touched the tree he stood nearby, feeling the Force move through the tree. He gave a happy sigh. He was enjoying his ever growing connection with the Force.

It is so alive... But not like Nar Shaddaa, it is beautiful here.

He looked over at Jairdain and gave a warm smile to her question. Of course I do. With friends like you, how could I not?

His laughter reached, the butterflies had simmered down, but stirred back up at the sound. She returned his smile though. Yuroic asked how long she had her lightsaber and for just a moment she appeared almost distracted as she tallied up the amount of time since she made it. Her face came back to concentration on him before she spoke.

"Actually only for a few months, three maybe four."

It had been the final trial before Master Dune had knighted her, though at the time she had idea he had been testing her. If he asked how it happened or what she went through, she would answer as Dune had for her about his own search for his crystal. Each person faced something different when this happened and when it was time for her companion, he would also face a trial. Nobody went to Ilum and returned the same.

Her answer had been short, but in the time it had taken for her answer, he had moved away from her slightly and appeared to trying to connect to a tree that was close. She could see the life of the tree and the Force flowing through everything around them, when he touched the tree, the Force and the tree connected with him and he would feel it flowing where he touched it.

"Every place has life and beauty. Even planets that appear to have no wildlife or trees such as the one you are touching."

While she had never been​ to Nar Shadda, Jairdain had been to planets with little to no plant life and even on them, she had found the nature there. Maybe...if a situation arose where they were on such a planet, she could show Yuroic what she meant.

At his answer to her last question, though she could not see the smile, Jairdain could feel the warmth come from him and she tried to imagine what he looked like with that smile. When that thought crossed her mind, those butterflies went into overdrive and she wondered if he would allow her to see what he looked like.

It wasn't something she ever thought of much, simply relying on the Force to see people. In fact, she didn't remember the last time she had desired to know what a person looked like. She wanted to know this about him though. The act of physically touching another person with her hands almost required a full amount of trust from the other person. Jairdain knew she trusted this man, but then again he could see her just fine so it wouldn't be quite the same. Did he trust her enough to allow this though?

His comment about them being friends made her smile and with that answer alone she felt he did trust her to the same extent she did him. The smile lit her face and her eyes glowed with happiness.

"I am glad you found your place here"

Tilting her head slightly at him and her face now curious, "how did you find the Jedi or were you found?"

When they met, he had told her some of his past, but not actually how he had come to the Jedi.

Jairdain noticed they had stopped walking again and went to move further away from the temple and more into the forest around them. She looked up again to notice the passing time. While the darkness of night would not effect her ability to set up a camp, it may him and they should find a place soon to sleep.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
Yuroic also noticed the darkening that had settled over them. He looked around for an opening before it got too dark. He was use to night being full of lights and life, Nar Shaddaa had never really been quiet. Bustling with people, none that were too friendly. He was glad to not have to go back to that planet. He wanted to away for as long as possible.

I know that's what you want to think. But Nar Shaddaa is not a planet of beauty, it is rife with crime, refugees that no one can help and gangs who prey on them and their desperation. I don't think it is a planet that you should visit, Nar Shaddaa is one planet I don't anyone should visit.

His past tainted his view of the planet but what there was some truth to his words. He was right in saying that Nar Shaddaa was a shady planet and that beauty was only found by gangs and smugglers, who saw it as a place to hide or control.

I found the Jedi after doing some searching for where they located. It was a bit difficult, there were different groups out in the galaxy with Jedi in and I wasn't really sure where to go to as there isn't one banner under which the Jedi all fall under, like the old Jedi Order. So I found myself stuck but then I realised that I needed to get away from my old life. So I learnt of the Silver Jedi Order and arrived on the planet. It was a difficult job getting here, I had to save credits to afford to pay for a transport here. But I arrived and it was said that I had some connection with the Force.

Yuroic told the truth of his past, he had difficulty at first with sharing his past, but he was getting better. It had been Jairdain who first got him to talk about it. He liked the fact that she had helped open up and talk more.

He walked with her to an opening in the forest and looked around. Perfect place for camping. He looked around briefly before deciding to camp, he did this by laying down on the ground and watching the sky turn darker. He then sensed that there was a desire in Jairdain to share something with him, a question he thought but he wasn't confident. He was only just starting to get better at sensing others.

Is there something you wished to ask Jairdain? He asked kindly, his tone friendly.

At his insistence there was no real beauty on Nar Shadda, Jairdain just nodded. His statement was from his point of view and he had that right as she had hers. Given time, she would show him what she meant though.

"From the way it sounds, I don't think I would want to visit it either."

His view dictated there was no beauty and that it was ruled by gangs that preyed on the weak.

Hearing his story of doing research and looking things up, she had to give him credit. He really had wanted to find the correct place for himself and so far it appeared he had. Her own travels leading her into galaxy proper had been along the same lines and when she learned of the Silver Jedi, this was where she came first.

They spoke as they walked and soon came to clearing that gave him a nice view of the sky and enough room for her set the tent up she brought in case it rained.

"Does it look like it's going to rain?"

Taking her pack off and setting it on the ground, Jairdain opened and started taking the items out she felt they were going to need. If he said yes, then she would unpack the tent, but would keep it in the bag if it was clear.

As she was doing this, Yurioc shocked her enough she fumbled with one of the items and it fell from her grasp. He had picked up on her unspoken curiosity and those butterflies came back. Blushing slightly she turned his direction and considered how best to phrase her answer. Deciding it best to just speak plainly, he would feel her gaze on him.

"As you know I am physically blind, but the Force gifted me a form of sight. I can see you," motioning with her hands to him. "Well, I would to know what you look like. That would mean feeling you with my hands and fingers from head to toe."

The intimacy of the touch would be there and the connection between them that was started a few days ago would become stronger.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
No clouds. Hopefully we'll... He paused as he realised what he was going to say. I mean... Hopefully the stars will be shining. Never seen while on a planet before. Believe it's called Light Pollution.

He gave a blush as he realised he made a mistake, it was hard to think of Jairdain as blind. She saw through the Force but it was more than that, she saw things that Yuroic didn't and could see what was in him. He watched as she pulled things out of the pack, he was curious what she had in there, he was happy to just lay there and sleep.

When she dropped the item he moved up and picked it up, he placed it back in her hand before listening to what she had to say. He was curious, to touch him from head to toe, was intimate very intimate. He thought on it deeply but decided that there would be nothing wrong with it, in fact he secretly wanted to share more but was afraid to admit it.

Yes, that would be more than acceptable. It be fair to let you see me through touch, hopefully I'm as dashingly handsome as you imagine! Yuroic joked as he offered a place to sit down and attempted to make Jairdain feel comfortable, realising this must had been a tough ask of her. He knew that she generally open so to keep it quiet was unlike her.


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