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Calo Shan

Chasing down the devil.
Can anyone tell memore about the faction, and what our goals are? What we do, things like that. I would appreciate it a lot, ahah.


Eater of the Dead
The Lords of the Fringe is a sandbox faction that works towards cooperation and fun. There are many things we can do but all of it is towards the goal of OOC fun and unity. IC wise we can hate each other all we want but OOC it is all good. THat is what you have to make sure you remmeber... Also not to hit on Spencer or Ashin.


Like Lightning
Drayus Siodmak said:
I see. What's our goals IC then? Are they all separate, individual goals?
Matters on the character really. We work as a team to preform our tasks, yet we all work for our selves. Really its more like we hate the other people, more than each other. IC Morna is a Hardass and likes to think for himself. while others may be just the opposite.