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Approved Tech Infinium 01458

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  • Intent: To create the perfect alloy for Nargath holding's principle of Electromagnetic induction and data transferance aka it's AI's and droid brains
  • Image Source: [X]
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: [X]
  • Classification: Liquid Alloy
  • Weight: Extremely Heavy
  • Color: A somewhat darker sheen of gold with green, brown shimmer depending on the lightsource.
  • Resistances:
    • Energy (And other Blaster type weapons): Average
    • Kinetic: Average
    • Lightsabers: High
    • Acid: Average
    • EMP|Ion: Average
    • Elemental: Very High
    • Other: Average
  • Liquid status: The Infinium alloy, no matter which version is used, is always in a state of a liquid nature, meaning in normal temperate conditions it is in a liquid state, however it remains such even at the so called absolute zero and won't even evaporate within the heart of a star.
  • Reaction to electromagnetic fields: A way to truly harness this material's astonishing conductivity and dispersement of heat and negation of cold has been found by accident. In having an electric current run through the material in a spherical form, it will somehow be able to maintain this form in a semi-solid state, it will also be able to generate it's own electromagnetic field inside of it, which can then be harnessed for usage in things like droid brains, AI cores and many more.
  • Sensor Jamming: Though not in the same capacity as neuranium, a small coating of this allow, held together by an electric current is capable of jamming standard issue sensors and scanners.
  • High resistance to Lightsabers: Thanks to the fact that it is a liquid alloy and it has an incredible resistance to any form of heat or cold, it takes away the majority of the very power of a lightsaber as a destructive weapon against it. Though the practical implications are hard to find, a lightsaber will have some trouble to penetrate a droid brain or AI core constructed out of this material.
  • Extreme Resistance To elements: Not only is it capable to disperse heat faster than it can be generated, so too can it resist the cold to an unprecedented degree, able to maintain it's given form and function no matter what the conditions are in terms of temperature, air pressure, etc.
  • No abnormal weakness in resistance of any kind: Though the material has some significant weaknesses, it is still blessed with all its inherent resistances being either within the margin of all comparable alloys or far above them, which makes this an interesting alloy to explore for many applications in the future.
  • Extreme Weight: In the case of droid brains and AI Cores, it is luckily manageable to be used thanks to the small size of these applications in comparison to their counterparts thanks to the alloy's high level of conductivity. However, even than structural modifications are necessary to hold the weight of these applications. It is probably one of the heaviest alloys currently present on the market.
  • Liquid Status: Because it is an alloy always present in a liquid state unless when a constant electric current is run through it, it has currently a vast limitation on any useful application for it, with the only current application being to act as a core for droid brains or AI's.
  • Extremely poisonous: This variety on the Infinium alloy make up is much more toxic and poisonous in comparison to it's much purer and more expensive variety due to the higher content of mercury, making it very ill advised to tough this alloy by hand, which can result in heavy mercury poisoning.
Infinium is an alloy first discovered about two decades ago on Erinar, a planet within the Eriadu system. It seemingly had no worthwhile applications and it's creator had only found somle use in it being a peace of art at display. When Credius Nargath discovered this "piece of art" in a small exhibition, he was amazed at how it maintained its spherical shape and continued to look so pristine with no visible damage or oxidation. It was then explained to him that it was in fact a liquid alloy, made accidentally by combining electrum and neuranium, two very expensive materials with such wide apart applications that it even baffled the then Marquis as to why one would proceed into such an endeavour. Apparently by using an electrical current running through the metal at all times, it maintained its shape and became what is known as semi-liquid; meaning though it is still a liquid, it is thus capable of keeping it's shape due to an electromagnetic field forming within it.

After acquiring this 'piece of art', Credius quickly set about to find a, if any at all, useful application for this alloy, determined not to let it be 'just' a piece of art. One of the engineers within his Nargath Holding's company then discovered that through the principle of electromagnetic induction and energy transferrance, it might be perfect to use as an outer shell for a droid brain's core, making those more compact than the current say itterations and granting near limitless capacity and use within that field. Though for now, that is indeed the only field in which Infinium is being used, scientists within the company and abroad are still hungrily looking for further applications.

The Infinium 01458 variety is the more low cost, high production variety of the original constitution of the alloy, allowing for much greater production numbers of its applications and the material itself, but it's highly increased mercury content has lead to the metal being poisonous for any form of physical contact.
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Hi, I am Vis and I will be reviewing this submission. Actually, your submission balances out just fine since you have it set as "Extremely Heavy", i.e. lift with your legs not with your back kind of heavy. ;)

The only thing I am seeing is in your first strength. I am going to ask that you tone down your language there. You say it has 'extreme resistance' to lightsabers, but you previously state its resistance to be just "High". Lightsabers are tricky little toys and they pretty much are among the most powerful personal weapons out there. Your material is resilient, yes, however lightsabers combine different types of damage, e.g. kinetic, thermal, energy, etc. and so while it is resistant to them, it isn't an 'extreme resistance', at least not with your present ratings allotments. Please adjust the language here to reflect that.

Other than that, this is a great sub and should be good to go otherwise! Please tag me when you have made the edit. Thanks!
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